U.S. Media: “If They Only Had a Brain”

How hard is it to make the connections between these stories?

Oops: Occupiers Admit on Video That Ohio Terror Suspect Signed Lease for ‘Occupy Cleveland’ Warehouse

During last week’s “May Day,” five self-described anarchists were arrested after it was discovered they were plotting to bomb an Ohio bridge.

(Related: Five Anarchists Arrested for Allegedly Trying to Blow Up a Cleveland-Area Bridge, Had Similar Attacks Planned in Chicago)

At the time, we showed you that at least two of the members said they worked at “Occupy Cleveland” on their Facebook pages, though many other media outlets were seemingly unsure if there was any connection between the “Occupy” movement, and the criminal plot. But now the Occupiers have been caught on tape admitting one of the suspected plotters was such an active member that his name was on the lease for the group’s warehouse.


Occupy Wall Street ends capitalism’s alibi

This protest pinpoints how dysfunctional our economic system is: we must refashion it for human needs, not corporate aims


Bill Ayers to Students: ‘America’s Game Is Over… Another World Is Coming’

“I don’t think there is any question the American empire is in decline . . . and yet the United States remains the most powerful and weaponized military system the Earth has ever known, and that’s a treacherous combination.”


This is the same Bill Ayres who helped to murder people in his quest to overthrow the U.S. government while he was with the Weather Underground in the 1970’s.  The unrepentant terrorist who has proudly declared that he does not regret his actions and – instead – wishes he could have done more.  Yet this personal friend of Obama’s, Bill Ayres, is put forth as a normal and reasonable person by our media – the same media that attacks the TEA Party as being what Bill Ayres says he still is and wishes he could do more:


No Regrets

Overall, it is not easy to imagine him as part of the Weatherman, a group that during the late sixties and early seventies openly called for revolution in America, led a violent rampaging protest in Chicago, and took credit for numerous bombings around the United States.

“I’m not that radical,” Ayers retorted.


And then there is this:


Ayers-Dohrn-Obama Tie Shouldn’t Be Dismissed

Ayers and Dohrn infamously played host and hostess to Barack Obama’s political “coming out” with a meeting at their home, where outgoing State Senator Alice Palmer tapped Barack Obama to be her handpicked successor.


So here’s the question I have for you:


“Is the media really this blind to reality – so blind that they cannot see they have things 180 degrees opposite of openly stated reality – or are they active, willing participants in the efforts to destroy this nation?”

3 thoughts on “U.S. Media: “If They Only Had a Brain”

    • I have to think it is ‘refuse’ to get it. Otherwise, I have to accept that the majority of people walking around under their own power are brain dead, and I just can’t do that. Hard as this may be for you to believe, I like people and think more/better of them than that – often more/better of them than they do of themselves.

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