For Ross (Longhorn)

There’s a chick I really dig. Not that I flirt with chicks, I just flirt with chicks. I enjoyed her article and it reminded me of my favorite tantric masseur, Ross.

While I’m being extremely kind in introducing you to @waitingtoexhale, I do hope you realize that this does not mean that you will be off the hook for our session tonight! (I am wearing purple, after all.) I do hope you enjoy her as much as I…….

Longhorns, Baby!

I’m listening to the sweet strains of Stevie Ray Vaughan singing “Cold Shot”. To me, this is the ultimate chilling song. Just wanted to let you guys know that.

And now,the real news. My parents are getting some longhorns at their ranch! They’re getting four females, two who are already impregnated, and two who are too young to breed yet. Oh, they are so pretty. When they have their babies, if they’re boys, they will eventually be eaten. (Sorry, MRAs!) They don’t plan to keep any bulls, just to hire their services when needed. I am excited because A) grass-fed, local meat to the extreme, obviously, and B) this is the first step towards making it a working, self-sufficient Ranch, with the capital “R”. Also, longhorns and Texas just go together. They’re perfect- hardy, durable, gentle, birth easily. And, have you seen longhorns? They are just impressive looking. If you aren’t familiar with them, you may not know that both females and males have the giant horns.

Here is an interesting link, in light of all the women’s rights/men’s rights stuff going on. I hate when feminists claim that feminism is about equality for all. I think they mean, equality for all, but some are more equal than others. What, did they not read Animal Farm? Anyway, you all know that I am pro-individual rights. Thus, I am anti- specific group rights. If it is a right, it can’t be held against another group. That’s dumb and makes no sense. Regardless, that’s where our laws and public opinion seem to heading.

So, that “women make 72, 73, 75, 77, or 80 cents for every dollar a man earns”… is basically bullshit. It’s meant to imply that women are underpaid compared to men, but that statistic is based on all jobs- in every field, and regardless of whether it’s part-time or not. Women work part-time more often than men, and women gravitate towards more liberal arts types of jobs.

Also, I would like the Lovelies to stop telling me that women can’t get hired in construction. Do you guys know how many women in construction I know? TONS. In the offices, that is. Hell, there’s three in my office building, out of the seven people who work in the office. My sister-in-law works for an HVAC company, doing book keeping and estimating. My husband’s aunt estimates for a stone company. My father-in-law’s assistant is a woman, and he co-owns his company with a woman. About half of the vendors that come to our office are women. So we aren’t exactly under-represented in the construction industry- just in the hot, sweaty, dirty, back breaking parts of it. EVERY woman who has applied at our company to work in the field has been hired. We’ve been in business almost 20 years, and that was a grand total of TWO women.

I am not anti-woman, I have some very good female friends, and there are a bunch of women here that I like and respect a lot. But I am anti-lies and anti-manipulation, and right now, feminism seems to be the lie that everyone is too afraid to contradict. (Not you guys. Y’all are pretty ballsy in general.)

Final thoughts, sparked by all the hullaballoo about Ann Romney’s $1000 shirt. What I’m noticing about all the fuss is that there is a very odd attitude held by a lot of people who are probably in the lower-middle class. They are… snobs. They believe that anyone above their tax bracket is somehow different, in a morally inferior way. They do not believe that anyone with money could understand or empathize with a person who makes less than them. They believe that the rich do not feel the same inside as the non-rich. This is particularly rich irony to me, because many of these same people profess empathy and solidarity towards the people who are less well-off than they themselves are. They believe that they are capable of understanding a poorer person’s plight, but that rich people cannot. It’s as if there’s an arbitrary cap on humanity- if you make more than x amount per year, you can no longer understand (or in many cases, remember) what it’s like to have less than you do now.

Honestly, hearing this sort of bull over and over and over again makes it difficult to not just lump them all into a group and dismiss them as irrational.

16 thoughts on “For Ross (Longhorn)

  1. Good post; by the way I grew up in Dallas with Stevie Ray Vaughan after he got fired as a fry cook ( for throwing the oil out and not reusing it for at least a month ) he then thought he might try this ‘ music” thing that his brother Jimmie was into. Later I did some early roadie work with ZZ Top and early Willie ( smokem if you got em ) Nelson in Austin.

    Same time as usual tonight for your Tantric massage? I have a new Mango flavored body massage lotion that I have been waiting to try. Longhorns rule!

  2. Women in construction…………….
    My experience:
    I have been a Certified General contractor for 30+ years
    Prior to that I was a superintendent for the world’s largest non-union siding company.
    When there is a female on one of my job sites, and she is good looking………….work slows to a crawl. There will always be some guy talking to her all day long, every day. There will be several more waiting for their turn to talk to her. I have had to confront subs, if they brought a girl to my jobs, and tell them to either make her tell guys to wait for lunch or after work to talk or she will need to be removed from the job. I have seen guys get into a fight over a cute girl on a job site in Tennessee. Let me be clear, IT IS PRETTY MUCH NEVER THE GIRL’S FAULT……………GUYS ON A CONSTRUCTION SITE ARE JUST UNABLE TO WORK IF A PRETTY GIRL IS AVAILABLE TO TALK WITH.
    It would be nice if this wasn’t the case but unfortunately it has always been the case on my jobs.

    • In spite of what the media and ‘experts’ will tell you, the problems associated with what you just described is are magnified many times when the environment is a combat zone – where the specter of death greatly heightens the drive to reproduce, she doesn’t even have to be all that attractive..

    • I’ve only built sets. While it is not my forte, I enjoyed using that circular saw thingy. I cannot see how any fella would be attracted to a gal on a site as I resembled a bag lady. What; did the chicks get all dolled up in order to sweat? I should think it would be the other way around. (Chicks dig sweaty men.) I’m thinkin on one of my personal favorites….

  3. You know, B., I find that rationale to be irrational. So if I saved your ass, it would induce some sort of “you-so-crazzy-I-think-you-need-to-have-my-baby hormone???!!!

    • Think what you want, but I know it’s real because I’ve been there. I could go into how much trouble the two WM’s in my maintenance unit caused in Desert Storm because the CO told me I had to deal with it, and I wouldn’t even have to go into the racial aspect that was involved.

      Would you like to hear about the Marine 1st Lt who got sent home within a few months for turning tricks with the troops? She reportedly made $60K with less than 5 months in country.

      Would you like to know why none of us had our cots or long underwear when we were told to turn them in for out-processing? The English had sent their nurses to Saudi – in the winter – without cold weather gear or cots. Guess what they were willing to do for them? Guess how that went over with the British troopers?

      Do you know how many females got pregnant so they could be sent home? That leaves the unit short-handed, too. You have any idea how that works out when the unit gets back home? They generally have to transfer that female – at least our unit made that policy.

      Yes, I’ve heard military personnel telling reporters they don’t have those problems. They are lying because they were ordered to lie.

    • Well aware of that, and we both know just how easily both sides can screw the pooch in this area.

      BTW: I never suggested men were innocent in this issue, I simply assumed it was a given that the majority of those in the front lines are male and, therefore, it was understood that the easiest remedy to what is actually a tactical problem at that point is to address the aspect most easily removed. In this case, that would have been 2 females as opposed to 187 males. Remember, there’s no such thing as equal rights where bullets are involved: unless we’re talking about the equal right to assume ambient temperature.

      • And I didn’t mean to remove all the blame for lack of production from the women. The ones am speaking of were made up like they were going to a bar not a worksite. I have a good friend, a businessman in PC, that hired me to remodel a home he owned so he could give it to his soon-to-be-ex who was a union something or another ( I think pipefitter). She worked plenty of hours, but never did anything but flirt. I heard this from 2 guys that came by the house while we were working to “see” her. I know that she tried to hook up with a few guys that were working for me……….. so I believe every bit of their stories.

      • Don’t you think that it boils down to the individual? I’ve had this argument with my brother-in-law about gays in the military (He’s against it.) I say that a woman or a gay could very well save your life. If an individual submits to self-discipline, neither party will suffer. That said, I have not served in the military, but I do know what it is like to hunker down with complete strangers. Believe it or not, I was a perfect gentlewoman.

        Please remind me never to hike the AT ever again…..

        • Mixing young men and women in close proximity under mortal stress inevitably leads to problems. It’s a biological fact of life: an evolutionary imperative, if you will. But NO serious military planner will deny it – only those who have political aspirations.

          As for gays: I’ll tell this story again, but you’ll forget it – again.

          I had a homosexual corpsman assigned to my tank in Desert Storm. He wore out his welcome with my welder. The crew broke light and noise discipline while on the berm (as in, right in view of the enemy) to throw him out of our tank – bodily (we set 13 t in the air – he hit the ground hard). then they mutinied – flat out refused to accept him back on the vehicle or to follow orders until the CO switched corpsman with me. Had he stayed, he would have had a fatal accident. I’m absolutely positive of that, and there wasn’t a damned thing I was going to be able to do to stop it no matter how hard I tried.

          So I’d say the risk is as great or greater in the other direction. I simply don’t think you understand the mindset of the people in the military – at least, not the Marine Corps I new and served it.

          (BTW: it’s more than ‘hunkering down’ with someone. We just about had to live in each others underwear. Imagine 6 grown men having to live in a space about as big as the inside of two Chevy Tahoes with a bunch of steel tools and equipment thrown in to boot. Then keep them there for 6 weeks, sometimes for several days at a time where they cannot get off the tank to walk on the ground because of mines.)

  4. This is probably a personal question, so obviously you don’t need to answer it, but I’m very curious about, um, certain things. How did you go potty, sorry, urinate? And if you had other “urges”, what did you do?

    As far as me not remembering the story; well, pardon me, pretty baby! I never promised you a rose garden!! Please, please, please come memorize lines for me!

    • I said we couldn’t get off the tank. Fortunately, God provided we males with a way to shoot #1 over the side. As for the other, the truly gifted got good at dropping #2 over the side while hanging on to the side of the vehicle. The less talented used an empty ammo can. Consequently, you were very careful about opening any ammo cans you found in the tank unless they weighed a ton and rattled. Other urges were your personal bloody problem.

      Now that you mention it, I can see how having a female on our tank might have been ‘good for moral,’ can’t you? I mean, the only problems we’d have had then was waiting our turn in line — and trying to get the friggin’ crew to do their bloody jobs in the mean time.

  5. And I won’t even start on female correctional officers working in a male prison. 😦

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