Broadway On the Potomac

I was pointed to the Obama Pander Bear shop by our friend and commenter, Texas. Thanks – Utah

I modified and condensed my post, Kung Fu Pander Bear, to meet the guidelines for being published in the Panama City News Herald, my “local” paper (PC is my base, even though I currently live in Scotland). In that edit, I made this statement about the black voting bloc and the Democratic Party:

Is this a “wedge” issue that could finally break the Democrat’s repressive and contemptuous political hold over black Americans? Maybe…but I wouldn’t count on it. The Democratic Party has a successful history of walking a fine line with their various constituent groups, many of which have conflicting values. They have stitched together a long record of keeping disparate groups unified in pursuit of a “progressive” agenda.

This is my opinion, but I think it goes beyond conventional wisdom. The driving force behind “progressivism” is envy and that sin cuts across many lines. I’m sure there will be angry emails an comments about my opinion but look at what is behind the movements that make up the Democratic Party – OWS, the LGBT movement, racial grievance mongers, socialists, Marxists and communists, economic and social “justice” groups – the one motivating force is that they see themselves as somehow victimized by any other group who isn’t them and they want to hit back by taking something away from those other groups.

Since the most recent popular topic has been the Democrat push for gay rights and Obama’s immaculate conversion on them, I considered this in terms of the context of the current discussion.

It is no different with the LGBT community than it is for the other members of the Democrat coalition. The real issue isn’t about equality, because if it was, we would be discussing the elevation of rights via civil unions and not using the term “marriage”. What it is about is a faction attempting to crush a religious concept, one that is a fundamental belief of Christians that a marriage is a union exclusively between a man and a woman and blessed by God. It is a cynical attempt to poke a finger in the eye of Christianity and by extension, God. This is because Christian teaching has rejected them and their lifestyle and to hear the din coming from the gay community, one would think that they were being rounded up in concentration camps and killed…but they aren’t.

The fact is that there are no hunting parties looking to hunt and kill gays, far from it. Gays are venerated in popular culture. The agents of pop culture have made it their mission to sell homosexuality into our schools, our homes and our government.  We have LGBT clubs in schools, homosexuality is part of the curriculum and the entertainment industry seems obsessed with it. I have to admit, I used to be a Gleek – yes, I watched Glee, the Fox television show about a high school glee club. I watched it because I thought the actors/singers/musicians were very, very talented and I love music. It was an enjoyable diversion – until two years ago when the music started to play second fiddle (pun intended) to the overt promotion of a gay lifestyle. I exercised my right of choice and haven’t watched an episode since.

Since this subject had taken over the media heat from the stories of Mitt Romney’s dog, Seamus, and continues to roll on over the dried bones of the Washington Post’s attempt to cast Mitt as the reincarnation of Douglas Niedermeyer from the 1978 movie, Animal House, I thought I would take a look at where this is coming from.

This has the feel and anger of a Broadway back-up dancer scorned, so I wondered – just how many gay people are there in America? It must be a high percentage to draw all this concern and coverage, I thought. I do know a few openly gay men and women but not really that many, so I must be the exception. Most of the gay guys I know are people that I met when me and my boy from grad school, Shane Prescott, used to hit the gym in Salt Lake looking for a pick-up…a pick-up basketball game that is. Shane and I actually were invited to play on a team with these guys in several gay basketball tournaments…and we did. My wife thought it was pretty funny for a guy with my political bent to do it, but I liked the guys, they were great friends…

Actually, I’m not the exception. What I found with a little research is that the media coverage is way, way out of proportion because as a percentage of the general population, there are very few gay people in America. An article in the Huffington Post from April 7th of this year quotes demographer, Gary Gates of UCLA:

How many gay men and lesbians are there in the United States? Gary Gates has an idea but acknowledges pinpointing a solid figure remains an elusive task.

Gates is demographer-in-residence at the Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation Law and Public Policy, a think tank based at the University of California, Los Angeles. For the institute’s 10th anniversary this week, he took a scholarly stab at answering the question that has been debated, avoided, parsed and proven both insoluble and political since pioneering sex researcher Alfred Kinsey said in the 1940s that 10 percent of the men he surveyed were “predominantly homosexual.”

Gates’ best estimate, derived from five studies that have asked subjects about their sexual orientation, is that the nation has about 4 million adults who identify as being gay or lesbian, representing 1.7 percent of the 18-and-over population.

That’s a much lower figure than the 3 to 5 percent that has been the conventional wisdom in the last two decades, based on other isolated studies and attempts to discredit Kinsey.

That’s one point eight percent of the over 18 population. According to the 2010 US Census, there are 311,591,917 people in the US, 76% or 236,809,857 people are 18 or over.  All this political power is being exercised on behalf of less than the population of the San Francisco metro area. To put that into context, governments all over the US attempt all the time to restrict the Second Amendment rights of gun owners. According to this ABC report there are 919,831 registered gun owners in the state of Florida alone.

In the grand scheme of electoral politics, four million people is insignificant – it might help Obama carry the showtune crowd in New York, LA or San Francisco, but this really isn’t about numbers, is it? If Obama wanted to garner votes, he could get more in the state of Florida by “coming out” for gun rights than gay marriage but this isn’t even about guns or gays, or even bitter clinging to religion. This is about power. It is about cynically keeping the gay movement under the control of the Democratic Party by blowing air kisses at them.

By many accounts, gay Americans are more highly educated and financially better off than the average citizen – that is why they are chased by advertisers  and politicians. To be used by the Democratic Party in such a way qualifies as domestic partner abuse. Gay Americans should be smarter than that. They shouldn’t be fooled by Obama’s head fake. No Drama Obama is creating more drama than in a Broadway play to support his reelection.


Smitty thinks that Obama should enlist John Travolta to increase the gayness

12 thoughts on “Broadway On the Potomac

  1. Researching a little bit and with what little I know about statistical analysis, the less than two percent figure seems about right. I rarely post articles on my blog about gay and lesbian issues because I have a child who is lesbian. I don’t agree with her lifestyle choice, but I still love her as much as I love her straight sisters. I basically told her that her choice was between her and God and that eventually, we have to pay the piper in the end for the choices that we make as adults.

    • Note that I’m not making value judgements. I’m speaking from a purely political perspective. I have a real libertarian streak that says that what you do is your business as long as it doesn’t disadvantage me or my family. I really don’t care but the radical gay activists work really hard to force that lifestyle into the mainstream and that does impact me. Anytime a population of less than 500K has this much influence on politics at large, it concerns me.

      I don’t presume to know your situation and I don’t know how I would react but I do know that my love for my kids is unconditional, so I’m pretty sure that I would be accepting of it. The closest I have come is that we are Southern Baptist and my daughter converted to Mormonism – she found the peace her heart and soul was looking for there, so I am happy for her.

      These are tough subjects to address, no doubt but we do need to talk about them.

  2. Do you know when your article will post? I’ll be your defender, er defenderess. Posting on that site drives me up a pole, though.

    I’ve been having some very heated debates about this topic. One fellow actually said that only 3% of the population was gay. He was attacked, and I suppose it was because he didn’t cite his source. The irony of it is that the progressives came back with their own “facts” and didn’t cite a source. I may have to copy/paste Mr. Gates’ figures….

    Never seen Glee. Now I understand why you were playing basketball with the boys…..

    • My gate don’t swing that way, darlin’. I’m a flaming heterosexual – a breeder. I just like music and basketball, not necessarily in that order – although I did do a stellar portrayal of Ali Hakim in Oklahoma once.

      I don’t know, I emailed it to Scott Kent at the NH this morning. He usually runs my stuff in a Saturday edition. Maybe next week.

  3. Guy; I can tell you that I didn’t win over too many conservatives in my debate as I pointed out that I have several gay friends and I could really give a rat’s ass if they are together. I just believe marriage is a rite and civil unions are a right. As long as you have the govt. involved in this particular contract, it really boils down to a majority vote.

    Personally, I don’t believe God would condemn one of His creations. I suppose it’s comparable to how you boys have responded to your children.

    I don’t know the mind of God, I do know that God is love.

  4. M., I’m well aware of which way your gate swings, and I’ve got the pics to prove it. Not to frighten you, but I have already e-mailed them to Mr. Kent. I think they shall be a bigger hit than your letter……

      • Well, I had to make some adjustments so that they would be appropriate for the paper. I chose the ten-gallon hat pics. Now folks will only be able to have a small glimpse of your personality. I believe it will be a very effective teaser and people will eagerly respond to whatever passes from your lips.

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