Rule 5: Femen Newsletter for May – Euro 2012

You may have wondered what the topless protesters from Kiev have been up to these days…well, they have been keeping well and busy because it seems that they are of the opinion that “the entire Ukraine is a brothel.”  Who knew? I mean, I would have guessed that some of it was, but ALL? Come on…really?

Well, there you go. I suppose none of us would have guessed were it not for these bare chested brawlers for social justice…chalk one up for the gals, sort of an X-rated public service announcement.

Oksana Shachko

Before we get to the purposeful bare chestedness that occurred in protest of the European football (soccer) tournament being held in the Ukraine, I’d like to give some props to my favorite radical semi-nudist, the come hither looking Oksana Shachko. I tagged my beautiful Oksana as being “model quality” when she was baring her “assets” in Davos a while back. While trolling the Intertubes today for interesting stories, I ran across the lovely Oksana in the German paper, Spiegel. Here’s their shout out to the lovely lass:

Femen Activists Get Naked To Raise Political Awareness

Oksana Shachko, a girl with a doll-like face, is supposed to go to prison for five years.

It’s a cool spring Thursday in Ukraine as the 24-year-old walks through the streets of Kiev with her attorney. She is wearing a leather jacket and black boots, and dangling an almost-finished cigarette between her fingers. Five years, because she bared her breasts in public once again.

The hearing at the Interior Ministry is at 5 p.m., and they are in a hurry. They walk past tall, brown and gray buildings from the Stalin era. They discuss ways to put a positive spin on the expression “kiss my ass,” which is what Oksana said to the Indian ambassador. “It was a happy protest. A happy protest for the rights of Ukrainian women,” Oksana finally says. She’s decided it’s what she will say in the hearing at the Interior Ministry.

Shachko is a Ukrainian women’s rights activist, and her weapons are attached to her pale, petite body like the two halves of an apple.

And two very nice apples, if I may say so. Political awareness isn’t the only thing she is raising…if you get my meaning…

Well, on to the Euro2012 protests:

There are some things that, once seen, cannot be unseen – so I issue this warning to you if you click the link to this sex bomb. I am not liable for what happens after the click. It is definitely NSFW and truth be told, I’m not really sure what situation it is safe for.

Spiegel has photo’s on their articles, too.

Bob Belvedere at TCOTS does Alicia Machado for Rule 5 Saturday.

The Daley Gator has Risa Yoshiki.

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