The First Gay President

The Obamamedia is slobbering all over their autographed 8X10’s of Obama and in the case of Andrew Sullivan, the little picture of Obama that he cut to fit inside his My Little Pony locket that he wears around his neck and close to his heart. From the AP declaring that he set a “world precedent” to the Newsweek cover, there is a multi-orgasmic delight in the media, the “progressive” Democratic Party and the gay community (all 4,262,580 of them).

In a true example of the alternate reality that Noemie Emery wrote about, they are doing all of this in the face of this report from the Washington Examiner last week:

WH won’t push gay marriage into party platform

President Obama declared his personal support for same-sex marriage yesterday, but the White House chose not to push for the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act today.

“Well, party platform issues are for the party to decide,” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said…

So Obama expressed his personal stand on gay marriage and his cronies act like this was the pronouncement from a king, changing the color of the sky, bringing out rainbows and is to be immediately obeyed. In the grand scheme of things, a personal statement from a president is meaningless – as much as they wish it were so, it does not have the force of law. It was a cynical political ploy, one designed to appease the “reality based” community…and they swallowed it whole. This is one of the most frustrating aspects of this idiotic post-modern/”progressive” mindset – meaningless rhetoric from their messiah is treated as accomplishment and trumpeted to high Heaven as if the world just stopped rotating…the Nobel Peace Prize was just the beginning.

Want to know who really helped the gay community? I mean, true, actionable, tangible assistance with a significant, life threatening issue?

That would be George W. Bush.

Contrast those with this:

Well, I guess keeping people alive isn’t as important as symbolic support for a non-life threatening issue that you don’t plan to do anything about anyway. To borrow a phrase from Shakespeare – “much ado about nothing”.

Gay men object to portrayals of them in media as hysterical drama queens prone to fits of pique at every perceived slight and launching into obsessive and effeminate displays of cloying joy worthy of a twittering elementary schoolgirl when they agree with something. If they want those to go away, they might consider stopping the vapid displays of joy over Obama’s meaningless deathbed conversion.

Bush was a man who said little, did a lot and got viciously vilified for his trouble. Obama talks a lot, does very little and yet receives ceaseless adulation.  There’s a definition of “alternate reality” if I ever heard one.

I think Professor Reynolds is right when he writes:

“If I were a GOP operative, I’d distribute thousands of those Newsweek issues to black barbershops in key precincts. . . .”

Stacy McCain notes that the black clergy are saying that this wasn’t really the conversion that they were talking about.

6 thoughts on “The First Gay President

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  3. Amazing that Obama did not get the public outcry from gays in 2008 … anyone remember this?

    Obama Says He Is Against Same-Sex Marriage But Also Against Ending Its Practice In Calif.

    Oh, but that’s right. The left does not police themselves, now do they? I am sure some liberal will come along momentarily and explain to us that the reason they did not castigate Obama in 08′ because they had the clairvoyance to know that he would evolve over time. 🙂

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