I guess you guys have probably noticed…

…that I’ve dropped the whole retirement idea. Kells did say that it would never last.

I can’t drop out with an election coming up.

So to make this post count as a political post, I’ll note that Professor Jacobson at Legal Insurrection points out that:

Wisconsin now has a Dem recall face, and doesn’t like it

Scott Walker is up by 9 points over Democrat Tom Barrett in a Republican friendly poll, PPP poll (Democrat favoring) is out tomorrow. I still expect Walker to be in the lead, just not by as much. The interesting thing in the poll, as the good Professor notes, is that there are damn few “undecideds”. Wisconsin is fully polarized. If Walker does pull it out in a big way, it is a huge defeat for the teacher’s union, and unions in general. I can’t think of a nicer guy to stick it to than Obama’s good buddy, AFL-CIO boss Richard Trumka.

Oops! Now the Dems in Wisconsin are kvetching about the lack of DNC support! Looks like DWS is saving all her love for BHO in the fall.

8 thoughts on “I guess you guys have probably noticed…

  1. We need a ” Master Of Ceremonies “, a ” Ring Leader “, a ” Gatekeeper”, an “Intellectual Champion” to keep the rest of the troops in line ( don’t want to say any names; but Kells and B come to mind ). We need a CEO.of the blogosphere..

  2. My relatives (mom’s side) hail from WI, so in my best WI accent (and, by the way, it is dead on) ” Eh, Ross; you can stick your horns where the sun don’t shine, okay? I gotta have a master now? That’s bullroy!”

    I’m getting the giggles now because I actually fooled my sisters (those silly twins) when I pranked my them doing a WI accent….

    My relatives up there are split on this whole issue. And I completely understand why. (Half are union workers and the other half are affluent business owners.) Sadly, I don’t think they understand.

  3. Look into Google’s ‘Adsense’, Utah. You host a few ads, not too obtrusive, and get paid for each visit from your site A site with as many hits as you receive might actually make a few bucks.

    • WordPress offered a program but I’ve been waiting for information from them – thanks for the suggestion, though – I’ve emailed them and if they don’t respond, I’ll look at Google…

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