Mr. Congeniality

This morning, I was snide with B. about not posting. Admittedly, that’s a bit hypocritical of me as I only seem to post when inspired. It’s your lucky day! I was inspired this morning…..

I came across this post that asked, “Who do you think is more likable as a president?” It then went on this long rant about complete nonsense. I read it and thought, what the hello is this itshay? Just kidding. Actually, when I read it I thought, what the fu** is this sh**? (As I only have liquid soap on hand, I’ll wash it down with some deep-fried hobo and fava beans.)

My reply to her was that I don’t know either gentleman, personally, and their likability was not my biggest issue; it was the economy. Naturally, I was attacked for having just a lick of common sense. She said I did not answer the question. I really wanted to say, “You know, sister, I’d do a Rule 5 on both of em – at the same time!! Ya happy? Is that likable enough for you?”

What really got me so incredibly worked up (yes, I’m still worked up) is that it seems there is some sort of high school mentality going on with the position of the POTUS. I suppose now we must vote for Most Popular. But wait! His competition was awarded Most Likely to Succeed. Oh, the choices!

I suppose we could run it like Miss America, but call it Mr. America. Yes! It’s all coming to light now! I can hear the announcer saying, “Romney has won the Evening Wear, but Obama has captured the Swimsuit! They are neck and neck as Romney takes the Personal Interview and Obama takes the Talent!” Who will grab this coveted award??

How could I have been so stupidly blind as to not see that the likability of a president is one of the most crucial aspects of this position?

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