We Don’t Need Our Stinkin’ Oil – THEY Do!

Have you seen this?


Obama is Letting China Buy Our Energy Fields

China produces all the stuff we buy and then they buy our US bonds with their trade surplus. Effectively this gives them loan shark status and with that comes power. Obama is allowing them to take up ownership of our energy fields as repayment for his spendthrift ways.

Found this information from CoachIsRight.com but he got the data from the Wall Street Journal:

Colorado/Wyoming –
China National Offshore Oil Corporation and the State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council have one-third stake in oil fields in Colorado and Wyoming. $570 Million deal.
a $2.5 billion deal for 1/3 of a 265,000 acre energy field.
Michigan –
China did likewise in buying a one third share of a Michigan energy field.
Ohio –
One third share in Utica Shale field.
Oklahoma –
One third owners of a 215,000 acre field based on a deal with Devon Energy.
Texas –
China owns 1/3 of the 600,000 acre Eagle Ford Shale energy field.. and in energy producing sections in the Gulf of Mexico.


Do you remember that Clinton did the same thing, most notably with the largest ‘clean coal’ reserves – and for a campaign donation, no less.


I have stated that one of the primary reasons for restricting America’s access to her own resources is to ‘get even with us’ by giving our natural resources ‘back to the poor nations we stole from.’  Now, many like to accuse me of making unfounded accusations and spinning conspiracy theories, but how else does one explain this trend if not a deliberate design to redistribute America’s wealth?  The notion that it is to preserve the environment certainly does not hold water – especially when we are selling our resources to China, a nation with a long-established record of having no regard for the environment.  Furthermore, if we are supposed to be worried about global warming, why are we providing fossil fuels to a nation that is among the primary sources of these supposed greenhouse gasses? Both notions are self-contradicting.


No, either this is intentional, or it is evidence that everyone in govt. is suffering from a mental pathology sufficiently dangerous enough to warrant mass institutionalization as it is destructive to our national security – not to mention the very structure of our society.

5 thoughts on “We Don’t Need Our Stinkin’ Oil – THEY Do!

  1. This is not a nefarious as it seems. CNNOC has JV’s or minority stakes in these projects, not outright ownership – it is no different than Statoil and Exxon partnering on the Juliet project in the Gulf of Mexico, Repsol of Spain has a 28% share in the Shenzi field…and companies like Shell (Royal Dutch Shell) and CITGO (Government of Venezuela), Petrobras (Brazil) aren’t even American at all. I’m not saying that it is a good thing, just that China isn’t the only foreign country with business here in the US

    • I understand that. My point is, who has more total interest in domestic energy sources: American companies, or all combined foreign interests? And why should American resources be controlled by foreign entities at all? I understand you will give me a ‘free market’ answer, but does that mean the ‘free market’ should be used as the vehicle to usurp national sovereignty?

      Think about it, if the ‘free market’ allows foreign interests to gain control over our energy, then our food (farms and fisheries), then our lumber (forestry companies), and even our land (foreign land purchases), how long before this isn’t even America anymore and just subsidiarity of some international corporation or conglomerate?

      And if you do not see how this is part of a policy to redistribute America’s wealth to other nations, how do I show it to you??? Look what happened with BP. We shut them down, but then we moved all the assets and access to another nation. NOTHING was done to stop oil production in deep waters, just who is accessing it.

      Do you see what I am looking at here?

      • Yeah, I see and I see you only are looking at half the picture. What is on that list is a tiny, tiny fraction of the reserves. What about the trillions of assets that American companies have invested in China or the JV’s that our oil companies have in foreign waters? Exxon holds assets all over the world. Our companies hold far more foreign assets than foreign assets to here. China has no more hold on our energy production than I do.

        They might have minority control of certain fields but they still have to get out of the ground transported and refined. Those assets they do not have, so strategically, this is not a big issue.

        Also note that these deals are with private companies – not something that the president can block without legislative and legal action.

        Much ado about nothing. This is the same kind of hyperbole that the left get sucked into. Whether we like it or not, we transitioned into a global economy 30 years ago – this is what happens. We liked it then when America was buying up countries, not so much now when countries are buying us – all because we stopped being a leader and started gazing at our navels.

        • China has no more hold on our energy production than I do.

          Really? Do you hold the same percentage of our national debt? And the purse strings that keep handing more crack to our govt. to spend on keeping themselves in office?

          Also note that these deals are with private companies – not something that the president can block without legislative and legal action.

          I wonder whether or not BP would agree with you on that?

          Much ado about nothing. This is the same kind of hyperbole that the left get sucked into.

          OK, so it is nothing for me to worry about if nations hostile to ours and our way of life are the ones buying us up. I suppose that must mean they are either A – as benevolent as us or B – we are no different from them.


          You and I are going to disagree here. This IS a threat. I could see some of this if the people involved were friendly to this nation, but then, no international corporation is friendly to anything but itself anymore. This is one of the primary reasons the global economy is such a threat to national sovereignty. What you actually just did was lay out the rational for people to push a global govt. Not exactly something I thought you’d be in favor of…

          • I agree with both of your arguments. B., I don’t think it’s so much a conspiracy. I mean, if you sell another country what it needs, you profit. Also you have a bit of something to hold over their heads. At the same time, this obviously shouldn’t be used as a means for the govt. to keep on spending. I truly believe this president wants to ensure that his entitlement folks are happy….

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