THIS is Why Ron Paul’s Wrong for America

Ron Paul is wrong for America because he honestly believes all of this will simply go away – if only we’ll just come home:


‘Al Qaeda Airlines Magazine’: The Most Disturbingly Clinical Guide to Jihad You’ll See

But as it turns out, this concept is no joke, and the real Al Qaeda Airlines Magazine is anything but funny. The magazine, which is published by online terrorist writer Abdallah Dhu Al-Bajadin and disseminated online as a PDF, is now on its second issue. And much as you might expect from a magazine published by terrorists for terrorists, its subject matter is confined entirely to maximizing the effectiveness of terrorism. Indeed, based on scans of the second issue obtained by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), the thing appears to be a serialized “how-to” guide for would-be mass murderers in the name of Islamic Jihad.


If you believe that this level of hatred will go just away because you hide your head in the sand, you’re no more qualified to be President than Barack Obama is – and this most definitely includes Rep. Paul (and that hurts to say, because it is the only thing that keeps me from being able to support wholeheartedly).

18 thoughts on “THIS is Why Ron Paul’s Wrong for America

  1. You’re somethin. You know that? Well, you won’t have to worry about R.P., now, will you? I can’t believe you think a fella (who is a vet) would ignore a national threat! I believe he would do more that the sitting, er, golfing POTUS.

    • Kells,

      For the last time (so, please, read carefully and slowly).

      It is NOT (threw the caps in just for you) that Ron Paul will not defend the nation from a threat, it is that he does not see Islam as a threat.

      Or, to put it in terms you might understand, it’s like he loves ALL theater, he just hates Shakespeare because ‘it’s not theater.’

      • And for the last time; when will you understand that it is not Islam, but factions that have distorted the religion? So adding fuel to the fire, we’re on their soil. I cannot see how you cannot connect the dots, here. All this knowlege of the Constitution and you seem to neglect bringing up their beliefs on this issue….It’s the equivalent to aid for another country.

        I think I’ve posted this before, but I’ll try again to actually help you see the light.

        • I have read the holy books that define Islam. This IS Islam – period, end of story.

          The ONLY difference is whether or not it is legitimate to wage global Jihad without a Caliphate and the proclamation of global Jihad by the Caliphe.

          But I appreciate you dragging the Constitution into this discussion. Do you know where the Marines get the lines “To the shores of Tripoli” from?

  2. AND YOU ARE WRONG ABOUT RON PAUL! And Islam…..and……give me a second and I will shortly come up with another….. You have caused me to lose my temper! Honest to God, I should make up a song and dance, do a VLOG and dedicate it to you!

    • I have read Robn Paul’s book on Liberty. I am NOT wrong about what he thinks – unless you are now telling us Paul lied to us in his book.

      I have read the Qur’an and Hadith. I am NOT wrong about Islam – unless you are now telling us you are Muhammad incarnate and are changing god’s word — AGAIN!

      • Oh, brother! It’s amazing to me how you read and interpret and how I read and interpret. I really should copy/paste my conversations with my Muslim friend because then, perhaps, you could become enlightened. Actually, Lovegrove and he were having it out. Very informative. You must understand that all Muslims are not radical underwear bombers. (Unless, of course, they have those creepy Fruit-of-the-Loom fellas residing in their drawers.)

        • Kells,

          Their book(s) say that – in the end – EVERYONE will either submit to Islam or be killed and that Christ will return, tell YOU that YOU are wrong and – if YOU will not convert – HE will kill you. Remember, Christ is NOT the Son of God, He is ‘just a prophet’ in their book. Now, there is nothing to ‘interpret’ here, this is what their book says. The only possible ‘interpreting’ I can see would be your supposed ‘peaceful’ Muslim friends ‘interpreting’ peace out of all that.

          As for Paul, again, nothing to ‘interpret.’ In his book, he says the only reason they hate us is because we are over there. Poor old fool seems to have forgotten they hated us BEFORE we were ever ‘over there.’ They have hated us since the birth of this nation.

          Just read what is written and take it for what it says. No need to put your thoughts and desires into someone else’s mouth.

  3. If I recall correctly, Paul wrote in his “Revolution” book that militant Islamists would likely still have hatred for the United States if American troops were withdrawn. But the reason that bin Laden was successful in rallying support is because he focused on “bread-and-butter issues”; whereas the Ayatollah had tried in vain for decades to rally opposition on ideological grounds to Western values.

    • Read “Defining Liberty.” He left me with the decided impression that he sincerely believes Islam will leave us alone if we just come home. Now, I believe we SHOULD come home, but I also KNOW Islam will NOT ‘leave us alone’ even if we do. It is their driving command to rid the world of all but Muslims.

  4. If we could all just shed this superstitious claptrap like a snake sheds its skin, the world would be better off, but I digress.
    B, we don’t call Blackbeard a ‘Christian pirate’, do we? There were what, nine marines at Tripoli? They used muslim mercenaries in their battle, to fight muslims. I don’t mean to belittle the Marines here, their exploits during the conflicts are truly inspiring, Decatur’s re-taking of the USS Philadelphia especially so.
    As far as the endtimes go, christianity’s vision of the future is just as bloody as the muslims, and just as as much of a myth. Religion was born as an excuse to steal from neighboring tribes, and it is still being used thus.

    • 9? What mythology have you been reading?

      As for Biblical prophecy, yes, it is as bloody, but it is NOT a ‘myth.’ If you look at what the Bible actually says, it predicted that, in the end, Israel would be attacked by a host of nations and peoples. It named these nations and peoples by their ancient names. Today, ALL of them are Islamic – EVERY ONE! Nice ‘coincidence’ for something written hundreds of years BEFORE Christ was born.

      Other end times prophecy speak of things that have come true already: specific events and signs. Israel being reborn is among the most clear and – historically speaking – incredible.

      But then, skeptics will deny this as they deny God. Nothing I can do about that but pray for them…

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