It’s Promotion Saturday! Questionman Speaks From the Murky Depths of the Comment Section

“Questionman” took issue and commented on my post Obama:Global SCOAMF. Mr.Man blessed the RNL with 633 words – but I can summarize it for the readers in three:  “Republicans are racists.”

Since Mr. Man commented on a week old, therefore cold, post,  I wish to do him the honor of promoting his comment to a full post so he could experience a little comment heat.

Here we go:

May 18, 2012 at 18:43 (Edit)

I don’t speak for America OR the world, and I don’t want to. I have no right. But that doesn’t stop the racist right. Somewhere in their delusional hypocritical minds, someone made them speakers of the world and this country. No one did. No one ever win. But like I said, it doesn’t stop them from spreading the wide-spread lie of hate. That EVERY SINGLE BEING in the United States of America and the Whole World of existence hates Barack Obama.

No that is not true. It’s obvious they don’t pay attention to how the world thinks. just how faux news and hate radio tells them how the world thinks, But the cold-hard fact is not EVERY single being in the world is an uneducated, racist, bigoted right-winger who hates that a black couple represents the United States. Week by Week, I keep saying how the racist right have lost their sense of reality (If they ever had one!)

There it is! People who are disappointed in Obama just hate that a black couple represent the United States! Wow, that explains it all, doesn’t it? That excuses every scintilla of critique. Oh, how will I ever respond to such a powerful and logical defense of the president?

I think I’ll try logic and truth…

First, it will do absolutely no good for me to say that I’m not a racist and I don’t seem to care about the Obama’s skin color because like all good “progressives” you already “just know” that I hate black people. Just a question, does that mean that I only hate half of Obama since he is only half black?

Newsflash, Mr. Man: I opposed Bill Clinton and every other Democrat since I reached  voting age and “my god, Ray-gun” ran against Jimmy Carter. I oppose “progressivism” in all its colors, races , creeds and sexual orientation. That’s a consistent 35 years of opposition to a political ideology that I disagree with – Obama is just the most recent incarnation of it…black or white or brown – my record would indicate that my opposition to the president is purely philosophical and ideological and has absolutely nothing to do with racism. I can’t speak for all on the right but I can recognize that their records of opposition to “progressive” politics are the same as mine and infer that they are likely to not be racists now either.

As far as “racist right” speaking for the world – my post was in response to an article from the Associated Press – fondly known in conservative circles as the “Administration Press” for their unfailingly favorable coverage of Obama…in reality, Mr. Man, it isn’t just us “racist” right wingers who are expressing disappointment with “The One”, as Jonathan Chait, a reliable Democrat and Obama supporter notes in the New York Magazine:

If we trace liberal disappointment with President Obama to its origins, to try to pinpoint the moment when his crestfallen supporters realized that this was Not Change They Could Believe In, the souring probably began on December 17, 2008, when Obama announced that conservative Evangelical pastor Rick Warren would speak at his inauguration. “Abominable,” fumed John Aravosis on AmericaBlog. “Obama’s ‘inclusiveness’ mantra always seems to head only in one direction—an excuse to scorn progressives and embrace the Right,” seethed Salon’s Glenn Greenwald. On MSNBC, Rachel Maddow rode the story almost nightly: “I think the problem is getting larger for Barack Obama.” Negative 34 days into the start of the Obama presidency, the honeymoon was over.

Since then, the liberal gloom has only deepened, as Obama compromise alternated with Obama failure. Liberals speak of Obama in unceasingly despairing terms. “I’m exhausted [from] defending you,” one supporter confessed to Obama at a town-hall meeting last year.

“We are all incredibly frustrated,” Justin Ruben, MoveOn’s executive director, told the Washington Post in September. “I’m disappointed in Obama,” complained Steve Jobs, according to Walter Isaacson’s new biography. The assessments appear equally morose among the most left-wing and the most moderate of Obama’s supporters, among opinion leaders and rank-and-file voters. In early 2004, Democrats, by a 25-point margin, described themselves as “more enthusiastic than usual about voting.” At the beginning of 2008, the margin had shot up to over 60 percentage points. Now as many Democrats say they’re less enthusiastic about voting as say they’re more enthusiastic.

I guess that Chait, Maddow, Justin Ruben and Steve Jobs were/are all racists, too?

Ever heard that retarded saying “SCOAMF” Can’t tell you what it means, look it up. I said people if they are tired of hearing this crap. Turns out they aren’t, because they never heard. One a certain group of people never head the disrespectful trope. Classy, Respectful, Intelligent People. Ob’s such a Miserable Failure he grad Harvard Law and passed his bars and practiced law and beat the “war hero,” John McCain & Simple Sarah. Got Bin Laden. The white supremacists of the GOP Base reek of envy and desperation.

Why does he need to release his school records? President Johnson didn’t even learn how to read until he was an adult, and he was taught how by his wife, not a school. There have been 7 presidents who never went to college at all, 2 that attended but never graduated, and one who in his entire life had a total of 1 year formal learning and everything else was self-taught. And please look up the definitions of Socialist, Communist, and Capitalist. I don’t think those words mean what you think they mean, and Socialist and Communist are not interchangeable.

“One a certain group of people never hear the disrespectful trope. Classy, Respectful, Intelligent People.” Yeah, I agree. I suppose that you are one of these people who simply refuse to hear any criticism of your messiah. These are the same people who insulate themselves against logic and will continue to support the president no matter what he does…

I agree that formal education is not a predictor of success. Smart people fail all the time, Obama is a perfect example. The reason the transcripts and records are relevant is because Obama and his supporters make them relevant by touting how absolutely brilliant he is – “smartest ever!” – and pushing them out to the public in Obama’s “I love me” books and I don’t want to be called a “racist” for asking about things that Obama voluntarily put out into the electoral market as a basis for voting for him. As they say in open court, he opened the door to that line of questioning. All we want to see is what that is based on. I want to know what he did for 20 years in Jeremiah Wright’s pews, I want to know about his papers at Harvard Law because that tells me who he is. I want the press to investigate Obama’s drug and alcohol use the same fervor that they did Bush’s. I wan to know exactly which Marxist professors and student organizations he hung with (based on his own admission) and what he did when he was with them. I want to know what he learned at the feet of Frank Marshall Davis.

The left seem to think that Romney’s high school years are relevant, so why aren’t Obama’s fair game as well?

Here’s another educational record of a recent president – Yale, MBA from Harvard, headed a private company before running for president – that would be George W. Bush – and yet Bush was derided as an ignorant buffoon.

I know exactly what those words mean – I’ve studied them extensively. I also know that “progressives” parse the words to defend Obama’s policies as not being socialist and communist because they don’t perfectly fit the textbook definitions – but that doesn’t change the intent and effect of the policies. You are right about one thing, they are not interchangeable – because they are all separate stages of the same progression to totalitarian government. I know that collectivism leads to socialism and socialism is necessary for Marxism to exist, Marx stated that Marxism was the necessary bridge between socialism and communism.

The net effect of Obama’s policies are socialistic. The government does not have to own the means of production as in the textbook definition if they can have the same control via regulation. The end effect is exactly the same. Just look at the mandates in Obamacare about how much money these private insurance companies can make and spend – the government allows them the illusion of being private but is dictating exactly how they conduct their affairs – controlling them as if they owned them.

Why go through all this crap? Because of Mitt Romney. He is the only respectful man in the cesspool of racism known as the GOP. He takes the high road so much, they should just re-name it “The Romney Road” But his followers CAN’T create reasons other than he’s not black for the majority to vote for him in November.

Actually there are many reasons to support Romney – family man, a law degree AND a MBA from Harvard, a Baker Scholar in fact, successful businessman…there are actually plenty of reasons to support Mitt, Newt, or Santorum, I even endorsed Herman Cain…

They don’t like him because he;s not the spitting image of their god, Ray-gun. As we more toward the November election Romney will increasing get more and more ludicrous in his attempts to find talking points to use, as the economic conditions slowly and surely get better. This in spite of all the efforts of the republicans in Congress to flush this country down the toilet just to make Obama a single term president. Mitt is the most out of touch politically and socially tone-deaf individual, in my lifetime, to run for President, and that goes back to the 1952 election.

The efforts to “flush” the economy down the drain? You do realize the Obama’s budgets have been voted down by the Democrat controlled Senate every time and they have not produced a budget in three years? The last two attempts garnered not a single vote in favor. You do know that the House Republicans have offered no fewer than 35 bills to deal with the debt and the budget  in that time only to have Harry Reid decline to even vote on them. You say the words, yet provide no evidence of any action by the Republicans to block economic growth – they aren’t the ones who shot down things like Keystone XL, continue to strangle oil production in the Gulf of Mexico and throw away trillions of borrowed and taxpayer dollars on idiotic, pie in the sky, “green” energy boondoggles.

If you mean that we are blocking Obama from just spending and borrowing more – we are – and based on the Senate voting record, I guess the Senate Democrats are,too.

So lies and slander is ALL the racist right have left. Not to mention character Assassination. Think about this. Obama said he’s a Christian, He’s a liar. But If he said he snorted cocaine, he’s telling the truth Obama said he respects religions, he’s a liar, But if he said that he used to bully people all the time, he’s telling the truth. These hateful slime balls believes ANYTHING bad about Obama, even if he said it. He even said he was a Christian, but he’s lying. Bet you if he, out of nowhere, said he used to kill for fun. The a-holes who believe it.

Gee…and the “progressives” never do that. Rathergate, Iran-Contra, ChimpyMcBushHitler, War for Oil… Naah…everybody on the left is perfectly rational.

This is gonna be the most possibly racist election in history. As told by this man:

Who is constantly raising race as an issue? It isn’t the right. How many on the right have publicly stated that they oppose Obama specifically because he is black?

It is your side who seems to think that race is the answer AND the question, the perfect defense to any criticism of Obama. You impute racism in every opposing point – cutting spending: must be racist because many blacks suckle at the government teat – but more white people are on welfare than black people, so tell me again how that is racist? Oppose higher taxes – racist. Hold true to your religious faith on social issues – bigot. Obama believes in Keynesian economic policies that haven’t worked but the entire Austrian school of economic thought must have formed specific racist thoughts about Obama in the 1900’s as those theories were developed. F.A. Hayek and Milton and Rose Friedman were obviously Obama H8ERs before he was even born.

Dismissing legitimate criticism due simply to the assumption that race can be the only reason for the criticism is defending Obama specifically due to his skin color, that is just as racist as using race for the basis of the criticism. The right isn’t attacking Obama on race but you choose to defend him based on it. The racism is on your side, not mine.

I oppose Obama because he is a failure and a danger to America. Failure is the same no matter the color of a person’s skin. He didn’t fail because he is black, he failed because of his policies and lack of leadership.

Mr. Man, I had such high hopes for this but the more I progressed through it, I realized that it was just standard “progressive” rhetoric. You and your “Classy, Respectful, Intelligent” friends need to get out more.

8 thoughts on “It’s Promotion Saturday! Questionman Speaks From the Murky Depths of the Comment Section

  1. Yes, Questionman is a well travelled purveyor of liberal talking points. Just ask him for proof of assertions and *poof* the charges change to something else. He’s the very essence of the rot of the left.

  2. Utah, did you have to resort to logic AND truth? You outgunned this guy, plain and simple.

    I don’t know if Obama plans to oppress us, if there is a cartel that wishes to control the populace, or if our headlong rush towards totalitarianism is the result of a plan hatched in the Wilson adminstration. I do know that it is happening, however.

    My favorite piece of land in Bay County, Pitt Spring, was just re-opened after two years of ‘improvements’, one of which was the installation of cameras along the trail, and signs warning of their presence. I don’t know about the rest of you, but nothing speaks peace of mind and a return the basics like video surveillance in the goddamn woods!

  3. And you know what really irritates the crap out of me? These supposedly intelligent people of the left can’t even write a coherent sentence.

    I Guess Dewey’s infamous theory of educating the progressives of tomorrow didn’t include basic English grammar and punctuation skills. We’ll not even get into the composition of Mr. Man’s piece.

    • Actually, G, their ignorance is exactly what Dewey had advocated. As long as they are ‘in the process of learning,’ correct answers didn’t matter to Dewey – and he said exactly that. Now we are dealing with the products of Neitzche’s nihilism and Dewey’s humanism. The result? A very real threat tot he Western way of life. And what brought is all on? Man’s continued quest to replace God with himself.

      It is all that simple.

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