Fake Chinese Parts in American Military Aircraft

From Yahoo News:

More than a million fake electronic parts from China have been found in US military aircraft, posing a risk to national security, an investigation has revealed.

A report by the US Senate uncovered 1,800 cases of bogus parts – including some in special operations helicopters and the US Air Force’s largest cargo plane.

The total number of individual components involved in these cases exceeded one million, the Committee on Armed Services publication said.

“This flood of counterfeit parts, overwhelmingly from China, threatens national security, the safety of our troops and American jobs,” committee chairman Senator Carl Levin said.

“It underscores China’s failure to police the blatant market in counterfeit parts – a failure China should rectify,” he added.

As part of a year-long investigation , the US Government Accountability Office created a fictitious company and purchased electronic parts on the internet.

Of the 16 items bought, all were counterfeit and some had bogus identification numbers.

The components came from suppliers based in China – which Senator Levin described as the “epicentre of electronic part counterfeiting”.

The report accused Beijing of openly allowing counterfeiting operations, and said attempts by officials to get visas to travel to China as part of the probe had failed.

2 thoughts on “Fake Chinese Parts in American Military Aircraft

  1. Having dealt with the Chinese in my own manufacturing projects, I can tell you that anyone who did not see this coming was a fool or had a treasonous case of denial. In my industry, if a company was coming out with a new project, all their competitors ‘suddenly’ produced the same project – sometimes before the original manufacturer could get their item to market. And wouldn’t you know it, ALL of these like items would suffer from the same design defects/flaws. Go figure.

    I have many close friends who work in Chinese manufacturing. I have been told EVERYTHING gets copied. The real threat here is that EVERYTHING we have made over there for our military is now in Chinese and Russian hands (probably North Korea, Iran and several other unfriendly nations, as well).


    (Besides, have ANY item crucial to defense manufactured overseas is a security risk: not just intelligence wise, but simply logistics wise. It’s impossible to make more when the parts have to come from a nation that is suddenly an enemy or subjugated nation.)

  2. It’s not just the military….I’m getting the giggles now……… So I donate to the Lakota Indian tribe and they send me little what-nots. This last time, I received this dream catcher. You are to place it at the foot of your bed so it will capture your nightmares and only let sweet dreams pass through. I thought it was really cool. Then my son says to me, “The Lakotas are Chinese?” Turns out the dream catcher was made in China! I’m still laughing about that……………..Hmm…reckon I aught to see if the Chinese got their Mojo on…… then again, I rarely have nightmares.

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