Time for a Little Offense: OBAMA IS A RAPIST!

What’s good for the goose…:

Did You Know That Obama’s Blackstone Backers Laid Off Over 800 People? Beck Explains

Obama’s condemnation of private equity hinges on the familiar narrative that the industry is renown for commandeering companies and slashing jobs, leaving untold numbers jobless — which is why it is doubly ironic that Blackstone has done just that. In August of 2006, just two months after closing the deal to purchase Travelport Ltd., Blackstone Group fired “scores of employees,” who, according to the Wall Street Journal, were “lugging boxes of personal belongings to their cars.” Blackstone laid of 841 employees, or 10% of Travelport’s workforce, and recouped its investment almost immediately.

Talk Amongst Yourselves:

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