First Romney was responsible for the 47 year long, excruciatingly slow-motion suicide of a kid with a bad haircut and now he is responsible for a Mormon massacre in Arkansas 150 years ago? What’s next, Romney’s ancestors are responsible for original sin?

Just a question for the media…what happens when you have finished giving Romney a rectal exam and come up with…nothing? Won’t it then be obvious to everyone what you are doing?

I’ve been wondering this for a while. All reporters can’t be liberals, the math just doesn’t work, so the editors have to be responsible for this kind of bias. When are the reporters going to figure out that assignment editors sending them out to do the Democrat’s bidding is eventually going to erode readership which eroded ad revenue which reduces the media’s ability to pay reporters to do the Democrat’s bidding?

You guys are working yourselves out of a job.

From Investor’s Business Daily:

Bias: Now that the media have fully covered a 150-year old Mormon massacre and Ann Romney’s pet horse, maybe they can start looking into charges the man in the White House may have tried to bribe a critic into silence.

If you’re worried about Mitt Romney being fully vetted, don’t be. The Los Angeles Times is all over it. Just look at Tuesday’s edition. On page one, above the fold, the august West Coast daily ran a weirdly irrelevant story about a lawsuit involving Ann Romney and a horse she once owned.

But that was nothing compared to the Washington Post, which as part of its vetting of candidate Romney — remember, he hasn’t won the nomination yet — investigated a 150-year old Mormon massacre in Arkansas.

Not to be outdone, the New York Times sent reporter Jodi Kantor to sit in on Mitt’s Mormon church to kind of soak up the vibe and see if she could find any dirt.

As far as we can tell, this kind of intense, almost anthropological interest in the Romneys isn’t unusual. Everything about Romney — his prep school hijinks, his career at Bain Capital, his wife’s horse, his car elevator and of course his religion — has been scrutinized. But President Obama, almost finished with his first term, has gotten nothing close to the same attention.

8 thoughts on “Scrutiny

  1. I see we have advertising on The Rio Norte Line now. Hopefully the revenue stream leads to increased discretionary income for one Utah.

  2. The media will not let you in on the evil truth: Hmm.. how to break this to you, gently…… um, Obama ate Ann Romney’s horse, okay!! My sources have told me of his particular fondness for dog and horse meat! Who can blame him? I hear it’s higher in protein than hobos…….just sayin…..

  3. I am sure my single self won’t cause any of the media sources to fret, BUT……I quit watching and reading anyone that only plays the liberal side of things. Granted, I don’t have many choices left when I sit down to be enlightened, but I don’t throw stuff at the TV anymore.

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