Losing My Religion

My dear sweet angel baby B. has flown off the handle………….again. You see, as a Christian, he feels it is AOK to persecute another religion. He forgets that one of the most important tenets in Christianity is love. You see, one must have quite an understanding of tolerance (I have become a master of tolerance as I must deal with B. on a daily basis) to achieve the love of one another, which distinguishes Christianity from other religions.

In America, it is well-known that we have plenty of Muslims in various positions. They are NOT trying to pass Sharia Law as that is against the rules in their religion. (That information was from a Muslim cleric……oh, but what does he know? According to B., he’s just lying.) Here are some Muslims in govt. Seems to me they are doing the unthinkable……………….their job (Shocking!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pz0_8wKiz1M

If you are curious to hear what a Muslim has to say in defense of his religion, here is a link to a very good debate: (This may seem rather verbose, but fortunately, B. has conditioned us to that, right?) http://lovegrove.xanga.com/762365096/islam-is-not-a-peaceful-religion-yet-another-update/

With all that said, I will say that I am a Christian (Lutheran, to be exact) and have no plans of converting to another religion. I will, however, defend an underdog who is being bullied. I will defend Romney’s religion as well, because I do know that it is based in love. It essentially boils down to how one interprets their religion. Sorry, B., but I cannot make the leap of calling an individual a liar because of his religion.

Sometimes, I feel things more through music, thus the title of my piece. Here is REM for you B: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=643PDZne5LE&feature=related

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  1. Kells,

    Where does the Bible tell you to tolerate and embrace the antichrist? If you were to get of your PC high horse and away from your deceitful Muslim friends long enough to actually read the Qur’an and Hadith – LIKE I DID – you will find that Islam is the antithesis of Christianity. By definition, this makes it an anti-christian religion and the Bible teaches us NOT to ‘tolerate and accept’ it as you claim. So you may need to read the Bible first, then the Qur’an and Hadith.

    I do not care that it ‘claims’ to worship the same god as Abraham and Moses, the truth is that it does not! I am not stating my ‘opinion,’ I am stating an objective truth. i know it because I didn’t take anybody else’s word for what is in the Qur’an and Hadith, I read them for myself. I have done the same with the Bible. This is how I KNOW that Islam stands in opposition to the Bible. It is how I also know that the Bible teaches us to shun pagan religions – especially that of the Anti-Christ.

    Now, this may rub you the wrong way, but if it does, it should bother you more that this indicates you have embraced the wisdom of this world and not of His – which would then mean you are placing your judgment above God’s. THAT, my dear Kells, is the mistake Adam and Eve made, and a mistake I try – and fail – to avoid. But it is so easy to avoid it in the case of Islam because the difference between Christ and Muhammad is so clear to those who have eyes and ears.

  2. In America, it is well-known that we have plenty of Muslims in various positions. They are NOT trying to pass Sharia Law as that is against the rules in their religion. (That information was from a Muslim cleric……oh, but what does he know? According to B., he’s just lying.)

    Mulsims are permitted – in many cases commanded – to LIE to achieve their goals. Muslims are commanded by Allah to rule the world. One way they do this is by something known as stealth jihad: where they simply move in to a region and multiply until they take over by default. This is not ‘my opinion,’ THIS IS IN THEIR HOLY BOOKS! If you doubt it, then ask Deerborn, Michigan how it isn’t happening, or any of a number of communities in the Midwest. You might also try to look for the stories that report Sharia is not ‘trying to be passed’ on America BECAUSE IT IS ALREADY HERE!

    You can tell yourself that reality is not what it is, but you will be making the same mistake as every other leftist in this nation. You cannot make something true by willing it to be so when it is not the case.

    If you are curious to hear what a Muslim has to say in defense of his religion, here is a link to a very good debate:

    The Qur’an teaches that it is OK to lie to the infidel. So why would you believe someone who knows they are talking to Western believers? It has been well documented that they tell YOU one thing, but in Arabic, they tell each other something entirely different. You may chose to believe this is not true, but it is and you are doing nothing but helping them in their cause. In fact, they are depending on this nation having more people like you than like me. So far, it would appear they are correct – which then means they will win (and that you will soon be Muslim…or dead!)

  3. What really disturbs me about your argument is that you miss the crux of mine; that being that in America we should accept people regardless of religion, race, sex, height and weight. (Just wanted to see if you were paying attention.) You of all people should understand of what I speak.

    • I haven’t missed your point, I just think you are applying something that belongs in the realm of one-on-one relations to the entire nation. That is a recipe for suicide and you simply do not see it.

      Would you ‘accept’ a child molester in your day care?

      Would you trust a rapist in your convent?

      Would you leave a thief in charge of your bank account?

      So why so quick to trust your individual rights and liberty to people who are commanded by their god to take those things from you – especially someone such as yourself?

      One of the founders once wrote that he would rather the nation be ruled by Muslims before he saw it ruled by atheists because Muslims at least have a moral code where the atheist does not (in spite of what the atheist thinks, this is true). HOWEVER, that same founder made it painfully clear that Islam would be his last choice, even after Jew and other religions. He did so for a reason: because Islam is opposed to the ideals and principles upon which America was founded – but not so much to the ideals and principles of secular humanism (otherwise known as political correctness).

      Do you ever stop to ask yourself why you support ideas that the Bible teaches us to oppose? Or why you feel the need to invoke Christ’s Gospel message to justify your opposition to His teachings? Case in point: Christ taught us to love everyone, but He did NOT teach us to accept and welcome everyone into the Church unless they were willing to live according to His teachings (you might want to pay attention to how Christ treated the Pharisees and Sagisees).

      What troubles me is that you do not seem to recognize the difference between loving someone and accepting their unrepentant behaviors (try reading what Paul has to say about keeping yourself away from such people – even those who call themselves believers). It troubles me even greater that you advocate the modern political equivalent of welcoming pagan worshipers into the Temple in the name of Christ’s Gospel. I may be wrong, but I think Christ TWICE drove such people out of His Father’s House. Now you are telling us we must all welcome them back in the name of He who drove them out in the first place.

      Kells, when it comes right down to it, I am trying to actually live my faith according to what the Bible says, not what I wish it said. And because our government was modeled after that of the Israelites under Moses, I understand this to mean that we should keep our govt. separated from people who oppose it as a matter of their religious beliefs because it makes it impossible for them to keep the covenant that formed this nation.

  4. “Would you ‘accept’ a child molester in your day care?

    Would you trust a rapist in your convent?

    Would you leave a thief in charge of your bank account?”

    These are horrible analogies, and you know it. Please! I may say, will you accept an unlicensed barber as your POTUS? That’s just plain silly.

    “So why so quick to trust your individual rights and liberty to people who are commanded by their god to take those things from you – especially someone such as yourself?”

    An individual is not defined by their religion, nor should they be. There are good people and there are bad people. Period.

    “Do you ever stop to ask yourself why you support ideas that the Bible teaches us to oppose?”

    Personally, I feel you could ask yourself the very same question.

    “Case in point: Christ taught us to love everyone, but He did NOT teach us to accept and welcome everyone into the Church unless they were willing to live according to His teachings.”

    If you refer to Matthew 5, I believe you will see where I am coming from. Matthew 5:14-16 are my favourite verses of the Bible.

    It’s odd, because a Jesuit priest that I speak with agrees with me to a point. That point being that he believes other religions are based in love, but Christ is the Truth. This I understand, and have always understood. Hopefully, I have made some sense with you……

    • An individual is not defined by their religion, nor should they be. There are good people and there are bad people. Period.

      If by ‘religion’ you mean man’s teaching of right and wrong, then I agree. But if you mean our faith and the commandments of God, then this is NOT taught by the Bible. In fact, the Bible speaks much the opposite. As for me, I do check myself against the Bible and what it teaches us. This is one of my biggest struggles: trying to conform my will and understanding to His and not the other way around. In your case, you might want to read past Matt 5:14-15 to Matt 5:17-18 – then go back and review ‘the Law.’ I have no reservation against telling you that many of the ideas you espouse are NOT Biblical. In fact, many of them are counter to biblical teachings. For it is ONLY in keeping to the letter of the law that we become that beacon on a hill and NOT by replacing the Law with our own ideas of right/wrong. When you do that, you have lost your saltiness. Kells, you must accept all of the Bible or reject it in its entirety. It is not an a le cart teaching.

      I keep telling you this and you keep ignoring me, but you had best start re-reading your Bible. Start here:

      Matt 7:20-23, paying especially close attention to Matt 7:20.

      • So then, who is the beacon? I find it very ironic, if not amusing that you chose those verses, for all you seem to do is spout hate, which for me is the equivalent of bad fruit! Oh, and my house is built upon a rock!

        More wise for you to refer back a bit to Matthew 7:1.

  5. No, Kells, it isn’t ‘hateful,’ you simply do not grant people the truth of what they say. You prefer to insert your own reality instead. That makes it a waste of time to try to explain things to you because you will simply reject anything and everything that contradicts what you want to be true.

    Here’s a perfect example of things happening that I have been warning you will happen and you have been telling me is not a problem, will not happen and I am a ‘hater’ for even saying they will happen:

    ‘It’s Perfectly Constitutional’: Kansas Governor Signs Bill Blocking Islamic Law in Courts and Government Agencies

    (The Blaze/AP) — Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback has signed a law aimed at keeping the state’s courts or government agencies from basing decisions on Islamic or other foreign legal codes, and a national Muslim group’s spokesman said Friday that a court challenge is likely.

    The ONLY reason to challenge this law is to FORCE Sharia on Americans through the court system. So I have been telling you the truth and you have been telling me that reality = hate. Very well, I’m a hater…but that makes you an irrational person who lives in an alternate reality. Do you know the clinical term for that sort of condition?

    • I never read anything closely, nor think upon what I read. Oh, and I shall also need good luck. How very silly of me to think those were hateful comments! I now understand the love that you so graciously spread! Thank you, kindly!

      Oh, and FYI, there are more cases than that one, ding-dong! Do you honestly believe I live under a fu**ing rock? Let me tell you the clinical term of your condition: Jerkasauritis.

      • If trying to live in the real world makes me a jerk, then I’m guilty as accused. But at least I am not trying to drag this nation and the Western way of life into my own suicide just so I can feel good about myself. I have a problem with making others suffer for my own ego trip.

        I suppose that must be just a side effect of ‘Jerkasauritis.’

  6. Kels,
    I suggest you begin perusing this site:


    Read what the Muslim leaders say to each other in their own language. I choose to listen to those words… Not the ones meant for me to hear.
    Respectfully & sincerely.

    • And listen to these words of an American Hero explaining how Islam is more than a religion (as Jews & Christians understand religion).

    • Texas, I don’t speak their language. I was going to take the course, but then I started a show…. They were very sweet to me. I’ll visit this site in the morning and see if there’s some way to translate. It’s sooo late!

    • Just got back from the site. It was very interesting. I suppose I just don’t want to see American Muslims turned into scapegoats. Religious persecution makes us no better than the Nazis.

      • I’m glad you used that analogy. So you would have defended the NAZI’s had you been in 1930’s Germany, would you? I mean, they were underdogs at first, and you wouldn’t have wanted to have seen THEM as scapegoats either, would you?

        Or would you have realized that it was their IDEOLOGY that was issue? Well, the same is true with Islam, the only problem is their ideology and religion are the same. So how is anyone supposed to oppose one without opposing the other?

        Your allegiance to political correctness has painted you into a box where you must drag us all down in your own act of suicide just so you can feel good about the person you think you are. But tell me something, Kells, how does it make you a ‘good’ person if you force suicide on this nation and the entire Western way of life just so you can feel good about not making a ‘scapegoat’ out of the very means of our demise?

        • I seriously doubt I would’ve defended the Nazis, B. And no, it is not the same as Islam because the American Muslims who are properly taught their religion, follow the rules of law in America. These radical Muslims are the products of hokey Imams that are feeding them crap. They are also the product of their backward environment. Oh, and I believe Egypt will not put a radical Muslim in charge. The people are fed up.

          You’re really somethin, you know that? Now, I’m bringing down the Western way of life as we know it because I have some compassion for Muslims? Gimme a break! There’s this little thing called the laws of the land and we have courts to defend them. So when you have the fruit-loops go all nutty, you, in a civil manner, serve them papers.

          • And no, it is not the same as Islam because the American Muslims who are properly taught their religion, follow the rules of law in America.

            It appears to me that, in your mind, the ‘proper’ Muslim religion is NOT what their holy books actually teach. This means you or someone else has created an entirely different theology and now you are trying to tell the world it is the ‘true’ Islam when it isn’t. How can you countenance such an action and not see that you are forcing your beliefs and opinions on others: and, in this case, on an entire religion?

            I suppose I shouldn’t expect any different from you where Islam is concerned as — sadly — you appear to have done the same thing with Christianity. This is where you and I will have to part ways and agree to disagree because I am no more willing to change the words of the Qur’an to suit my desires than I am to change the Gospel of Christ. But we do agree on one thing: these exchanges between us are fruitless. So you needn’t worry about me in the future, I’ll leave you to your own opinions from now on.

            So, as I said before: Good luck.

            • Hopefully a flanking maneuver steeped in education & facts (from English translations of their own words), as opposed to a frontal assault, will allow our friends to critically examine the opposition.

            • Fine! I see that M.’s latest post actually gives me a somewhat marginal argument as he is defending the Mormons. You may argue a person’s religion all you please, but I prefer to judge an individual by their words and actions.

              And yes, you may suck my toes now (seeing as to how I am the great and all-powerful Kells.)

              • Actions my dear! And as for toe sucking, if we’d met 25 years ago b4 I met my love, you might have had a chance…

      • One should seriously consider what the leaders in their home countries, that claim they speak for Islam, say to their crowds, in their home countries, as their true intentions. Whenever a “moderate” leader rises in their home country, it appears they are defeated or killed, silencing those voices ….

  7. Kells,

    I am sorry but I believe I think this is a tough subject to pin on just one person. I’ve watched the pod shots long enough. When I was living in memphis I heard that a simular vein of thought you speak from. Why not trust others that wish to move to our own country just as you speak. In europe they tried this and now they have much more trouble then when they started. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/5994047/Muslim-Europe-the-demographic-time-bomb-transforming-our-continent.html

    I am sorry but no amount of your emotional, commical, satyrical, and synical beliefs that you may believe will help your case now mater how good your intentions. If it walks like a walks like a duck and talks like a duck then it is my decision if I want that duck in my back yard! I have no problems with the ducks!! I think they’re cute, and I love to feed them but keep that bird poop off my yard and go somewhere else to make your duck poop!

    Why is it that we need such tolerences? Why is it okay for another human being to come to my house, my school, my government, my house of worship and tell me that I need to tolerate the person beside me regardless of who they are or shown to be in the past? If the roles where reversed Kells we would be silenced for our own thoughts. Our country allows us these freedoms to talk about our ideas. So why try to silence our lifestyle so that others may live in a way which obviously did not work in their own counrty? I am not perfect nor am I good at this blog thing but luckly I don’t have to be. Christ did died for my sins. Lets not tarnish his sacrifice by allowing another force us to live their way and not his.

    one more thing :

    “My dear sweet angel baby B. has flown off the handle………….again……….”

    “……….And so that comment obviously wasn’t hateful. ::;giggling::: You know, B., deep down, um, really, really, really, deep down; kinda like that so-far-down-I-can’t-find-it-deep down; I like you. And because I’m so nice, I’ve decided to dedicate a song to you……

    I have to call you out on this one. Is helpping your cause? I understand we can all get caught up in the moment. Kells I thought this was a blog for ideas not name calling. I would much rather see you stick to the topic and argue your point. Thats what I like to see from you. Name calling is counter productive. In good fun I could understand but let’s keep the bullshit to a three drink minimum. I’m not buying it and please stop insulting my intelligence.

    • jacob – We regulars on this site understand the love/hate relationship between black3actual and kells. We just give ’em a pass and move on. They love to push each other’s buttons.

  8. Kells,
    Most live their lives this way:
    “We don’t see the world as it is, we see it as we are” 
    ― Anaïs Nin
    Your friends here hope you attempt to see the world as it is.

  9. Jacob, I apologise for insulting your intelligence. I lose my temper with B. because he tends to speak to me in a demeaning manner. I did dedicate a very nice song to him. In my defense, a lot of things that I say are only for laughs. Unfortunately, I’m the only one that laughs at my jokes……so disheartening……………my dream of being a stand-up comedian has been shattered! Thanks for the painful reminder, Jacob! (This is Kells being silly.)

    Oh, Jacob; I think you’re very good at this blog thing, and I love to speak with other people. (This is Kells being sincere.) Just out of curiousity, what do you answer on applications that ask for your race, sex, religion, income, residence, &c.?

    I ask that because I always answer “Prefer not to answer.” For me, to judge a group of people by their religion is akin to judging a group of people by the color of their skin. I believe in the individual.

    I hope you will come back and chat with me. Hope you have a pleasant Memorial Day. If you served, I thank you. I would kiss you but I think you would enjoy that too much…. (Kells being silly)

    • Kells,

      Part of the problem is that you look for insult far too often where none is offered. You think I am being condescending with you where – most often – I am just frustrated with you because I expect better from you (you’re not stupid, you just don’t use what God gave you).

      Also, you may not like my word choices, but this is how I speak to people as well as how I write. I can assure you, my words are not offered in the tone you chose to take them. If I were insulting you, you would know it. Trust me, there are people on this board who can tell you this is true from their own first hand dealings with me. I’m simply not the person you think me to be (which is another cause for frustration with you because you do not listen to people).

      To be honest, if I were the person you think me to be, I would have stopped trying with you a long time ago because I would have considered it a waste of my time.

      • I don’t know if I should feel complimented or hurt. Off on a tangent now….You know; you look just like my cousin…… Tried to post a pic, but I don’t know how. Perhaps I’ll include his pic in a post….

        Just as I don’t know you; you don’t know me.

    • Texas, I see and understand the radical Islam movement.

      Actually, no, I don’t think you do – and that is the problem. The ‘radical’ Islam movement is that small part of Islam that seeks some sort of reform – NOT the majority of those in the religion we just call radicals because they follow their religious teachings of violence.

      This is what Texas and I are trying to get you to understand: this religion teaches violence – period, end of story! There is no “that’s just the radicals who do that,” it is Islam itself. You really need to read the Qur’an and Hadith, kells.

      Look, here is the deal:

      This religion teaches violence. It is in their holy books, it is commanded by their prophet who claims to be speaking for their god. They claim this is the same god you worship, a god who now says that everything in the Bible was a lie (or he changed his mind) and now commands that everyone worship him and Muhammad or die – and by die, I do not mean death on judgment day but death in this life, by the sword. The Islamic faith also teaches that Jesus will come back to kill everyone who refuses to submit to Allah and become Muslim.

      There is a division within Islam that causes what you and many like you take as ‘radical’ Islam. Most Muslims believe that only the Caliphe can declare global jihad, and there must be a Caliphate before a Caliphe can be named. So they are waiting for this to happen (and it is in the process of happening now). Others – the ones you call ‘radicals’ – believe that there is no commandment making it necessary to wait for the Caliphe to declare global jihad. They believe they can wage jihad now, and can help bring the return of their messiah by causing global chaos. Think of it like a pre, mid and post trib rapture debate among Christians: we know there will be a rapture, we just don’t agree as to when it will happen. So it is with Muslims: they ALL believe they will wage global jihad, they just don’t agree as to when that will happen.

      But make no mistake, Islam teaches – no – commands violence and the killing of anyone who refuses to submit to Allah. This is a problem with the religion, not necessarily the people in it, but you can’t see the differentiation. You tell me you want to judge the person by their character, but you must be careful here. If I am a ‘good’ Christian, then I follow Christ and refuse to deny Him – in which case I am commanded to love ALL men (but not their actions). In the same way, if I am a ‘good’ Muslim, then I follow Muhammad and refuse to disobey his teachings – in which case, I am commanded to wage jihad (no matter what their actions may be).

      So you can continue to deny this all you want, but it will never change the reality we face. I get that you care about the individual, I do too (you just do not want to grant me this). You just don’t seem to understand – or want to understand – the nature of the problem you are facing. You’d rather believe a lie because it makes you feel better. I would rather know and face the truth no matter how bad it makes me feel.

  10. B3A cares greatly. That’s why he gets so vociferous in trying to get you to understand his point of view.
    There is no such thing as radical Islam. There is only Islam. Islam is radical by design/creation. Marxist based ideologies trumpet the “radical” misnomer as they see the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Until the “Greek/ roman/ judeo-Christian” western based societies come to grips with that fact, our societies are in grave danger.

  11. Been watching this thread and it’s Interesting the points being debated, yet after it was posted utah goes into great detail about the “myth of the Mormons”. Why can’t the same logic be applied to Muslims – or Baptist – or Catholics – or andy other mainstream religion? If an American Muslim dresses like a Muslim, does this make them radical? If a Baptist puts on his/her Sunday finest and carries a Bible in their car, does this make them a radical Baptist (and we all know those exist). If an Assemblies of God lady feels it is her religious duty to have her hair grow so long she can sit on it (and brag about it or flaunt it) does it make her a better Christian?
    If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, is it really a duck? I don’t think so. People of all faiths usually live according to their own degree of belief. Many will go to great lengths to convince you they are devout when we in the community know better. Most religions (including Islamic Americans I suspect) is a blend of beliefs – yes, many are practices based on convenience or appearance. I have yet to be passing through Panama City or Marianna or on the beach and see a Muslim break out a prayer rug and turn toward Mecca.
    Why does an American man or woman of Muslim faith have to be a radical who is hell bent on the destruction of our country, belief system, and government/law, when the same is not applied to people of the Mormon faith, or Baptists, or Catholics, or . . . ?

  12. B3A; please correct me if I’m wrong. My understanding of Islam is they are to require all infidels to pay a tax, convert to Islam, be enslaved (the western world does advertise that muslim countries still hold slaves) or be put to the sword. Islam commands or authorizes its followers to lie to infidels in order to conquer them. All parts of their holy book carry equal weight, none is less important than any other part, they are not allowed to ignore one portion over another.

  13. The truth of the matter is that I believe you both are talking apples and oranges. Kells you see this as “treat everyone with the same decency and respect that you have been given.” A very kind hear-ted way to be. In most cases I would agree with you. The problem lies that this is a very Current American way of being. This was not always the case. If I understand correctly the Americans before us all through out history have learned how wrong that thought is.(IE Pearl Harbor, and Our own founding,) I must admit at one time in my life I too believed that the world believed the way that we do as Americans.

    Though you may not agree with B, I think that his world view and understanding may see a perspective that as Americans we are not always are privileged to. The Islamic faith, which is not just a faith but a political, social, and economic way of living for all the people of Islam (wither they want to be apart of it or not) believe that we as Americans are INFADELS. In their eyes we are expendable. I may agree with you that not all Islamic people are this way by nature however it is my understanding that there are enough of the Islamic faith who are extremist that if they moved here, would change our american landscape (as it has for Europe) with lasting effects for our children. I understand they you may see me as a racists but I am not willing to fore-go my son future for the sake of a culture that wishes to bring their failed culture here. If the Islamic culture is so great then why bring it to this country?

    Bosnian’s moved to Vermont when I was a kid. Now there are many different “programs” that give the Bosnian’s many more opportunities then the many of Vermonters who have lived there all their life. Why repeat this kind of history that has failed before?

    • Many Latinos have moved to Florida (Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Haitians, etc.) as did many Asians, primarily Vietnamese. There were already many black people living here. Does the programs offered to Latinos, Asians, blacks, and Native Americans give them an unfair advantage or “more opportunities” than white Americans? Is this what the problem is?
      A couple of hundred of years ago Mormans were demonized by other religions and society. They are still looked on as somewhat odd (look at what people think about Romney because he’s Morman), hence Utah’s post. Irish Catholics and other religions were as well, yet these religious groups have assimilated into our culture and have become mainstream religions.
      If anyone here thinks Islam (Muslims) is going away and leaving America, think again my friends. Muslims far outnumber Christians in the world.

      • If anyone here thinks Islam (Muslims) is going away and leaving America, think again my friends. Muslims far outnumber Christians in the world.

        Actually, the last time I checked, they were roughly equal in numbers.

        Other than that, we are still comparing apples and oranges – but we have hit on one pertinent point: the melting pot no longer exists. That makes this silly idea of ‘everyone getting along’ is just another pipe dream, too. We are balkanizing by design. Can anyone say ‘divide and conqueror?’

          • No, he doesn’t – and neither do you. It is not that they MUST have a ‘hidden agenda,’ it is that YOU DO NOT KNOW IF THEY DO!

            Why? Because it is what Islam teaches according to the Qur’an and Hadith. Does the Bible teach you it is OK to lie to people as you gain strength enough to force them to become Christians or die? If so, then OK, I see why you think Christianity is equal to Islam. If not, then you are choosing willful ignorance over reality.

            Why is this so bloody hard for you to get through your head? And why do you feel i MUST join you in your ignorant denial of reality to be ‘a good person?”

            My friends are right: I may be able to help others learn, but you are already lost.

            • You can’t go through life accusing select groups, religious or political, of having a hidden agenda. Do whites, blacks, republicans, democrats, conservatives, progressives, Baptists, Muslims, Catholics, (and on and on) have hidden or even seperate agendas? Bet your ass they do. Everyone looks out for themselves or their own group. Do you personally have a hidden agenda? Most people do in one form or another, just as most people hold a bias toward another group or religion.

              By the way, I do “get it”. It is my choice not to judge an entire religion, race, or culture on the actions of a few.

              • By the way, I do “get it”. It is my choice not to judge an entire religion, race, or culture on the actions of a few.

                If you believe this, then – though it will likely make you angry with me – no, FC, you do NOT ‘get it.’

                We are not talking about ‘the actions of a few’ (it is the majority, btw, but then, you would reject this as well – and for the same reasons). We are talking about the religion: think of it as a definition. You cannot separate the two because they are one-in-the-same.

                I keep trying to tell you this, and I keep telling you to read their holy books for yourself, and you keep telling me the sky is green and grass is blue. And if I tell you the sky is blue and grass is green, you tell me that makes me the racist, bigot and a hater.

      • Ah but I think my point is not of “fairness” of one culture to another culture but freedom from those who seek to make our lives “fair”. Just keep out of our lives and stop making new rules so that all are to get a fictional “fairness” and let us live self directed lives, by our providence from god.

  14. B, please add more history where you feel appropriate.
    Thomas Jefferson ordered our navy and marines to Tripoli because Muslims were enslaving our sailors and holding them for ransom. Then in the phillipines in the late 1890’s we were fighting the muslims again. This has been an ongoing war for all our history. In the post WWII cold war era, we concentrated on the Soviet Union, and forgot our hard earned lessons. Meanwhile the Marxist Progressives took over our education system and purposely ignored those lessons for us. With Tehran and the attack on Lebanon marine corp barracks, war was re-declared upon America once again. What many “modern Americans” can’t seem to understand is that ALL societies are not created equal and many (including those within our borders) are looking to conquer America and her
    western ideals of liberty and freedom and subjugate us.

  15. I agree with Texas. This is not really about race or religion but more about repeating history. Our American Ideas of Liberty,and Freedom threaten the very ideas of Islam of loving others through force. These ideas are not racist, but of philosophical differences.

    • I can agree with most of that, at least. If you want to discuss what has happened in the UK (and Greece) then look to the progressives to see which direction their society has taken. Then if you want to compare the direction of our society to theirs, look to Obama. I know he is a radical progressive and will give away the nations to “spread the wealth” to those who deserve nothing. As a note, I suspect he is Muslim as well.

      • FC,

        The Progressives have teamed up with the Muslims. Both sides believe they can ‘deal with’ the other AFTER they win – only one side is wrong, and it is NOT the side of Woodrow Wilson.

    • Sun-Zu was wrong about that one. Sometimes the enemy of your enemy is just as much your enemy, too. Case in point: though they were an enemy of NAZI Germany, Russia was never our friend in WW II, and we paid the price for treating them as though they were.

  16. Good Americans (Especially good mothers. ) want to believe all people’s are inherently “good”. It is difficult, maybe impossible for many “good” Americans to understand there are “bad” peoples in the world that hate. They feed and grow off of hate, not love. Those of us that have been “in the fight” through military or law enforcement experience understand this.
    Islam is not “just” a religion. It is a vonquering civilation

  17. Let me try it this way:

    Why do you want Obama out of the White House? I mean, he says he is a Christian, we see video of him in church. He seems to be a good family man, he spends a lot of time with his children and takes them on a lot of vacations. He seems to be ‘cool,’ and was careful to hang with the ‘hip’ crowed in college. We are told he is very smart and a lot of fun to just be around. We see him playing pick-up B-Ball games in the White House and hanging with all the Hollywood idols, so we have no reason to believe this is not true. Heck, a lot of people think he’s attractive to boot. So why are so many of you here who are attacking me on this issue also attacking Obama? It seems to me that – using the criteria you are trying to hold me to when it comes to Islam – your attacks on Obama would make you racist, bigot haters (maybe homophobes, too – in this case).

    So, I guess, now that I have pointed out your hypocrisy, you guys will start supporting the O – right? (careful, that’s a trap, Kells 😉 )

        • You will have to share the pic with me sometime… As I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing it yet…
          As for B knowing what’s best for everyone, I made this comment on his other post:
          Jews and Christians are very much the same. Maybe buddhism and other religions too (although I don’t know as I have not studied them). I haven’t learned where America has been attacked by them as she has in the name of Islam. For one person to believe their chosen belief/religion is the only way for “all” is presumptuous. Our creator speaks to each person in a way they can understand and is based upon the environment they are born in and the opportunities that arise for them. To me what is different about Islam is so many are being enslaved, tortured, maimed, & murdered in the name of Allah. Maybe like so many have been enslaved & murdered in the name of fascism & communism. Men murder and enslave men, “our Creator” would not order men to enslave & murder other men…in any religion.

  18. First “Muslim girls” do not hand out the corporal punishment, the men do in an Islamic society. Secondly remove my pants ?!?!?!? You are sorely mistaken madam if you think i’m going to remove my pants!!!! I paid good money for these pants !!!!

    • Secondly remove my pants ?!?!?!? You are sorely mistaken madam if you think i’m going to remove my pants!!!! I paid good money for these pants !!!! <— ROFLMAO 😀

    • Guy assured me it’s not punishment! (Just between you, me and the lamppost, I tend to agree.) Oh, I’m being silly now……

      Seriously, though………………………………….will you please remove your pants?

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