Let’s Sort the Sheep from the Goats.

OK, let’s put some clarity to this discussion about religion. As regular readers may know, I oppose Islam because it is antithetical to the principles and ideals of the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution. Islam does not teach peace and tolerance for all people, it teaches peace toward other Muslims, but subjugation and – eventually – death to all who refuse to convert. If you follow what is taught in Islam’s holy books, then the only debate is over how and when global jihad can be declared – not whether it will be. Islamic prophecy says that, in the end, Muslims will either force every person on earth to submit to Islam – by the sword if necessary – or kill them by the sword. Furthermore, Islamic prophecy says that Jesus will return to actually kill those who refuse to submit to Islam. Without going in to too much detail, Islamic prophecy is almost a mirror image of Bible prophecy – just from the other side. The Islamic messiah is the Biblical anti-Christ.

Now, here is the thing you need to keep in mind: this is not me saying this; it is the Islamic holy books. This is a simple, objective fact – otherwise known as reality. All you have to do is read the Qur’an and the Hadith. Do not just take for granted what others tell you these books say – especially Muslims (or even me). Read them for yourself. You will find I am telling you the truth.

Now, let’s address some other politically correct non-sense that is too often hurled at those who try to explain these truths.

First, it does not make me a racist because Islam is not a race. There are Muslims from all races, and that is sufficient to destroy this sort of attack. Those who want to make a connection between race and religion here should be dismissed as nothing more than race baiters (Yes, dismissed out of hand. They are part of the problem, not part of the solution).

Second, it does not make me a bigot to oppose Islam. A casual, unthinking read of the definition of this word might lead one to think I am, but let’s look at this definition with a little thought:


Definition of BIGOT
: a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance


I am not attacking Muslims, I am opposing Islam. There is a H-U-G-E difference here, and it is big enough to absolve me of the charge of bigot. The problem is, too many Americans have been conditioned by the Left to see each other as nothing more than the group to which they are assigned (this is Progressivism/Alinsky/community organizing 101). I have said it many times and I will say it again: I do not ‘hate’ anyone, nor do I take issue with any individual based on their religion. However, I do take issue with the religion of Islam because Islam and the American ideal cannot coexist in anything approaching harmony.  They are fire and water: at war with each other by their very nature (if you understood the theological differences between them, you’d understand I am speaking the truth).

The other accusation I get thrown at me by ignorant people is that I simply assume all Muslims are liars. Again, this is not true. What I have said and will keep saying is that – unless we are Muslims — you and I can never know if a Muslim is telling us the truth because their holy books tell them they can lie to non-believers. In some cases, they are commanded to do so. This extends to treaties with non-believers: they can make them, but I think it is for no more than 7 or 10 years and then they MUST break that treaty or be in violation of their faith.

This brings us to this silliness about not questioning the intentions of Muslims because “not all members of a religion follow its teachings.” This is true, but that means they are not devout followers of that faith. In the case of Christians, there are many who call themselves Christian who will not be saved on judgment day because they did not keep the commandments of Christ. These people chose to replace their judgment for God’s law and they will pay the price. The same applies to Islam. If a person ignores the commands of Islam, then they are like the Christian who does not obey Christ: a Muslim in name only. However, if a person follows the commands of Islam, then they will – sooner or later – seek to force Islam on you, me and all of America and, if we all live long enough, they will eventually force you to convert to Islam or die. It is this simple.

Now, let’s look at this notion that Utah defended Muslims by defending Romney and Mormons. Let’s assume that Romney is a devout Mormon and NEVER strays from his faith. Then this means he will not lie, steal, cheat, murder or covet. Now suppose we have a Muslim who is equally devout and never strays from the teachings of Islam. This means he CAN lie, steal, cheat, murder and covet – as long as he does all of this to a non-Muslim. How do we know this? IT IS IN THEIR HOLY BOOKS!

What I can’t understand is why this is all so hard for others to understand. Why would we rather tell ourselves that the truth is not the truth and that something we made up is really the way things are? Why must we insist on fooling ourselves into believing lies? Go ahead; tell yourself this makes me a racist, bigot hater. Why should you stop telling yourself lies now? You may decide to adhere to this politically correct experiment in group think, but I reject it because I would rather live in the real world and deal with reality as it is. And the reality here is that Islam wants to destroy the Western way of life and we are going to help them do it. Now, if you think that it makes you a better person to commit suicide, then have at it – but do it alone. You may think it makes you a better person but when you drag the nation along with you… Well, I have a news flash for you: when you intentionally end someone’s life against their will, that’s called murder – and being a murderer most certainly does NOT ‘make you a better person.’



History of Muhammad & Islam

38 thoughts on “Let’s Sort the Sheep from the Goats.

  1. I’d like to say “you’re crazy”, B3A.
    I’d like to say this is nonsense and should be ignored.

    I’d like to…..but I can’t.

  2. Good Americans (Especially good mothers. ) want to believe all people’s are inherently “good”. It is difficult, maybe impossible for many “good” Americans to understand there are “bad” peoples in the world that hate. They feed and grow off of hate, not love. Those of us that have been “in the fight” through military or law enforcement experience understand this.
    Islam is not “just” a religion. It is a conquering civilation. (as I said, in the other post)

  3. “However, I do take issue with the religion of Islam because Islam and the American ideal cannot coexist in anything approaching harmony.”

    Um….wake-up call! We’ve been co-existing with Muslims and every other religion under the sun for quite some time now. I find it very interesting that you omit all the hateful scriptures in the Bible………..this is where interpretation seems to confound you.

    • Gosh you are obnoxious. Apples & oranges. You do love to push B’s buttons….are y’all related or divorced?

    • No, Texas, she’s not going to get my goat this time ( 😉 ) This time she has offered us some enlightenment as to the true nature of her problem.

      Apparently, Kells thinks that the Bible has ‘hateful’ passages. This is an anti-Christian, anti-Biblical teaching. If she were of the faith, she would understand this. But, if you follow her posts, while she claims to be a Christian, she seems to believe that she can pick and choose what aspects of Christianity she wishes to accept. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way, but it does help explain one possible reason why she thinks there are ‘good’ Muslims: Muslims like her. She counts those Muslims who pick and choose the parts of Islam they want to follow as ‘good’ – like herself.

      If this is true, it is just more evidence that she lives in a world totally at odds with objective reality. To claim one can call themselves Christian while rejecting Christ’s commandments is absurd. The same applies equally to Islam.

      She shows a further break with reality in her claims that we have been living peacefully with all religions for many years. Kells is well aware that this nation has been at war with Islam since its founding. I have also ‘tried’ to explain that warfare is different for the Muslim than for those of us in the West: they have no problem with generational war where as the West grows war-weary after only a few years. Thus, Kells doesn’t understand that the Iranian hostage crisis was a continuation of the Muslim attacks against the Allies in WW II, which were a continuation of the war in the Philippines, which continued Tripoli, etc, etc. For her, it is easier to tell herself this isn’t true. this way, she can continue to live comfortably in the reality she has created for herself.

      I’m not sure anything more can be done to explain reality to someone who chooses to redefine it rather than face it head on and accept it for what it is. The real danger is, if there are more like her than there are like us, they will drag us to our own destruction along with them. 😦

      • Patience. I recommend you not take it personal. For people considering serious issues such as this for the first time, it is quite stressful. Many are just unable to consider everything they believed about any subject was false. She’s following along. She’s on a journey. Give her time. (I’ve “watched” Utah go thru the same process over the last year in his writings.) Attempting to deal with the stress with sarcasm is fine. It takes time, to realize, everything you’ve been told is false. That you’ve been lied to, and you have to learn a new reality. Many people are simply unable to do that. They never grow professionally, intellectually, emotionally, or spiritually. I would caution again, a flanking maneuver is oftentimes better than a frontal assault. I come on too strong and turn friends & acquaintances off. They melt down intellectually because it’s too much at once… Less is often more…

        • If you are like me, you’ve been questioning conventional wisdom most of your life. And you realize the first time you confirmed conventional wisdom was a flat out lie. From there on out we were different than the majority. But bit by bit, we recognize our brethren that get it too…

          • Someone once said:

            “It is easy to give advice, but only the wise profit from it.”

            I think I’ll do my best to profit from what I find to be words of wisdom in your last two comments. And yes, we are a lot alike in the sense you described.

            Thanks for the caution sign :*)

        • Thank you for the correction. I look forward to the day we all get to share a beverage or crock pot meal together.

  4. I think what you don’t quite understand is that the Qu’ran is much like the Bible. You do understand that many passages from the O.T. were from Hebrew laws, right? This is the same with the Qu’ran, according to my Muslim friend. Oh! But what does he know? He has explained stories to me and I see where the misinterpretation leads to this chaos.

    Oh, and Texas, my love, here’s a little apology for me being so obnoxious: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zANvYB93u2g

    • So, if it is the result of ‘Hebrew law,’ then we can dismiss it?

      Ah, that ‘Hebrew Law’ you so casually dismiss is called the 10 Commandments (in connection to the rest of Mosaic Law) and it was handed down DIRECTLY by God to Moses and then affirmed DIRECTLY by Christ. What’s more, though there may appear to be similarities, there is no comparison between Sharia and Mosaic Law. They contradict each other on foundational principles.

      Congratz, Kells. You just told God to ‘stick it.’ Nice job.

      • My dear, my darlin one; Hebrew law covered far more than the 10 commandments. Jesus trumped em. It says so in the Bible. If you believe in the Trinity, you should very well be aware of what God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. proclaimed.

        • Yes, it did, hence my use of the term Mosaic Law. But as for the false assertion that Christ ‘trumped’ the Law:

          Kells, Christ IS “THE LAW!” And He didn’t “trump” Himself, He established a new covenant by offering Himself as the perfect sacrifice so that our sins may be forgiven, but He CLEARLY said the Law has NOT been removed. What do you think He meant by “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the father but through me.” If Christ is NOT the law, then how did anyone from the Old testament get to heaven? But we know they did because we are told so in the New Testament. Remember, under the law, you must make sacrifices to atone for your sins so you can come before God. Christ is a one-time-covers-all-sins sacrifice for ALL mankind. This is the only thing that has changed, not the law. But don’t take my word for it, listen to Jesus:

          Matt 5:18 and Luke 16:17

          • Yes, and if you continue reading, you will note that He specifically relates to the 10 Commandments. He doesn’t talk about stoning a woman that was raped or having a woman marry her rapist. Deut. 13:29

            • You do not have a very good understanding of the Hebrew culture or Old Testament, do you? Christ did not say “The 10 Commandments,” He said “The Law.” “The Law” has a specific meaning, and Christ used it intentionally. So we must assume He meant what He said and said what he meant.

              You are certainly free to believe as you please, but I try not to take away from or add to what Scripture actually says. I guess that might be my problem where you’re concerned: I actually believe the Bible is the Word of God and that it means what it says.

              • I said he relates to the 10 Commandments in his teachings. And when you make assumptions, you know and I know that you make an ass out of you and mption. Please show me a specific wording from Christ that condones the aforementioned. He actually taught the opposite of all this hate to which you espouse.

                This is where we get into interpretation………………or misinterpretation.

                • Understanding – NOT ‘interpretation.’

                  Tell me something, Kells, have you ever made or prevented your children for doing something for their own good? If so, I suppose that makes you a hater. No need to answer, I know you have because you have said so on the RNL.

                  Who would have ever guessed that someone who speaks so much about love would hate her own children.

                • Understanding. Interpretation. Misunderstanding. Misinterpretation. Do you not see the similarities in how Christianity and Islam can be misconstrued? Some of their (Koran) passages have significant meaning to the time, place and circumstance (much like Hebrew laws.)

    • Kells,

      If the Qur’an is “god’s word,” then why does it need to be “explained?” The only thing anyone needs to understand the Bible is the Bible and a sincere desire to understand it (which includes accepting it for what it is: God’s word). The Bible speaks for itself, but the Qur’an always needs someone to “explain” (i.e. defend) it. I find that more than a little odd – especially when, if I just read it on face value, it says to do what I have been saying it does (it is there, in plain language – no “‘splainin'” necessary.

      • Your comment amuses me greatly. You do not think that people have tried to decipher the Bible?? That is why we have priests, pastors, &c. The same with the Muslim religion.

        Actually, we are two perfect examples as I am quite sure we have different interpretations of Bible stories


        Can you not see what is before you?

  5. For most it takes a full on disaster. A Pearl Harbor, a twin towers before they can re-evaluate reality… I am hopeful, with the tea party and the blogosphere, that it won’t take a complete economic collapse before “America” awakens once again. Hopefully we can restore Liberty, equal protection under the Law/Constitution at the ballot box. Do away with more equal for favored groups….which I believe is Un-Constitutional as that by construct is not equal protection….

    • Texas,

      If Biblical precedents is any guide, then no, we won’t wake up until God lets things get so bad EVERYONE finally decides he is their last hope and call out to him. In fact, this is exactly what the Great Tribulation is all about: forcing Israel to FINALLY call on Christ.

      No, I wish it weren’t so, but this nation will be no different. We’ve done the same thing Israel did over and over again: we’ve grown rebellious in as a result of our success to the point of believing we no longer need God’s help and are now turning our back on Him in favor of our own devices. We’ll suffer the same fate Israel did every time they did this – unless, as a nation, we repent and beg His forgiveness.

      Oh, I know there are many who will poo-poo this, but then, they do not understand history (IF they even know it).

      • Jews and Christians are very much the same. Maybe buddhism and other religions too (although I don’t know as I have not studied them). I haven’t learned where America has been attacked by them as she has in the name of Islam. For one person to believe their chosen belief/religion is the only way for “all” is presumptuous. Our creator speaks to each person in a way they can understand and is based upon the environment they are born in and the opportunities that arise for them. To me what is different about Islam is so many are being enslaved, tortured, maimed, & murdered in the name of Allah. Maybe like so many have been enslaved & murdered in the name of fascism & communism. Men murder and enslave men, “our Creator” would not order men to enslave & murder other men…in any religion.

        • Texas; you know and I know that there are goin to be nuttters in every religion. I wish you boys would think on the country and the cuture in addition to the religion…….

          • Thats what the post above is trying to show you I’m remembering…let us hope that after 13 centuries of action, there are “moderate” followers that will step up to the front of the line to stop the so-called “radical” Islam followers. If that occurs, I’ll agree with your premise… I hope you are correct and I am wrong in that there are “radicals” that are misconstruing their religion.

              • You and your spouse can now break bread with me and my spouse … For that obstinate improper question. You know they are not crusades.

                • Well, surely………….at least not formally.
                  I would very much enjoy breaking bread with you, Texas. (Oh, and your wife….and my husband…..and your dog……but can you please put up your parakeet?)

                  I’m sorry for being me, but if you would like to meet in the flesh (please wear a Speedo) I will happily agree to it.

                  B. knows my e-mail. Let’s have a date night! (I’m serious)

                  Oh! Almost forgot……pour tu: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=758awAebvzI

      • Funny you should bring this up. I just finished a book by Micheal Evans called “America In Prophesy” and it explains how America was blessed because we were first of all, a Christian nation, and second because we befriended and helped Israel. It also explains how America is being cursed because of the many things we have done in our history that were hurtful to Israel.

        • Hurtful of Israel, maybe, but definitely breaking of the covenant our founders made with God when they formed this nation. Yes, I can see this – in both counts.

  6. B., can you be my BFF and do do that voodoo that you do so well? That thing that gets me all worked up…..you know what I’m talkin about…….the line breaky thingy.

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