And the Winner is…

…in the category of Lying Liberal Hypocrite of the Year: Kanye West!

Put your hands together and make some noise for Yeezie! Two of Ye’s latest hits are here:

Kanye on October 11, 2011:

Kanye West today became the most famous visitor yet to the Occupy Wall Street protests as he lent his support to a demonstration that started with a few people and has turned into a global movement.

He is by far the most well-known celebrity to have visited the demonstrators’ camp in Zuccotti Park, New York, following in the footsteps of actors Mark Ruffalo, Susan Sarandon and Penn Badgley.

His visit came on a day when children not in school for Columbus Day joined the ranks of adult protesters in calling for change in how the U.S. political and economic systems are run.

Kanye on May 29, 2012:

He refuses to use normal crockery, insisting on his prized Hermes plates. They cost around £700 a pop, for City traders reading this.

He also has gold cutlery worth £4.5k. A source said: “Kanye is very particular about his plates and cutlery. Everything is the best quality.”

The rap Zoolander can afford it. His Watch The Throne tour with JAY-Z has made £30million and it’s not over yet.

In the aftermath of his OWS walkaround, Spin Magazine reported:

On his new album Watch the Throne, Kanye West reminds us (repeatedly) of his love of Maybach cars, Hermes clothes, and Rolex watches. But the king of luxury rap also wants us to think of him as a man of the people. And during a visit to New York City’s Occupy Wall Street protests on Monday, he made that point without saying anything at all.

‘Ye and Russell Simmons dropped into Lower Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park, ground zero for the protests, where some have been camped out for 24 days, and Simmons acted as the rapper/producer’s spokesperson as his client remained tight-lipped. “Kanye’s been a big supporter, spiritually for this movement,” said Simmons. “He’s just here to stand with the people. He understands this idea about getting the money out of the government and letting the people govern. He wants to give power back to the people.” Remember, per his track “Power,” Kanye thinks, “No one man should have all that power.” So, there you go.

I wonder how Yeezie would feel if his philosophies were applied to his estimated net worth of over $90,000,000? How compatible is Ye’s  “love of Maybach cars, Hermes clothes, and Rolex watches” with the communist philosophies of the OWS kiddies? Ye should know about this stuff since his pops is former Black Panther, Ray West…

But as the New York Daily News notes – Kanye is down with the struggle:

“I’m happy to pay a little more taxes if it means better education for our children,” he said. “I don’t pay enough taxes and I know it.”

If only there was just some way that he could help…if only Congress would repeal the laws preventing him from redistributing his $90 million fortune to the less fortunate.

Oh, wait…there is no law that prevents him from doing that. He just won’t do it till everybody else does:

He said it shouldn’t just be him, though.

“I want to write a check when everybody else does,” he said.

If this is such a strongly held personal belief by folks like Kanye and Warren Buffet, that they can afford to pay more, then why don’t they unburden themselves from all that pain and just self-socialize themselves and their businesses?  Just hand every dime of profit over to the government and see how that works – there are no laws against it – but they won’t. Their call for “everybody” to pay more is nothing but an attempt to retain riches relative to everyone else, not to eliminate the disparity – but Kanye already has a lot of company…the tax burden is already shifted to the upper income brackets with the top 5% already paying 58.7% of all income taxes. Lying Liberal Hypocrites like Kanye criticize  the very economic system that allowed them to become wealthy and all they want is for the government to confiscate more of other people’s money to fund socialist programs while letting the LLH’s live life as if nothing happened.

Let us not forget that Kanye’s tour partner, Jay-Z, another OWS supporter, Beyonce’s baby daddy and fellow member of the 1% – tried to make a little pocket change off the backs of the OWS kiddies before getting shut down:

Jay-Z is releasing a new line of T-shirts in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement Friday via his Rocawear clothing label, but he doesn’t plan to share any of the profits with the protesters.

Crass commercialism, huh? Isn’t this the very behavior that is being protested?

By the way, if you get invited on P. Diddy’s (another 1%er) yacht at Cannes next year, the popular culture watching site The Superficial reminds you to remember to: Take Yo’ Gotdamn Shoes Off Before You Get On Diddy’s Boat:

Having done business in communist China, I know these people. I’ve often said that there is no one in the world who understands capitalism better than a member of the Chinese Communist Party and no one pretends to be a better communist that these crony capitalists. It used to be a common event to be handed a business card in China that had their company name and title on one side and their rank in the Red Army on the other. Our erstwhile socialist friends in the glitterati are just like the ChiComs – they have two sided cards, too.

Kanye, Jay-Z, Russell Simmons, Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon, et al – there is nothing stopping any of these effete, hypocritical versions of the landed gentry from ditching it all and going to live in a commune…well, except the fact that they don’t have Hermes plates, $7,000 a setting knives and forks, Maybach cars, Hermes clothes and Rolex watches in the commune.

What a bunch a patsies today’s socialist/Marxists/communist pretenders are…Lenin would line them all up against a wall and shoot them. They are so stupid that they don’t even understand that they are the very image of the bourgeois that Marx railed about in his Communist Manifesto – the very class of people that communism seeks to eliminate.

And to the lefties out there who read this blog – and you know who you are…I do realize that I am using collectivist, socialist, Marxist and communist is interchangeable terms and, yes, I do know that they are not the same textbook definition – but they all reach the same endpoint over time. If you know Marx, you know that collectivists are the first socialists and good ole Karl saw his Marxism as the bridge between socialism and communism. They are all simply different, yet sequential points on the same vector to totalitarianism.

Watch as Will Smith chokes on his own words when, after voicing “solidarity” with the new socialist French regime, he finds out that the higher tax rate he likes so much is really 75%:

Morons. All of them. Big Willie ain’t so impressed with the French system now, is he?

These idiots are just play acting as collectivists – the OWS brats are nothing but spoiled, greedy and envious people stuck in a stage of arrested development, the “stars” are nothing but self-aggrandizing, self-promoting and self-righteous practitioners of an ideology that they don’t even comprehend (if they did and had any intellectual honesty, how can they still be “rich“). I would wager that most of these morons who are motivated by “Marxism” don’t even know what it really is. You could just as easily replace the words “social and economic justice” in a sentence with the word “envy” and it would be just as accurate.

Am I begrudging folks like Kanye and his cadre their success?  Of course not. I work every day to become one of the 1% because of the advantages it would bring to my family…just don’t treat me like a fool with your pronouncements of solidarity with the “people” when you are asking people to remove their footwear before they board your yacht – just don’t piss down my back and then tell me that is is raining.

To paraphrase Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit , “I’ll start believing that there is a crisis when the people who are telling me that there is start acting that way.”

17 thoughts on “And the Winner is…

    • I guess, that little item in the UK Sun about Kanye’s £5,200 per setting cost just hit me wrong this morning as I was eating my omelet off my Ikea plates with my Ikea silverware. I’ll bet they were just as clean and functional a Kanye’s…

      I like nice and beautiful things (must be why I like you)…but then I don’t plan to buy my BMW Z4M, swing by and pick you up, and then drive to an OWS rally to talk about how the government should pay for nicer cars for them and plastic surgery for their ugly girlfriends, guyfriends or other transgender iterations of partners and how much I support their calls for nicer cars and better looking girlfriends.

      • Well,, I think you would both be appalled as I have plates from the Target!

        I’m glad somebody likes me around here. I honestly am a nice person. So nice that you may trust me to take your car for a spin. (Of course, this is only to ensure that she can hug curves.)

        • If my new lover is anything like my 1995 M3, curves will be no problem for her. My M3 was still capable of doing 140, got over 29 mpg and cornered like she was on rails when I sold her 2 years ago. Both the 2.5 liter and the 3 liter engines in those models are about as close to perfect as any I have ever seen. Purr like a kitty cat.

  1. Purrrr………………

    I’m not so happy with how the Boxter hugs curves in first gear when I’m japping a slowpoke; she tends to shriek. Then again, that could’ve been my passenger………

    • How do you find the Boxter on maintenance and uptime? A friend of mine has one and he has to handle his with kid gloves or something needs to be adjusted or replaced. It just seems that they a have a little too much race car tech in them.

      • I only drive her on the weekends (During the week I drive a clunker and look like a bag lady. Not so with my lady; she has higher standards…..but, I don’t have to remove my shoes.) Maintenance? You’re kidding, right? That’s what husbands are for.

        It would be fun to race you. I may let you win cause I’m a softie for you boys.

        • Why is your car a “her”. I would guess because she has great curves and is beautiful. Utah has my email.

            • 4 door trucks. Plenty of room for everyone, including spouses, labradors and dobermans. I’m in texas, I presume y’all are in Fla. And my trucks are “hers” because they powerful, beautiful, and comforting.

  2. I’ll put your cars against my 2-wheeled ride any day. Bet I’ll be able to take it easy on the corners when I get there because you’ll both STILL be in my rear view mirror 😉

    (BTW: I ride an 1800 cc hyper-blown, fuel injected crotch rocket!)

    • We could have our own RNL Deathrace 2000! Of course it would be for charity and we would only run over crazy-assed libs. I would win of course as I would gain extra points gettin the kids, elderly and puppies. M. would probably come in second as he knows where the hobos hang out…..

  3. Pick up trucks. You can take your friends fishing. Plenty of room in the back for gear and coolers. Hop curbs for a closer parking space. You can see which lane of traffic is blocked ahead of you in traffic. If the little car rear ends you, you drive home without an ER visit.

  4. That picture of the “elite” taking their shoes off to get on a boat cracks me up. Hypocrisy kneeling at the altar…I’m off to vote in the primary today. May we begin the long journey to restore equal opportunity for all. Not just the friends of those in charge… God Bless America, as Will Smith just realized on French TV….

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