I’m No Fool

I’ve been accused on more than one occasion of not being serious. I will say that some of these comments were a bit hurtful to me. You must understand that there is a reason why I have major wrinkles around my eyes: (If anyone knows a great plastic surgeon, please call.) I’m always laughing. I love to laugh! I tend to laugh until I cry! I love to make people laugh or smile! It’s a sickness, I know, but I have refused treatment.

The beauty part of my proclivity? I shall live longer!!! Yes, according to this study, I shall reach 103! (Well, actually, Jiminy Cricket said that, but I thought it sounded good.)

Here is the article: (I think I shamelessly stole this from someone, but I can’t remember who….oh, well) http://medicaldaily.com/news/20120525/10040/personality-gene-longevity-aging.htm

For all of you lazy daisies who won’t read it, I’ll just quote some of it: (my favourite parts, of course!) People who are outgoing, optimistic, easygoing, and have a good sense of humor and a large social network are likely to live longer than others who don’t possess these personality traits, according to new research.

Here’s another one I dig: …when we assessed the personalities of these 243 centenarians, (and they’ve been around the block!) we found qualities that clearly reflect a positive attitude towards life. Most were outgoing, optimistic and easygoing. They considered laughter an important part of life and had a large social network. They expressed emotions openly rather than bottling them up,” he added.

There you have it, you silly, humorless naysayers. No worries; I’ll come and sing at your funeral. (I won’t dare tell a joke………….. I can’t remember them.)

Say! How’s about some Jiminy Cricket? (This happens to be my mother’s favorite curse word.) And now you have a bit more understanding of my psyche…………….oh, dear……..

If I could figure out how to post the pics of my cousin, I would. That is what husbands are for….

18 thoughts on “I’m No Fool

  1. I started reading Utah more than a year ago. And then you and B. I think you are serious. You can get my email from Utah and I’ll be happy to expound…

  2. I think you just wanna talk dirty to me……..So I’ll be e-mailing you shortly. You must understand that M. may refuse to give me your e-mail (He’s the possessive type and doesn’t like to share.) I hope to speak with you. I’m rather fond of being expounded upon.

      • I have sent M. a couple of emails, he can check (google me) to see if I’m a “real person”. Maybe you aren’t a “real person”… Or wait, maybe M. isn’t a real person and I’m speaking with one of O’s govt. agents…

        • Naw, the boss is real (and cool), and so is Kells. Have met them both (yuck, that hurt to type). However, only one of them is funny looking (HA! There’s another landmine for you, K :p )

        • I can assure you dat I am a real person. But iff you must know; my name ist Natasha. I don’t like to brag dat I am an international super spy, but daht iss da truth. Vill you still lof me? Nefernind! I vill alvays lof you. Now, can you please be so kind as to gif me your SS number?

  3. I’ll have to figure out how to put a picture of me up. I just sent one to “the boss” earlier today. (not to be put out to everyone), but you two, Kells and B3A are welcome to it. If in fact, you are real people…

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