More Liberal ‘Logic’

Sorry, Kells, but this one states the truth so much better than i seem to have:

11 thoughts on “More Liberal ‘Logic’

    • So “American Muslims” are different from other Muslims? Does that mean “American Christians” believe something different from other Christians too?

      How…’differential’ of you.

        • Hey, IDIOT! How many times do I have to tell you I am not a Baptist before you get it through your deliberately obtuse skull?

          I attend a Baptist Church, but I am a Christian – pure and simple. I do not now nor do I suspect I will EVER adhere to any denominational requirements as Christ opposed such things (we call THAT religion – as in man-made religion).

          As for that Church, their message may well be correct, its their delivery to which I think Christ would object. But at least they are on fire for what God says – unlike some people I know who decide they can pick and chose which commands they like and will obey.

          In addition, the point you are trying to avoid by pointing at Westboro, is that YOU just said “American Muslims” are somehow ‘different’ because they are in America. I asked you to explain how this works and you avoided me. So tell me, is Westboro reading the Bible and going out and KILLING homosexuals, or just speaking loudly about what the Bible CLEARLY tells them? And how is that on the same level as someone who reads in the Qur’an that they should go out and kill infidels and then does it? You see, the principle IS the same – but the TEACHING in the two holy books is where the difference is. the TEACHINGS – not ‘interpretations – are VERY different. As it stands, YOU still claim they are equal because – IN MY OPINION – you have some non-Biblical views of scripture and religion. Because of this, we will never agree on this issue – ever.

          (And hell yes, I have lost my patience with you. When I tell you something straight up and to your face and you refuse to accept that as true, then you and I part way as friends and start down a Rezz/B3A relationship)


  1. And you have never – not once – refuted my claim. All you do is feed us liberal Leftist BS and tell us it’s candy and expect us to feel happy.

    Kells, if you claim to be Christian and then place Islam on par with Christianity, you are no Christian that Christ would recognize. And if you claim to be American and then place Islam/Sharia on par with the Declaration and U.S. Constitution, then you are no American our founders would recognize.

    And with that, consider yourself equal to Rezz in my mind. If you refuse to deal with reality – the good and the ugly – then I will treat you as such a person from now on.

    • After eating some ribs and baked potatoes, my 12-year-old asked me to watch this video:

      It was interesting to me that he said, “These people aren’t Christian.” I asked him how he came across this video, and he said it was from searching for a Family Guy episode.

      Let me be very frank with you. I believe in the Trinity and I believe that is indeed the path to salvation. I also believe in love. So you may call me a leftist hippy or whatever name you deem fit, but I must follow my heart as it applies to how I will treat others.

      Interesting that a child understands me……

      Oh, here is the video he was attepting to watch:

      Yes, he’s a wicked wit…..

  2. B, there are more non-white Christians than white, so why did you choose a white kid to represent Christianity? And why not a use picture of Petty Officer Michael a. Monsoor, who won the medal of honor in 2006, to represent Muslims? This picture that you have posted is propaganda, pure and simple, B, with no goal other than to fan the flames of intolerance.

    • You’re right, G. I should have found a picture of a white Christian who has declared it their life’s goal to end Islam and flew a plane into that black rock and put it next to the lady you mentioned. That would have presented a better picture of the reality this nation has lived with in regard to Islam since its founding.

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