Sit and Spin, HUSSEIN Obama

Have you seen this?


Obama Reportedly Claims to Know More About Judaism Than Any Other President

“I [am] not going to tell you again how I even feel about Israel, but why [are] we still talking about it?”


I’ll tell you why we need to talk about this: because this is the President telling you what he really feels out in the open, only doing so in a way that is essentially a lie.  Yes, he is telling the truth while lying, and here’s how:

When he speaks this way, he is trying to imply that he supports Israel.  However, he is also pointing to the other things he has said that actually prove – through action – that he opposes Israel.  Remember this?

Obama Sides With Palestinians — Endorses 1967 Border Demands


Everyone who cares about Israel knows that returning to the 1967 borders is a death sentence for that nation – including HUSSEIN Obama.  And then there is this:



Al-Quds is the Arab name for Jerusalem.  To call Jerusalem by the Arab name is to deny Israel, and again, HUSSEIN Obama knows this.  And this man works for Obama as an official spokesman for the Obama Administration, so he IS speaking for Obama – whether Obama like sit or not!


So, there you go: Obama tells you he hates Israel with words carefully chosen to give you the exact opposite impression.  He does this all the time.  I just hope more people will start to see it.


Now, anyone want to discuss what “Fundamentally changing the United States of America” means?

7 thoughts on “Sit and Spin, HUSSEIN Obama

  1. What was it? 75-80 % of my Jewish friends voted FOR the current interloper in the whitehouse in 2008?

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