Points to Ponder XVI

Has anyone else noticed the logical contradiction of defending the abortion of a human life because “it’s a woman’s right to her own body” while – at the same time and usually by the same people – advancing the notion that society has the right to control what you put into “your body?”

We have to push abortion of another person;s body as a right to your own body while forcing people to eat against their will because they do not know what is best for their own body.

Isaiah 5:20-21

4 thoughts on “Points to Ponder XVI

  1. It’s all about indoctrination and control. Take the children from their parents . . . And teach them to be good little sheep . . . Your benevolent government knows best & decides who lives and doesn’t. . .

  2. I’m confused; Is Janeane’s picture used as an argument in favor of abortion, or to malk clea rthe danger of not having enough toys as a youngster?

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