Okay, They’re Evil. Now What?

All right, Utah, you win; Muslims can’t be trusted, they have a history of violence, and they hate us for our freedoms.

Since you are silent, agape at my capitulation, allow me to speak for you.

What do we do with these odious America-haters in our midst? Make them renounce their religion? Well, the Quran says they can lie about being Muslim, that’s a fact, so that does no good. Same with loyalty oaths. The fact that many are American citizens calls for extra-Constitutional measures to deal with this menace.

So, we cannot trust them, therefore, we we have to keep an eye on them. One suggestion is that muslims be required to wear crescent-bearing armbands, any color will do(hey, this is America, we are all about freedom). No one with an armband could enter a military base, buy a gun, or purchase fertilizer. Or shoes.

But armbands can slip off easily enough, when one of the maybe-terrorists wants to blend in with a crowd of Real Americans. So how about placing microchips under the skin of every Muslim or suspected Muslim, so we know where they are at all times? It could become a rite of passage for young Muslims to have the implant done at age 18, like going to the selective service office when we were young, and the Asian dominoes were the subject of that generation’s B’s and U’s. 

Implants can be removed, however, Their signal can be blocked. 

So what do we do? We have to do something, before the Muslims rise up in unison on a signal from Iran, and run around screaming Ali Akhbar! as they cut us down with their box cutters and shoe bombers blow up our fast-food emporiums. Once they’ve started changing the names of our sports teams, it’s too late to re-cork the Djinn. A final solution must be found before the Super Bowl becomes a battle between the Detroit Scimitars and the Denver Caliphates. Before New York is re-named New Cordoba. Before the Imam takes your toddler to be his lawful wedded wife. 

Hmm, did someone say final solution?

33 thoughts on “Okay, They’re Evil. Now What?

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  2. I hope this is not the case, but that is exactly where your argument goes when extended.

    Your words, but they could have been written about my little piece here. I am truly curious as to what your solution to this problem might be

    Utah, you aren’t just asking questions here, and you aren’t interested in the truth; it is painfully obvious. If you were seriously studying Islam and its effects on the world, you would not be so wholeheartedly negative towards the religion and the accomplishments of its adherents. I imagine by now that, had you been interested in the truth, you would have found at least one expert who wasn’t so wholeheartedly negative about Islam; they are out there. If you were interested in the truth, you would not be against an Islamic learning center in New York. You know, learning, about Islam? I’ve heard you say nothing about Muslim charity, which I have seen firsthand. Our local Muslims tried to donate to the Rescue Mission, but the Pastor, obviously a fan of yours, Utah, turned down the donation.
    Utah, forgive me if I am wrong, but it seems that you want every Muslim to apologize for, or speak out against those who have attacked us. I hear it so often on this site, that I may be equating your position with others, yet I have never heard you speak out against this standard which, if held to, is a much higher bar than the one set for Christians. No apologies for Jonestown, the Crusades, or the massacre of our own native peoples, all done in the name of Jesus Christ, your Lord.

    You say that the most repressive societies are either Islamic or atheist; I did some research,And You Are Correct, Sir! However, in doing the research, I found that Christian countries are ahead in one important vector


    1)Dem. Rep. of Congo Christian 80%
    2)Liberia Christian 85%
    3)Zimbabwe Syncretic (PT Xtian, pt local) 50%
    Christian 25% [75% tot]
    4)Burundi Christian 67%
    5)Eritrea Muslim/Christian (debatable figures)
    6)Burundi Animistic (but 50% xtian/catholic)
    7)Niger Muslim 80%
    8)Sierra Leone Muslim 60%
    9)Malawi Christian 80%
    10)Togo Christian 29%
    11)Madagascar Indigenous(Christian41%) 52%
    12)Afghanistan Guess! 99%
    13)Guinea Muslim 85%
    14)Mozambique Christian 56%
    15)Ethiopia Orthodox 43%
    16)Mali Muslim 90%
    17)Guinea-Bisseau Muslim 50%
    18)Comoros Muslim 90%
    19) Haiti Christian 96%
    20)Uganda Christian 94%

    Could be why there’s so many Muslims, they feed their people a little better. I do hope this table prints correctly., because it shows that Christians have some work to do before they start looking at other peoples’ motes.

    And thanks for the kind words, back atcha!

    • I was just telling M. that I see both sides of your arguments. As to your question above; I find it unAmerican to do any such thing. Would you believe at another site, some fella was saying there would be a barcode because it was predicted in Revelation? Once again, I interpret that more figuratively than literally.

    • Could be why there’s so many Muslims, they feed their people a little better. I do hope this table prints correctly., because it shows that Christians have some work to do before they start looking at other peoples’ motes.

      If we are going to apply the BS you have shoveled for so many years, YOU CAN’T BLAME THOSE ‘CHRISTIAN’ NATIONS!!! Remember, they aren’t “Christian,” especially the U.S. (this is why I have told you to be careful with uttering absurdities – they come back to bite you in the ass 🙂 )

      Now, it isn’t that Muslims feed their people better. Actually, it is likely that one of the better ways to implement what YOU have suggested would be for those “not Christian – Christian nations” to STOP feeding the Muslim nations. The attacks against Islamic nations being destructive of society are valid, and much of the Muslim world is actually built by outsiders – this includes their food production/distribution system.


      Reach down and grab both ears.

      Now pull – HARD!

      keep pulling until you hear a loud, sucking POP and see a blinding bright light (that’s called the sun).

      You have such a bad case of anal-cranal inversion, you must be linked to a direct force-feed mechanism.

  3. Hmm, did someone say final solution?

    I hope this is not the case, but that is exactly where your argument goes when extended.

    I made the mistake of reading Utah’s post first – otherwise I might have accidentally offered the partial defense I was prepared to make on your behalf. NOT AFTER READING THOSE LAST LINES!

    That was one of the clearest examples of straw man I have read in a long time and you know how I feel about straw man arguments – they are the mark of a person who has already lost their argument before they even begin.


    Neither Utah nor I have EVER called for ANYTHING like the garbage you just suggested, and your last line betrays your Progressive ideology. You see killing people off as a solution because it is in the way you think. Personally, I think it is connected to your rejection of God, but it doesn’t matter. You ARE guilty of what Utah accused – and he was correct in his comments (this time, I was wrong to think you may have had any point at all).


  4. So B, tell me; just what is the point of all this ‘Muslim “Questioning”? If it as you say, then what do we do about it? I only see three options, kill=em, kick ’em out, or make them second-class citizens. I guess there’s always Guantanamo.

    • The answer? I’ll be honest: I don’t have ALL the answers, but I see you left out at least a 4th path – education and awareness. If we finally pull our heads out of our collective arses, understand the reality of what IS in the Islamic holy books and accept that I have not been lying or trying to unjustly malign Islam, it will go a long way to help the problem.

      Think about it: if America actually understands that Islam is NOT compatible with the American ideal, how likely are they to get elected to public office? I would hope not very, which is EXACTLY why the founders said they did not prohibit other faiths or even atheists from being able to hold office (think hard, you ‘should’ remember me saying this and citing the founder(s) who said this).

      Also, as soon as America recognizes the threat is real, there is much less chance they will find the politically correct protections they have been enjoying which have allowed them to thrive. How likely is the Democrat Party going to be to keep their ties to Islam if ALL of America realized this alliance was and is intended to help destroy America as it was founded for the specific purpose of setting up a new govt. system?

      But we can ‘educate’ or allow ‘THINKING’ citizens to handle this CONSTITUTIONALLY unless and until we accept that I HAVE BEEN TELLING THE TRUTH! Because you cannot deal with issue like this if you still have your head in a dark place.

      But KILLING people is NOT the solution – and you bloody well know I do not and would not support that. You know my positions too well to be thinking that. Besides, I will no more violate my faith than my philosophical ideology (mostly because they are actually one-in-the-same). So, – THIS TIME – Kells is correct: we need to deal with each other with love and this includes Muslims.

  5. B., the way I interpreted their arguments was that I felt it boiled down to G. feeling as if Christians are being hypocritical and M. feeling as if Christians are being being persecuted. That is why I said I see both sides.

    • I have always tried to focus this debate on the fundamental, doctrinal differences between Islam and all other religions. From everything I have read, Utah has done this same thing. G was attempting to use a fallacy that is informally known as “and you too.” It is essentially saying “Oh, yeah!? Well your side does it too!” The implication is to make the audience believe there is no difference between either side: that they are both wrong and/or right. IT DOES NOT FOLLOW IN THIS CASE – and that is why – as usual – you are missing the point.

      The topic at hand is that Islam DOES command jihad against non-believers until there is ONLY Islam. This is a fact that cannot be argued by anyone who is telling the truth (I have proven it, and now so has Utah – by citing Islamic holy books). This means Islam DOES command violence against non-believers, and as YOU have so often pointed out, Christ does not – CHRIST COMMANDS WE LOVE EVEN OUR ENEMIES!

      This means there is no “radical” Muslim terrorist, it means the ‘radical’ is the Muslim who is trying to make a peaceful religion out of a set of holy books that command the opposite. This is also why you never see them stand up: the fundamentalists will kill them BECAUSE MUHAMMAD COMMANDED THAT, TOO!

      When will you stop hearing your own desires in your head and start listening to what people are saying?

      • Perhaps when my Muslim friends go flying off the handle. But that is just not the case, and so I must view the issue as I see it. It is the same way with homosexuals. Who knows? Maybe my Muslim friends are picking and choosing from their religion. I have been accused of the same….

        • Kells, these two remind me of the Black Knight in Monty Python & Holy Grail; they have no idea that they have been beaten; the legs of their arguments cut out from under neath them, their arms severed. All they can do anymore is bite and bark.

          • As I stated here on b3a’s last rant on this subject on the RNL, I have yet to see an Amercian Muslim (or any Muslim for that fact) throw down their prayer rug at Pier Park or on the beach and turn toward Mecca at prayer times. I did see a Muslim mother on the beach dressed very modestly with her two girl children in whole piece bathing suits when everyone else was practically naked. Maybe they’ve all been implanted with a radio frequency controlled device and on a master signal from Iran they will all break out their Uzis and suicide bombs, start shouting Allah Akbar and start mowing us down en masse (sorry, too much Steven King). Perhaps THE GOVERNMENT will force them to hang “Muslim Owned” signs outside their businesses with the crescent moon and star included, or force them to wear the crescent moon and star on their outer clothes, or we can put them all in “relocation camps” (Gitmo is not big enough unless the government takes control of Cuba and makes the whole island a Muslim prison). I kinda like the bar code tattoo suggestion as well, or perhaps we can just persecute the hell out them because we are bigoted fools and judge them all on the radical members of their religion. Maybe we can close our borders to Muslims and deny them entry into the United States of Amerika.

  6. Why do Progressives (they want to call themselves “liberal”) always do this?
    1) You must respect the minority world view and place it before yours, because America’s Freedom caused all the minority group’s problems….
    2) You cannot act freely as you do no know what is best for the Collective. (healthcare, food, shelter, etc.)
    3) We will legislate every aspect of your life, since we are all knowing….
    4) Everything you earn is “OURS”. We will allow you to keep a FAIR amount so that you may feed your family. Of course if you are a member of one of “our” chosen groups, you will be moved to the front of the line and get to share in OUR money.
    5) If you do not SUBMIT, we will force you.

    6) If we cannot force you, or imprison you, then a final solution is inevitable.

    Is anyone seeing a worldview/civilational pattern here?

    Why can’t they live and let live?

  7. Mel, if you think that your argument that relies on a cherry-picking/division fallacy (your list of poor nations) has any weight, you are mistaken. Otoh, the fact that they all lack significant non-black groups seems important.

    The others have offered stronger arguments and your reductio totally failed. Their arguments are based on an ostensibly causal connection, while yours is based on cherry-picking some convenient data.

    No question that muslims are not monolithic. However, the moderates don’t seem to have much weight and seem to be primarily focused on identity issues and don’t seem to care about the dangers from fellow muslims. It’s groups like CAIR that are the principal internal threat to the U.S. They provide cover for the terrorists and use deception to convince the moderates that they are threatened.

    AIFD (http://aifdemocracy.org/), by contrast, is a moderate Islamic honest broker.

  8. Not to change the subject, but to change the subject. My son came in a while back ago and told me there was a manhunt afoot. These helicopters and cops are still hovering over the house (Good thing I wasn’t swimming…Zoiks!) My son said the cops were talking to my next door neighbor. I called her and apparently some fella robbed the Tom Thumb on 390 and fled in the woods behind our houses. There are all these cops and helicopters. The dog is barking….not good… Going to check it out….

      • I just got reamed by Mr. Kells for wanting to be supergirl and scope the scene. He came home because he said someone could’ve easily jumped the fence and hidden in our garage. I told him that I could handle a punk. He told me that I cannot predict what a stupid person will do. My feelings are a bit hurt as he entrusted my son to the “protection” duty and not me. I think I’m pretty tough. Right?

      • One of these days I hope to meet you silly boys in the flesh. I’ll bring the beer. And food….. There’s an undercover unmarked car stting at the end of our cul-de-sac. Fun stuff, huh?

          • Are you saying you wanna come mow my lawn, sailor boy?

            I s’pose we should get back on topic now that my knight in shing armour has handled the situation…… I think Tom was steering the conversation to the belief that factions of Islam are pushing politics. I see and understand this.

            • So have the Christians, I believe, and I don’t even have to go back to the Crusades or the Inquistions. Rember Jerry Falwell and the “religious right” whom was instrumental in Ronald Reagan’s campaign? Who, exactly, is the “Moral Majority” and what is their influence on politics? I believe Mormons (LDS) are included in the MM. You can certainly accuse the Mormons of pushing a political agenda. How many times has Billy Graham prayed at the White House or in Congress (from Harry Truman to George Bush)?
              According to empirical data (census, etc.) there are approx. 2 million Muslims in the U.S, 0.5% of the population. According to other estimates there might be as many as 6 to 10 million (unsubstantiated). Why wouldn’t they push politics? It’s the American way, after all.
              Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. These Muslims are not going to leave the U.S.

  9. Maybe I wasn’t clear. “They provide cover for the terrorists…” By this I meant that their propaganda is aimed at anyone connecting terrorism with Islam. Their claim is that no muslims are terrorists–that it’s only a very few crazy people who are for terrorism. Since about one-fourth of muslims worldwide favor terrorism, CAIR is being very deceptive. They may come out with PR statements against attacks and they may have a fatwa against people living in North America carrying out terrorist attacks against the U.S., but they still support terrorists financially and sponsor terrorism advocates to come speak at their venues.

    Mel really should get out more–maybe read what Zuhdi Jasser has to say about CAIR. Jasser is really effective at sifting through all of CAIR’s double-speak. CAIR works to prevent islamic terrorists from being watched.



    As Dr. Jasser points out, the problem isn’t muslims, but vocal islamists passing themselves off as moderate muslims (e.g., CAIR).

    • Augger, these guys need me, or this place is just an echo chamber for the paranoid
      Besides, look at the numbers! I am making money for Utah.

  10. Why do we need you Greg? I think Obama’s policies give plenty of reason for trepidation …. “progressing” towards paranoia.

    Let’s see your response when an armed drone hovers over your head.

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