Americanism = Articulated Reason

There is nothing wrong with holding an opinion, and holding it passionately.

But at those times when you’re absolutely sure that you’re right, talk with someone who disagrees,

and if you constantly find yourself in the company of those who say “amen” to everything that you say,

find other company.

Condoleezza Rice, 2012 Commencement speech, Southern Methodist University

It ain’t where you start in life,

its where you end up,

and what you did along the way.

Colin Powell,   2012 commencement speech,  City College of New York

That folks, sums up what being a great American is all about.  These two Americans, a Retired General and Former Secretary of State, holding such respected positions in our Government, shows the dream in our Declaration of Independence of “All men (& women) are created equal” is the “JUST & RIGHT” goal of our society.

I am painfully re-learning, after “speaking with a true believer” from the opposition, (one who believes exactly the opposite of what I do), that arguing with the opposition can be very upsetting and disturbing.  However upon reflection, and a little studying with Utah’s guidance today, I realize, it wasn’t my opponents improper arguments that made me angry.  I was upset with myself.  My own inability to eloquently explain my position, and articulately point out the flaws in my opposition’s reasoning and viewpoint.

I have always believed it is true strength that allows one to look at issues from a different perspective, and admit:

  • “Wow, my previous views were wrong”, or
  • “My position was correct, but for all the wrong reasons”, or
  • “I have learned something new and now I believe differently”, or
  • “I can explain my views in a new and better way”.

Those of you reading the RNL are probably part of “the Choir”.  I am attempting to rise to the challenge of learning and spreading knowledge.  I challenge all of you to do the same.  We must learn our glorious and G-d given history, and share and teach our history to ALL who will listen, including the opposition.  Through reasoned and articulate discussion or argument, the UNDECIDED others who are listening, can be brought to support us, not the opposition.  Can we bring some of the opposition out of “darkness” along the way?

Articulating with a NEW LANGUAGE and a NEW UNDERSTANDING might just “touch” the opposition differently.  More importantly, reasoned argument will persuade the “fence straddler” to jump to our side.  Maybe some of our opposition will reflect and bring themselves to a new understanding that allows them to “see” what is so clearly evident to “us”.

Please feel free to figuratively “knock me upside the head” when I’m off on a rant and so sure I’m correct, that I don’t see the obvious flaw.  Or that my argument is so juvenile that it is completely wrong, or, correct but reasoned incorrectly.

Here is (raise your favorite beverage) to our Founding fathers, who argued, and wrote, and fought, for a free and open discourse in order to insure LIBERTY to America through REASON.


16 thoughts on “Americanism = Articulated Reason

  1. Sorry, I was unclear; I wasn’t disagreeing with this specific post. Being a Christian, I’m not a fan of Ayn Rand (though some conservatives claim to be both Christians and Randians — and some just randy, but that’s a whole other equally confusing issue 😉 — I can’t say that I can understand the connection).

    And being a liberal, naturally I disagree with such items as the “Law of Diminishing Liberal Intelligence” and the “requirements” for being a progressive. Of course libs would use the same three qualities to define conservatives. By the way, I also am not too uptight to see the humor in those. (Especially the section about intelligence that ends in the middle of a word, though that may not have been intentional.)

    I also think that a site that apparently wants to speak to more than “the choir” would benefit from some progressive sites in the blogroll, though of course that would be relatively rare. My own blog has more liberal sites than conservative ones, but several of both and I enjoy (and benefit from) reading a wide range of perspectives. So it you’re looking for more from the other side, or just want to see what else I have to say, stalk away. 🙂

    • I commented at your site, luv. I get my kicks kicking round liberals at anoter site. It’s all in good fun; very much like hobo hunting….

      So you’re saying a Christian can be randy but not a Randy, right? That is the implication I perceived..

      Hmmm, the middle of the word intelligengence would be “tell”…. is there something you want to share?

      I wholeheartedly agree with your last paragraph. I will come back and play with you. Not to frighten you, but the boys can attest that you will be sorry. (Hey! At least I’m a bully with tits and ass!)

      • Thanks for your comment over there (I responded) — please feel free to comment anytime. And don’t worry, I know there are people both tougher and smarter than I am. But having grown up as a principal’s kid in a small logging town, and having spent most of my life as a liberal in Idaho, Arizona and North Carolina, bullies don’t scare me much. 🙂

    • James,

      Agree as to Rand, but her philosophy is not totally without value. Had she understood the necessity for the Creator, she would be my favorite philosopher.

      Also agree as to the notion that liberals are not intelligent. I have actually had this discussion with several on the RNL in the past. However, it is VERY difficult to get them to reason correctly as they seem to universally eschew the known rules governing the use of logic. Hard to have a conversation when you speak different languages.


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  4. Texas,

    Start by paying VERY close attention to the way those with a collectivist/unconstrained mindset frame their questions/prepositions. That is generally where their flaws lie. If you can catch them before they ever get a chance to start rolling, you ‘might’ have an opportunity to push them off center far enough to make them take another look at what they think they believe and — more importantly — why. Most times, they have reached a reasonable conclusion, but when you reach such a conclusion based on an irrational starting assumption… 😉

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