African Americans For Barack Obama

Americans, ALL Americans.  Read this title again.  Now watch Obama’s video.

2012 African Americans for Barack Obama:

This is another moment where we gotta decide what kinda country we want to be…

…Everybody gets a FAIR shot…

…Everybody does their FAIR share…

…Everybody plays by the same RULES

Does AMERICA really have an entire group of people, who wish to be called AFRICAN-Americans as opposed to being called AMERICANS?

Now we have a PERSON sitting at the Resolute Desk,  asking for one group to support him because of his AFRICAN heritage.  Is that UNITING?  Is that representing ALL AMERICANS?

What happened to Dr. King’s dream of an America where every man is judged by the CONTENT of his CHARACTER,  NOT the COLOR of his skin ?

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

One definition of “FAIR” is “: in a manner that is honest or impartial or that conforms to rules : in a fair manner <play fair>”.  I submit to you that those who write the rules are using this bolded definition of FAIR.

FAIR has many meanings, depending on whose eyes you are using.  The RULES are now different for different groups of Americans.  Just apply to college or university, or a Government Job.  That application asks and identifies which group you are in.  The group you are a member of, will be considered in considering you the individual.

This is their Dream being promoted.  A dream of RULES for each group of people in America. The FAIR dream is the dream of ALL Americans being divided and grouped by their gender, or the color of their skin, or the country from which they came, or the religion they choose, or the sexual preference they identify with.  Each group lobbying, for their own set of RULES to put them above other groups of people.  The individual has no place in the FAIR society.   In this FAIR society, the individual’s worth is only as valuable as the Group the Individual is a member of.

I submit to you the American Dream as espoused by Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell I posted yesterday

in Americanism = Articulated Reason.

I submit to you Dr. King’s dream is the “JUST AND TRUE”  American Dream as espoused by our Declaration of Independence.

I choose the Dream espoused by Dr. King, Dr. Rice, General Powell, and our Declaration of Independance.

What dream will you choose?

One thought on “African Americans For Barack Obama

  1. That video is hysterical! I would love to see a rip-off version with Mitt Romney pleading to the caucasian race. I’m getting the giggles now hearing the different dialogues I have summoned in my sick and twisted mind.

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