If He Really Cared….

Once again President Obama showed his total disregard for the supreme law of the land by issuing his decree to not enforce current Immigration Laws. Now, on its face the decree sounds wonderful. I mean, when it’s about the children, even children of those who are ILLEGALLY residing in the U.S. it’s has just got to be a good thing to take care of the children. It wasn’t their fault that the parental units chose to enter the U.S. ILLEGALLY. That said, does President Obama really care about these children? Let’s see, he is 3 1/2 years into his presidency and he has introduced a comprehensive immigration reform plan….well he hasn’t. He certainly could have mind you, he had a veto proof majority in both houses of Congress for 2 years and yet he chose to pay back his friends who supported him in the auto workers union by bailing out the “car industry” and place the burden on the U.S. taxpayer.  So the children of Illegals got nada. Then instead of Comprehensive Immigration Reform he chose to give us the Affordable Healthcare Act. But again that grand bargain is more about payback and control than providing affordable healthcare for all Americans.  And let’s remember that the Affordable Healthcare Act was brought to the American people by the benevolence of the Democratic Party.  

President Obama had both houses of Congress and he and his party chose to attempt to control 1/6 of the entire U.S. economy.  Strike two for the children.  So when he says this is what the American people want and this is good for the American people well not so fast there Mr. President.  First of all, the American people want the current immigration laws enforced.  The American people want the borders of the United States secured.  That is what is good for the American people, and THAT is what they want.  Then and only then can a serious discussion on how to deal with the illegally residing Peoples here in the U.S. take place.  No rationally thinking people on either side of the political aisle want to tear apart families, illegal or not. But the constitutional scholar should, of all people, know there is a process to follow.  There seems to be this thing called the U.S. Constitution that gives the Legislative Branch (i.e. Congress) the authority to determine how people can become naturalized citizens of the United States, NOT the Executive Branch of our Government.  You see we in the United States have 3 separate, but equal, branches that make up the Federal Government.  No branch is to be more powerful than the other two.  President Obama does NOT have the authority to pick and choose the laws he wants enforced in this nation and he took an oath to preserve, protect and defend the U.S. Constitution.  He has done this in the past…. does anybody remember DOMA.  Lets face it… there is not much that President Obama cares about really except being re-elected to another term on office.  He really doesn’t care about the children of illegal immigrants and he certainly doesn’t care about the RULE OF LAW.  So his executive overreach is nothing more than continued campaign voter pandering.  To use children in a cheap political game is the height of hypocrisy.  Maybe next time let’s include those who have the authority to make laws do what they were elected to do instead of employing cheap political games in an effort to gain votes for re-election.

20 thoughts on “If He Really Cared….

  1. He speaks as most politicians……from a teleprompter and not from the heart. That’s wrong, actually. He is passionate on his ideologies. How they fly over people’s heads is beyond me………….. Well, no it’s not. It’s easy for people to eat out of your hand when they are hungry.

  2. Hockey,

    Could you please insert a page-break when you post something this long. It helps keep the homepage more readable and Kells doesn’t whine about having to scroll down so much.

    Thanks 🙂

  3. What’s all this arm waving about the constitutional order? Every president since the founding has exercised prosecutorial discretion of the sort Obama announced in this clip. Indeed, Bush announced just that sort of thing repeatedly in his signing statements.

    The real problem, I gather, is that you don’t like this particular prosecutor. That’s fine, but then just say that–and stop pretending this is some new, horrifying constitutional crisis.

    • Sorry, but swing-and-a-miss there, Doug. The White House – through some unnamed official – has pronounced that it is OFFICIAL POLICY to just disregard Congress and U.S. law because “Congress won’t do what Obama wants.”

      This means that Obama has gone far and beyond anything any other President has done since FDR and Wilson. He has – for all intents and purposes – declared himself dictator. These are not my words, they are what the press is reporting. Now, either you were unaware of this – in which case we all understand you made this comment in ignorance – or you are openly supporting this usurpation of national sovereignty – in which case, you have declared yourself a clear and present danger to the republic.

      So, which is it? Because this is NOT a ‘difference of opinion:” not when the WH has stated it is now policy to ignore Congress and do whatever it damned well pleases.

      • Perhaps you are unaware that the federal government commonly declares, as a matter of OFFICIAL POLICY, that it will exercise its prosecutorial discretion to press certain matters and not others. For instance, the Migratory Bird Treaty Act prohibits the taking of migratory birds. Unlike the Endangered Species Act and other such acts, it lacks any provisions authorizing the government to issue permits allowing take of migratory birds. How does the government cope? It has long issued various guidance documents saying that if someone adheres to specified guidelines or some such and their activities nonetheless result in the taking of birds (e.g., wind energy projects, oil and gas extraction projects), the government will exercise its prosecutorial discretion to look the other way. (By your reckoning, I suppose the government should just enforce the law across the board, let the affected business operations shut down or otherwise cope with their inevitable violations, and wait for Congress to fix the law before allowing the energy, agricultural, and other projects to move ahead with proper permits.)

        The fact is that all administrations routinely exercise prosecutorial discretion. Hockeydadfla just doesn’t like this particular use of that discretion. That’s fine (I haven’t always agreed with Bush’s or Obama’s or other president’s use of discretion either), but let’s not dress it up as a constitutional crisis.

        • Ahh… No doug what you speak of are Acts of Congress…. You know the branch that has the legal authority to create laws. What you are in support of is the President making laws…so YES the laws should be enforced across the board until it is taken off the books. You know the Rule of Law…but this administration hasn’t worried about that since it was sworn into office. Just because the current President doesn’t like what Congress is or isn’t doing doesn’t give him/her the authority to circumvent the legislative process. And do do it to pander for votes is pathetic…especially when it is so blatant.

        • Nyet! Nine! No! You do NOT get to redefine what Obama has been doing by labeling it a matter of “proprietorial discretion.” This issue is very simple and very clear:

          1 — The Constitution tasks Congress with passing the nation’s laws.

          2 — The Constitution tasks the President with FAITHFULLY executing those laws.

          3 — Obama has told Congress and the Constitution to go to hell (HIS words – NOT mine)

          This is a clear, DICTIONARY DEFINED act of TYRANNY! Period – end of argument. I even posted the bloody definition of tyranny to prove the point. What’s more, this is not the first time he has done this, he has violated U.S. law and acted in defiance of Congress AND the SCOTUS many times now. Hell, the man even met the CONSTITUTIONAL AND LEGAL DEFINITION FOR TREASON DURING A TIME OF WAR, and still no one cares!

          As for your lawyers word games:

          “Law logic — an artificial system of reasoning, exclusively used in courts of justice, but good for nothing anywhere else.”

          –John Quincy Adams.

          It is this irrational thinking that lawyers busy themselves with that leads to all these necessary exclusions you mention which – BY DEFINITION – negate the very notion of “rule of law.” You need to spend more time reading Bastiat and less time with the foolishness known as the modern American legal system. It no longer has anything to do with justice and this is part of the problem.

          BTW: I now count you clear and present danger. Everyone loyal to the founding ideals of this nation — especially those in our legal system — should see this act for what it is.

          • I gather you and Hockydadfla are not familiar with prosecutorial discretion. If you were, you would realize that EVERY president has–and necessarily must–exercise such discretion. Just as the police choose which speeder they will pull over and just as state and federal prosecutors choose which cases to investigate and which to prosecute, every administration routinely chooses where and how to focus its limited law enforcement resources. That is one of the ordinary consequences of elections.

            Much as you wish characterize Obama’s action as unusual, unconstitutional, tyrannical, and perhaps even fattening, that only says more about you than his action. Fact is that it is just the sort of thing that every administration has done many, many times over the years.

            • I gather you are not aware that such things are merely the lawyers/judges way of NOT DOING THE JOB THEY ARE TASKED WITH DOING?

              I think this is what is called usurpation of powers: in this case, the judges and lawyers took the just authority of the jury away.

              You will not get me to concede to injustice in the name of ‘the law,’ Doug, because I understand that many an evil/injustice has been done using the law. The law is NOT the same thing as justice – especially when in the hands of those who seek to abuse and/or pervert it.

              Go back and READ BASTIAT!

              • Let him go B3A… he’s the kind of guy that would rationalize that throwing the virgins into the volcano was a good thing because the old guy wearing the funny headdress was frustrated by young beauty. The only thing he hasn’t done yet is play the race card… yet. 😉

  4. No, those charged with enforcing the law DO their jobs by exercising such discretion. Apart from the fact that such discretion is inherent in the job and must, as a practical matter, be routinely exercised (most laws, for instance, provide prosecutors and judges with a range of alternative remedies, including doing nothing, and require them to make a choice), we expect and want our prosecutors to exercise such discretion because each type of case and each case typically involves considerations that warrant different treatment.

    The simple, black-and-white world you seem to have in mind exists, I think, only in your mind.

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