Explain to me again why they are called “reporters”?

Professor Jacobson at Legal Insurrection asks that very question.

When Neil Munro shouted out a question to Obama yesterday as Obama was reading a statement in the Rose Garden about his unilateral thumbing of Congress and the American people in the eye, a firestorm of condemnation erupted among media-types on both the left and right.

Forget for the moment that this is not exactly new, and the press treated Ronald Reagan with much more disrespect (h/t a reader). That’s history, and the last thing we need right now in this country is a sense of historical perspective.

I agree that the President should be allowed to finish reading statements without being interrupted, even when thumbing us in the eye. After all, it’s not like he works for us.

We must respect the Office of the Thumber in the Eye in Chief.

What I don’t understand is why reporters show up at statement readings where they can’t ask questions.

Exactly why were the reporters there?

I thought I had answered that question yesterday…just like I told you:

  • Democrat president in office: just asking uncomfortable questions = intransigence.
  • Republican president in office: shouting uncomfortable questions = JOURNALISM!

Tom Blumer at Newsbusters noted the behavior of the press when Reagan was president via an AP article from 1987:

You’d think from the reaction to Daily Caller White House Correspondent Neal Munro’s shouted question during President Obama’s announcement of de facto amnesty for 30-and-under illegal aliens at the Rose Garden yesterday that it’s the first time any reporter has ever shouted a question at a U.S. president out of turn. Friday afternoon, the Daily Caller, Munro’s employer, carried his explanation of the incident, as well as sturdy defenses from Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson and Publisher Neil Patel.

What follows is some historical perspective (“Why Do Grown Men And Women Shout At President Reagan?”) coming from (yes, really) Associated Press writer Christopher Connell in October 1987 which is more than necessary in the circumstances (save here in full for fair use and discussion purposes; key items underlined by me).

One thought on “Explain to me again why they are called “reporters”?

  1. The old media, stopped doing their job decades ago. The old media would have prevented the Internet if they had any sense. But of course if they had any sense, they would never have stopped doing their jobs in the first place.

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