Developing: Holder Now Admits he is a Liar

It is now being reported that – when pressed to provide evidence to support it – Holder has retracted his claim that Bush’s AG knew about F & F.  This means that AG Holder lied to Congress.


That means AG Holder knowingly and deliberately gave misinformation for the purpose of deceiving a Congressional investigation.


This means Holder has just confessed to being in contempt of Congress AND perjury.  Not only should he be found in contempt, he should be impeached then charged, tried, convicted and jailed.  This also means that the Democrat Congressman who said we cannot accuse Holder of lying because he is the “highest law enforcement officer in the land” has some serious egg on his face because Holder just admitted he will and has lied to protect his arse – and most likely his boss’s, too.


Hence forth, unless and until they provide irrefutable verification to support their assertions, everything both Holder and Obama say should be assumed to be a lie (Obama has established a long list of proven, documented lying – in his own biography, no less).  And to those who think I am being too hard and/or disrespectful of Obama and Holder, I am not!  They deserve it – more so than bush ever did, and Bush damned well did deserve scorn and ridicule for many of the things he did while President.

Talk Amongst Yourselves:

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