Didn’t Think This Could Happen

I know that if you listened to the national media you’d think that there is no way that staunch Democratic areas of the Nation would ever go against the Democratic Party and it’s standard bearer President Barack Obama.  Well much to my surprise this is happening.  It seems that Democrats are voting with their collective wallets.  Remember when then Candidate Barack Obama said this…  “Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.”

Well it seems that many Democratic voters in energy producing states have decided to not show support for President Obama to the point of not even voting for him in the Democratic Presidential Primary Election in these States.   It seems that if you want to pick and choose winners and losers even Democrats can see the total unfairness of such policies.  Granted most of the people who choose not to vote to President Obama are themselves making money off the energy being produced on their properties, but they certainly dispel the myth they march lock-step to the Democratic orchestra led by Barack Obama.  And as you can see on the map of under-voters…the major population centers of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia and Pittsburgh) voted for Barack Obama, but in the rural parts of the state are much less enamored with our current President.

Obama Carries only the Urban Voters


But all this still hasn’t stopped the Obama administration from it’s continued war on domestic energy production.  And as the Heritage Foundation’s Amy Payne puts it…

When Congress has put up roadblocks to the Obama Administration’s agenda, the President has swerved around the legislative process and issued orders through regulation. His EPA has pursued a host of regulationsthat will kill millions of jobs, challenging Congress to try and stop it. Today, the Senate could take one step in that direction, but it will take a serious fight to maintain the level of economic freedom needed to create jobs and meet the country’s energy needs.

So there is hope that all of will see the continued overreach that has been the norm by the Obama Administration for what it is and vote to allow the American people to freely choose how they will produce and consume goods and services in our Country. A line in the sand has been drawn… and voters are voting with their wallets.

4 thoughts on “Didn’t Think This Could Happen

  1. While driving around today, I heard that the Bloomberg poll had Obama having a significant lead over Romney. This contradicts the Rassmussen poll. These polls get me to thinking……(never a good thing…….)

  2. We will see if there are enough democrats left with any sense. Frankly, I seriously doubt it. Those that are left are “true believers or those that are on the government dole and/or do not pay taxes.

    What there are enough of is “undecideds” who could awaken… if they pull their head out of the sand….

    It has been well documented that there is NO evidence of Global Warming. So what occurs? They call it CLIMATE CHANGE. Well of course there is climate change. That has been happening since Earth was created. Cap and Trade is about wielding power over innocents lives…. And they will squash the individual ….

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