Obama’s Grandfather Killed While Fighting the Dutch in Indonesia or in a Tragic Haberdashery Event but Mostly in a Tragic Haberdashery Event

More lies from the Prevaricator in Chief:

Mr. Maraniss attributes some of the differences to the kind of family lore that is often exaggerated. He notes that the story about the death of Mr. Obama’s step-grandfather — allegedly killed while fighting Dutch troops in Indonesia — was “a concocted myth in almost all respects.” Mr. Maraniss writes that he died trying to hang drapes.

This guy should be arrested for fraud.

Doesn’t it indicate how infantile the press is when they write stuff like this:

Now, Republicans are poised to try and portray Mr. Obama as having been less than truthful in his recollections about his life. Party officials and aides to Mr. Romney’s campaign are scouring Mr. Maraniss’s book to find ways in which they can use it to their political advantage.

Try to portray? Try to portray? Really? There is no try – the guy lied right there in print, made money from it and it has been in the public domain for years – and these media apologists never even looked for or at it – they just accepted every word like it was the Gospel.

He is nothing more than a con man. The jig is up. Maybe somebody should write a post about that – oh, right – I already did.

8 thoughts on “Obama’s Grandfather Killed While Fighting the Dutch in Indonesia or in a Tragic Haberdashery Event but Mostly in a Tragic Haberdashery Event

  1. Why hasn’t someone brought out the fact that Obama said his father participated in WWII? His father was 9 yrs. old when the war ended. I wouldn’t believe him if he said the sky is blue.

  2. “He is nothing more than a con man.”

    con man
    n Informal
    1. a person who swindles another by means of a confidence trick
    2. a plausible character. More formal term confidence man

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  4. Find me ANYONE who voted for Obama because his STEP grandfather died fighting the Dutch in Indonesia! Yes, Barack Obama probably passed on a family legend. But that doesn’t mean Obama created that legend whole-cloth or even knew that what he was writing might not be true. How central to Barack Obama’s narrative was his step grandfather? How close was Obama to his step grandfather. This seems like you are quibbling over footnotes. It’s very picayune. And it’s really not important, not to Barack Obama’s story or as a reflection on his character.

    • Obama’s biography, which everyone I knew, pointed to for why they were going to vote for O, is the only “vetting” that occurred in 08′ by “the majority of the media”. I’m sure the 3 dozen “inaccuracies” were merely mistakes, mis-rememberings, written with purely good intentions. I’m sure this wonderful book that everyone reveres would have exactly the same effect if all these “mistakes” were corrected.
      Maybe O just got his “composite girlfriend” confused because of all his “chooming”.

    • Russ- your attempt at spinning is…what’s the word? Oh yeah…pathetic.

      The guy wrote a book that is being proven to be nothing but fantasy and fabulism. He embellished his story to make it seem more exciting and himself more noble and different.

      It most certainly a reflection on his character – if, as you say, it isn’t, it can only be because he has none.

      You probably don’t care that Elizabeth Warren isn’t Cherokee, either.

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