Points to Ponder XXXI

Suppose you are hiring someone to run your company.  Suppose you have a candidate you really like, but when you research his resume, you discover the last company he ran was involved in gun running and murder.  Now suppose that this applicant was never charged because he could not be connected to the crimes.


Would you hire this person knowing that, even if he did not know about the gun running and murders, he was running a company where this was being done in the name of the company and he didn’t know about it?


If you would not hire him, why consider voting for Obama?  And if you would hire him, how are you any better than the gun runners and murderers – or the man who was so incompetent he didn’t know it was happening under his own nose?

3 thoughts on “Points to Ponder XXXI

  1. I think that somebody in the admin was selling/allowing transport of guns to the Mexican drug cartels for bribes. It really smells fishy.

    • From what I understand, they flat out sold the weapons to the Mexican drug cartel under the guise of ‘tracking them’ with GPS tags, but the stories I’ve read said the tags they used were cheap, retail versions that all failed after a few days.

      Yes, this story is fishy from start to finish, but I have NO confidence that ANYONE – D, R or media – will worry about actually running it to ground. 😦

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