Rubio to Holder—Resign

Rubio to Holder—Resign

Florida Senator Marco Rubio joined several other U.S. Senators and called on AG Eric Holder to resign.

After 18 months of delay tactics and denial of knowledge AG Holder has now been recommended by Committee to be held in Contempt of Congress.  It is well past time to close down this circus and find out who was involved in the Fast and Furious operation.  After all people died because of the actions conducted during this operation.  The Justice Department should begin to work towards exactly that….Justice

9 thoughts on “Rubio to Holder—Resign

    • I agree Patriotic Americans were killed… but many Mexicans died as well at the hands of some “politically misguided” ATF leadership or even higher up the “Food Chain”. Hence the major reason Holder must go. Well there are more but this one has cost lives.

      • And many more Mexican will die from these weapons, Mexican poor who are caught up in these drug cartel wars. Weapons can’t be accurately tracked past the original purchase in the U.S. I don’t know how in the world Holder and Company thought they could track them through Mexico, one of the most corrupt countries on this side of the world.

        • Gentlemen,
          In the “Fast and Furious” crime, no tracking ever occurred. Tracking was purposely left out. That is what is so wrong about the entire scheme. It was purposely allowing criminals to purchase firearms from law abiding firearms dealers in America.

          The only tracking that was or is going to ever happen, was when the firearms showed up on a murder scene, and then it was going to be traced back to a purchase from a firearms dealer in America. Then the Governments on both sides were going to say “see, America must curtail their easy access to firearms, because America’s firearms are killing our people….” Purely political. Only building up a reason for gun control.

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