14 thoughts on “Recoil

    • The .338 was created “for people” at long distance. Can carry more .338 than .50 ammo for the same weight. Rifle weighs half as much.

        • No worries, thank you for the apology. I appreciate it. I told you “I know you”. I didn’t take it personal. : )

            • No ma’am, wearing khaki hiking shorts and a yellow “polo”. Just watched the sun go down as we drove home from great barbecue in north Texas.

              • See! You don’t “know me” after all. Then again, I can keep hush, hush about the Chicken Ranch. It jes might git all them purdy ladies recoilin at the mere mention of it. I really wish you would’ve picked me up. I’m restless being on restriction….

                • My first go around with “you” nearly killed me. So I’ll keep my distance and appreciate from afar. Nothin’ more dangerous than a restless woman. ; )

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