Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Update: The Voter Suppression Project

Jonathan Alter has a column up at the Investor’s Business Daily site advancing the claim that Republicans are involved in an organized effort to suppress votes, something he calls the “Voter Suppression Project”:

Mitt Romney was in Michigan last week trying to make it competitive in the presidential election. It’s a steep climb for the native Michigander because President Obama’s auto bailout, which Romney opposed, has helped bring the state’s unemployment rate down by 5.7 points since 2009.

But Romney has a strong ally there: legislation being pushed this month by his fellow Republicans aimed at preventing the nonpartisan League of Women Voters from undertaking the voter-registration drives it has sponsored for nearly a century.

Across the country, the Republicans’ carefully orchestrated plan to make voting harder — let’s call it the Voter Suppression Project — may keep just enough young people and minorities from the polls that Republicans will soon be in charge of all three branches of the federal government.

Yes, both sides try to change voting laws to favor their team. The 1993 “motor voter” law that made voting more convenient by extending registration to the Department of Motor Vehicles helped mostly Democrats. That was at least in the long American tradition of expanding the franchise.

Alter uses these as ammunition for his anti-Republican Nerf gun:

  • …efforts during the George W. Bush administration by Karl Rove and Justice Department officials to get rid of U.S. attorneys who refused to pursue bogus voter-fraud cases.
  • Crawford v. Marion County – the 2008 case in which the Supreme Court ruled that mandatory photo-identification laws were constitutional on the basis of ballot protection.
  • Since 2011, 18 states have enacted voter-suppression bills, with similar ones pending in 12 more.

Wow. Bush wanted to get rid of DOJ officials who refused to investigate the violation of laws…from a group of people who serve entirely at the pleasure of the President. Like other presidents before him, Bush sought to replace government employees who disagreed with, and were actively engaged in disrupting, the enforcement of federal law. George W. Bush fired 8 U.S. attorneys and it was a scandal (made far worse by Bush’s attempts a executive privilege); Clinton fired 92 of the 93 after asking for the resignation of all 93 of them and nary a peep from the media or the left (but I repeat myself).

Alter assumes that the voter-fraud cases are “bogus” because, by his own admission, if there are no verifiable requirements, it is hard to have convictions on the books – but in all fairness, Alter is a “progressive” journalist, so he must have missed these cases in his rigorous pursuit of journalistic integrity:

Two elections supervisors are taking action after an NBC2 investigation uncovers flawed record keeping and human error allowing people who are not citizens of the United States to vote.

No one knows how widespread this problem is, because county election supervisors have no way to track non-citizens who live here.

So NBC2 did something election officials never thought to do, and found them on our own.

“I vote every year,” Hinako Dennett told NBC2.

The Cape Coral resident is not a US citizen, yet she’s registered to vote

  • Even in my home state of Mississippi, a NAACP official, Lessadolla Sowers, was convicted on 10 counts of fraudulently casting absentee ballots. The Daily Caller notes:

Sowers is identified on an NAACP website as a member of the Tunica County NAACP Executive Committee.

Sowers received a five-year prison term for each of the 10 counts, but Circuit Court Judge Charles Webster permitted Sowers to serve those terms concurrently, according to the Tunica Times, the only media outlet to cover the sentencing.

Maybe that is why Alter continues to claim that there is no evidence of fraud – and if there is, it isn’t enough to worry about – Democrat malfeasance is so commonplace and expected that it simply isn’t news… but remember Florida in 2000? Bush won Florida’s electoral votes by a margin of 537 votes out of 5,963,110 votes cast – that is a difference of 0.009% – if fraudulent votes had accounted for even on tenth of one percent (5,936 votes), we could have had a President Gore.

In Crawford v. Marion, perhaps the best reply to Alter’s false assertion comes from SCOTUS Justice John Paul Stevens, who wrote that “flagrant examples of voter fraud … have been documented throughout this Nation’s history” (majority opinion, Crawford v. Marion County, 2008).

Alter’s  claim that “18 states have enacted voter-suppression bills” rest entirely on his false premise that there are no instances of fraud and to require the same identification to vote that is required to enter Michelle Obama’s book signings or President Obama’s own campaign events will generate the same fear in voters as a train ticket to Auschwitz.

Alter’s big finish:

The Obama campaign is obviously concerned about these ballot-access issues for political reasons. But even those with no dog in this fight should recognize that a great democracy doesn’t sully itself by suppressing the precious right to vote.

How is tripe like this presented by Alter treated as anything except wasted breath? How can we require more proof of eligibility to sign a kid up for Little League, to participate in high school sports, to board an airplane, or apply for a mortgage than we do to vote?

The “suppression” argument is ludicrous on its face. When, as part of the state’s laws is to provide free ID’s, the Democrats automatically whine about the crushing inconvenience required for people to go get one. The proposition that the elderly simply can’t be expected to do for voting exactly what they have to do to get their Social Security or Medicare benefits is laughable. Stating that there is no evidence of vote law violation when the laws aren’t enforced is illegitimate.

It isn’t like elections take place on the spur of the moment and the need for an ID is immediate – unless there is a special election, they happen with precise regularity on 2 and 4 year cycles and even in the case of a special election there are legally mandated waiting periods.

All you have to know about Alter’s fretting over his imagined “voter suppression” is explained by asking one question – which party benefits from voter fraud? Answer that and it is a simple matter to comprehend why the Democrats fight so hard to preserve the status quo.

48 thoughts on “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Update: The Voter Suppression Project

      • Kells,

        That is the point. Makes it easier for the dead to vote – and for me to vote for you. It is intentional, but they sell it as “making it easier to vote so they can increase participation.” It’s a lie.

      • Yeah, if I get to the street quick enough on the right mail day, I can vote for all of my neighbors, too. 🙂

        Actually, I was incorrect before. Every county has the option of mail-in voting, and almost all have done so–despite the fact that most Washington counties are predominently Republican. And if you want a full report of the success–written by the Republican secretary of state who is one of those suing the Obama adminstration over the healthcare bill–instead of just BS talking points, you can see it here:

        • Oh, just admit it, James! You Washitonians, Washintonites, Washintonesians…. (Oh, whatever the hello you’re called!) are just to damn lazy to get out and vote! You don’t see this crap in the south…..I wonder why….

          I think I shall now have to produce my documentary: “Those Lazy Westerners.” (I decided it would be far more simple were I just to group you. (That and I still don’t know the damn name is of you people!)

        • Now that I think about it, kells, I suppose your ‘open-minded’ friend is correct: EVERYTHING I say on the RNL is BS. I mean, those mailed in ballots from our service men and women in the last election that were legal but thrown out in the State of Fl. They were just BS claims, too. And the dead voting in Chicago. More BS. And I guess – if I had a ‘non-BS- media to support my political agenda, I could cite a ‘canned’ story to ‘prove’ I wasn’t full of BS and you buddy was, but as it stands, I must be the one full of BS.

          After all, something as important as running for President doesn’t require so much as a media-approved scan off the internet to ‘prove’ you’re legal, so why should you need to prove you are who you say you are before having your vote counted? That’s just BS – and we know it because the majority of the counties your buddy chose are Republican.

          Hey, we also know that I’m full of BS for remembering that 600 ballots were ‘found’ in the trunk of a poll workers car in WI a while back – and they were counted! man, I do wish my memory was only as long as the first media story on media matters so I wouldn’t be so full of BS. 😉

          Now, if you want to avoid BS, do some research. You’ll find wide-spread voter fraud in this nation, and a great deal of it happens with mail-in ballots. This has been proven. You will also note that such a campaign requires rather sophisticated organization (and funding). Now, it is just more BS, but who do we know that has a lot of private funding being poured into their political agendas and is also really good at organizing people? Does one party or political ideology come to mind over the others?

      • Oh, and in case you don’t want to download and read the whole report, here’s the conclusion:

        “Voting by mail increases turnout, simplifies the elections process, and promotes an informed citizenry. But above all else, the people of Washington strongly support it.”

        So Blackie was wrong yet again. And just because I know someone is about to say that most Washingtonians are liberals (some folks here are so predictable, already), you can go to the map and see that the two most liberal counties in the state (King and Pierce) were two of the three that hadn’t yet gone to mail-in voting.

        • So Blackie was wrong yet again.


          Do us all a favor: stop crying like a petulant child about being insulted and then inferring that you are above such behavior and are behaving like an angel when you don’t even have the decency to use a person’s screen name correctly.

          This entire board sees right through you, dude – except maybe Kells.

          Oh, and, actually, you confirmed EXACTLY what I predicted you would say. Thanks.

          • That’s rich, coming from you. But you’re right–it would be far more accurate and “decent” to refer to you as “the arrogant, lying black3actua”l each time I refer to you.

            As in: “The arrogant lying black3actual, when faced with actual statistics, pretends they don’t exist.”

            Or: “The arrogant lying black3actual can’t resent an opportunity to take shots, even when irrelevant to a comment.”

            Or: “The arrogant lying black3actual was telling another whopper when he stated, “I’ll say this for Dr. M: he’s the coward! … coward because he refuses to acknowledge who it is that has traditionally gotten this nation into wars.” That one’s especially funny coming from someone who uses a pseudonym and who then went silent when the truth was pointed out to him.

            Or, finally, “The arrogant lying black3actual sounds like a typical dope-smoking junior philosophy major, covering up his lack of knowledge about the world with bluster, braggadocio and lies, especially when he thinks someone is not treating him as the special subject he considers himself to be.”

            Yes, you’re right. That is much better–much more along the lines of what you apparently consider to be “decent.”

            Oh, and as for “the entire board”–big deal. I see two people who tend to agree with you. The three of you simply reinforce the college doper “intellectual” metaphor, especially with your use of “Rule 5” that suggests you spend a lot of time talking about the college cheerleaders while wishing you could actually get up the nerve to talk to one. One of the trio seems to be the slightly more mature but too-easily cowed member of the group, while the other seems to be the hanger-on who is simply thrilled to be included and probably pays for more than his share of the dope.

  1. “Voting by mail increases turnout, simplifies the elections process, and promotes an informed citizenry. But above all else, the people of Washington strongly support it.”

    Who called that one? Must have been someone full of BS.


    Also, ask your buddy who controls the county seat in the areas he cites as ‘happy republicans’ (note he didn’t say conservative republicans 😉 ).

    “Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.”

    –Guess who?

          • I see fallacious arguments and unsupported assertions in his links, Kells. In other words: no reason to ‘see his side.’ I also see him doing a heck of a lot of what he berates others for doing while claiming he is innocent of it. Now, hypocrisy does not make a person’s argument right or wrong, but from a Scriptural perspective, it all but condemns a person. This is why I try hard to avoid it. Unfortunately, people such as your friend – those who have no compulsion to hold to the laws of right reasoning – tend to twist what understanding they have of logic to suit their needs. This usually results in the casual observer being tricked into believing they are the correct side of an argument. This is the very foundation of propaganda: the linch-pin, if you will. But then, I doubt you care about any of this, you just want to be liked.

            I’ve long since realized you embrace the gray in things – even in matters of right and wrong. But you know that I do not believe there is any gray in matters of right and wrong, and if you see gray, it means you are on the wrong side of right.

            I will never budge from this position.

            • You’re really somethin, you know that? If I cared so much about bein f***g liked, I damn sure wouldn’t hang where I get thumbs down all the time! (That would be here.) I don’t give a fat rat’s ass! How do ya like them apples? Bring it.

              Oh, and FYI, your silly argument could just as easily be the other side of the coin if ya know what I mean, but ya probaby don’t…..

              • I do know it could be on the other side of the coin. The problem for you is, it isn’t. Logic has rules. they are set. They have one way they can be PROPERLY applied. When properly applied, THAT is the correct side of the coin. ALL other applications are the WRONG side.

                As for moral issues: same thing. There is ONE right for Christians. That also means there is ONE right for all mankind as directed by Natural Law. All other sides are wrong; all gray is wrong – period!

                You disagree. That means I am either standing with you on the wrong side of both issues, or you are on the wrong side by yourself. But, by disagreeing, you place yourself on the wrong side of both – not me. This is just objective reality as dictated by the rules of logic.

                • Well, well, well. My 3% is swimming, Mr. Big Brain!

                  Oh, and I find your logic to be illogical for you cannot entrap the human imagination into thinking in only one certain way! Shades of gray are what makes the world go round, pal Joey. And sometimes shades of gray hold more logic than that of the ideologically hell-bent-one-way-street way you view things.

                  • You see, it isn’t that I said you had to ‘trp soeone into thinking one way,’ I said there is only 1 correct way of using logic. This, Kells, is a fact. Your denial is rebellion against Natural Law, and since G_D is the author of that law…

                    Also, gray makes the world get messed up. Once again, you substitute your wisdom for His.

                    And we wonder why things never work for us humans.

  2. The modern day Democrats/progressives/marxists/statists motto is “vote early and often”. If someone checks your photo identification, makes it more difficult to follow the Dems mantra. Have to make fake id’s, which is a jailable offense in texas.

  3. If they don’t want their id checked, then dip their finger in a permanent ink that lasts 2x’s longer than the voting timeframe. Use black ink for white folks. Use white ink for dark skinned folks. And take their picture when they vote. Home Depot takes your picture every time you use your credit card….

    • You know I’ve been fasting, and you’re putting quite exciting thoughts into my mind….purrr…. I see I must now be a naughty girl!!! (You may buy my video “Kells Gone Wild With Washingtonians” at your local Wal-Mart.)

  4. My opinion – no ID, meaning DL, voter’s card, SS card = no vote. If you can’t bring one of those methods of identification with you to the polls, somthing that will verify with some degree of certainty who are, then you don’t get to vote.
    If that “disenfranches” you, so be it.

  5. jeeze – I can actually spell better than that – when my wife is not talking to me anyway.

    My opinion – no ID, meaning DL, voter’s card, SS card = no vote. If you can’t bring one of those methods of identification with you to the polls, something that will verify with some degree of certainty who you are, then you don’t get to vote.
    If that “disenfranchises” you, so be it.

    • And so then, you will be willing to “disenfranchise” voters that cannot make it to the polls? My 95-year-old grandma had to be driven everywhere. I don’t find that fair.

      • In my state, the new voter ID law that the DOJ is suing over, had as one of it’s statutes that the ID would be provided free of charge and if you couldn’t make it to the DMV to get one, you would be provided with free transportation.

        And your 95 yr old Grandmother, bless her heart, would still have to be driven to the polls, so what’s the big deal? No ID-No Vote, it’s that simple.

        • Well, she’s passed away, but you still don’t address the issue of getting to the polling place. (I agree with you on the ID issue……Hellsbells, if I have to show it to get into a rated R movie, then I aught to have to show it vote.)

      • Why would your 95 year old grandma be disenfranchised? Didn’t you just say that you drove her everywhere? Drive her to the polls. Besides, I’m not against voting by mail. Our troops overseas should be able to vote and there’s no other way for them to do it, BUT why can’t your grandma enclose a photocopy of her voter’s card with her ballot? Simply put, for your benefit, if you can’t prove who you are, you shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

        • FL, how do we know there is not fraud being committed by the military then? Why is it okay for the military to mail in ballots and not civilians? Can there not be corruption incorporated?

          • Read what I posted. “Besides, I’m not aginst voting by mail.” – – – “But why can’t your grandma enclose a photocopy of her voter’s card with her ballot?” If the polling place or supv. or elections got a mail-in ballot without a copy of a voter’s card, they should throw it out – PERIOD – whether it’s your grandma or mine. Again, if you can’t prove who you are (or who the ballot belongs to) it shouldn’t count. Also, there are two or three county agencies that will pick up the elderly and transport them to vote.

  6. “I always have to show my DL when I vote. I don’t understand how people can get away with voter fraud in FL…..” (Kellsbellfrompc)

    The very first reply on this thread. Tell me you were joking.

    • No, I wasn’t. I must always show my DL. I confess that I’m unfamiliar with the procedures and regulations of mail-in ballots; I always vote in the flesh. Speaking of flesh…………nevermind……….depraved on account of being deprived.

  7. Run a Google search for Democrat voter fraud and Republican voter fraud. then skim through the stories. On the first page of each result listing, you will find 1 Republican and 5 Democrats actually charged. But the rest of the stories are where the interesting stuff lays. One side self-contradicts themselves and their accusations, the other is rather specific with their claims as to who is doing it and how. One side is busy calling the other names, the other side is trying to show how the vote fraud is organized and systematic throughout the nation. One side is trying to use the law to make sure illegally registered voters cannot vote, the other is using the law to stop their efforts. (incidentally, I jumbled the order of the two sides intentionally – so you’ll have to read because you can’t assume).

    Personally, I don’t care who is doing it, I want it ALL stopped, and the best way to do that is to require people to produce a photo ID.

    BTW: if you live in Bay County, FL, did you read the list of acceptable ID in your new voter ID cards? You can use a credit card! True, you get a provisional ballot, but how often do we hear about those being counted because of political pressure over ‘reducing minority voting?’ I’m sure there is no danger of anyone ineligible to vote getting through such a fine meshed screen.

  8. Why the hello I get a thumbs down for being honest is beyond me….I see why so many are fightened off….. Pity. I’ll thumbs down myself here. (So don’t y’all go worryin ye purdy lil heads…..I know I damn shore ain’t.)

    B., You know damn well where I live! To answer your question: No. I still use my voter card that was issued in the 80’s. I didn’t receive a new one so I haven’t read this business.

    Oh, as far as voter fraud goes, I really don’t care which side is doing it; it’s just wrong. I still don’t understand how you can fake being another person…….then again, Mr. Kells had to take me through the pic and line-break thingy. Very frustrating, because my boyfriend, Pino, dedicated a fabulous post of this for me. Apparently, I forgot to press enter. (Reckon it’s good I’m not a fella.)

    • Kells,

      I was addressing the entire board, not just you. That’s why I qualified my comment.

      As for the thumbs down, I thought you didn’t care about that? Also, I’m getting them for speaking the truth, but I’m not whining about it.

      As for faking being another person, watch and learn:

      O’Keefe Voter Fraud Investigation: Young Man Offered Holder’s Ballot

      Why you don’t bother learning the truth before you decide on things is beyond me, but it is obvious that you do not care to take the time or put in the effort required. This will forever leave you swaying in the wind of emotions and susceptible to the deceptions of people like your new buddy. Good luck with that.

      As for me, it is equally obvious that I am doing no good, as well. But I do care about how and what I think, so, this time, I am going to do my best to prevent myself from responding to you anymore. I’m only making things worse by caring.

      • That fella looked like Tom Cruise with a beard. I wonder what would’ve happened had he said his name was Tom Cruise….I suspect the lady would’ve asked for his autograph. I’m getting the giggles now because I’m envisioning myself saying I’m Pamela Anderson. (They would probably think I was from Anderson’s Marina.) Oh, I crack myself up!

        I know this much to be the truth: The fella would not have been able to pull his shenanigans off down here. They cut me no slack. I think it should be a fun experiment to see if I could pull it off, though….

  9. How about this idea? If you are on welfare, or get more from the govt. than you pay in, then you don’t get to vote. What do ya’ll think?

    Hey, Biden said everyone had to have some skin in the game….

    Hee Hee Hee

    • Don’t you lose your voting privileges if you commit a felony? Does that just go by what the state deems? It’s an interesting idea. Weren’t the colonists who were landowners the only ones allowed to vote?

    • Or how about this–if you come from a state that gets more federal money than it pays in, you don’t get to vote in federal elections, but if you come from a state that gets less than it pays the feds, you get to vote twice. By the way, most red states are net welfare recipients, while most blue states (like mine) are helping support red states.

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