Is Islamic Violence Coming to Your Town Next?

We have had RNL readers insist that this will not happen in America, so, if they even bother to watch this, I suspect their only comment will be that the Christians asked for and deserved this sort of treatment.

Please note how the police reacted and understand that this is how evil is allowed to grow.

3 thoughts on “Is Islamic Violence Coming to Your Town Next?

  1. I know this video is “long”. But those of you interested, should watch all of the video. The police’ response is just as important as the Muslims and Iraqi verbal and physical attacks.

  2. As stupid as these christians are acting, the Muslims acted in an even more stupid manner. Of course, the video leaves out the fact that there was another Christian group present who were not harrassed by the crowd. That is because they weren’t carrying signs telling people that they were hell-bound sinners, but were just handing out leaflets.

    Now, what if a bunch of Muslims came to a performance of “The Passion Play”, and acted in a like manner? We may never know, because Muslims don’t evangelize.

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