Liberty Tree Taylor Guitar

It has been a decade since these guitars were made, but they still brighten the spirits, I think.

These pictures are from Imagine Guitars :  Not related to them in any way.

8 thoughts on “Liberty Tree Taylor Guitar

  1. Sa-weet! My husband and oldest son play. I try, but I hold it upside down and backwards (Jimi Hendrix-style) or so I’ve been told. I don’t know what brand it is…..we seem to go through a lot of guitars and banjos round these here parts. If I can find it, I shall post a goofy song I wrote on the guitar….Being the diva that I am, I naturally had to sing all those vocals on the other tracks. ::::giggling:::::

    • My son who just purchased the new Taylor, also plays the violin in the orchestra beautifully. That is what I really like to listen to him practice, but now that he is leaving the nest, he doesn’t seem to think the girls enjoy the violin as much…

        • The guitar and violin majors were amongst my favourite boys in school! I adored how they could flip the switch from classical to pop. I suppose when you’re trained, it’s rather easy to imitate pop musicians. Now your son must take ballroom dancing! I shall have to bribe my son into getting back into that….
          (Girls love a boy who can dance.) 😉

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