I ain’t no BIRTHER…………….


32 thoughts on “I ain’t no BIRTHER…………….

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    • “If O could never properly satisfy the QUALIFICATIONS for the president.”

      Of course he could never “properly satisfy” birthers, anyway–and for anyone else, this ship sailed long ago.

      • I believe 100% that OWEbozo is falsifing his qualifications to be POTUS, but if he produced an actual long form birth certificate that was made in 1961 and can be proven not to be remade as the one he provided last year, I would no longer believe that he wasn’t qualified. Since he has been unable to provide this for 4 plus years, I doubt that he could now. He would also have to show how he went to school in Indonesia without giving up his US citizenship and becoming an Indonesian citizen. Since he would be the ONLY person ever to go to an Indonesian school with a citizenship to a country other than Indonesia, I doubt he could do that either.

        • “if he produced an actual long form birth certificate that was made in 1961 and can be proven not to be remade as the one he provided last year”

          Which proves my point. Regardless of what he came up with, it would be impossible to prove to birthers that it was not “remade.” After all, he’s got the power of the whole federal government, the Bilderburgs, the illuminati and probably space aliens at his command.

          As for your final sentence, now you’re just spouting WorldNutsDaily nonsense that has no basis in provable fact: “the ONLY person ever to go to an Indonesian school with a citizenship to a country other than Indonesia.” But again, none of this matters except to birthers and folks such as Joseph Farah and Donald Trump who see a way to make money off of them. http://jmcpherson.wordpress.com/2009/09/27/god-bless-america-land-of-the-great-american-conspiracy-loon/

      • You know James, I do not care where the man was born. But when a POTUS does not realize that Hawaii isn’t in Asia, and believes there is 57 states … then Huston, we have a problem.

        • “I do not care where the man was born.”

          Then I obviously wasn’t writing to you when I was making fun of birthers, right?

  2. I think because there are obviously sereral questions as to his being qualified to hold the office, Congress should step up to the plate and require real unfalsified proof that he has met the requirements to hold the office. As a Republican, I would like this because I feel it would prove him unqualified and he would have to leave the office and take with him any bills that he signed. As a Democrat, the opposition should welcome the chance to supply real undoctored proof of his right to be POTUS and be happy to put this to rest. And obviously the “proof” Owebozo used a year ago is not going to be able to prove anything. An undoctored long form birth certificate that was produced in 1961 would prove it though.

  3. Sawdust, think before you type. A nine year-old cannot voluntarily give up his citizenship, any more than he can be drafted or tried as an adult.

    And do you have your original birth certificate? I don’t, but I wrote the hospital and got a duplicate. It wasn’t a long-form, however, but I never even heard of a long-form birth certificate before the birthers started their foolishness..

    • HIS PARENTS (Mother & stepfather) made him an Indonesian citizen so he could go to school there…………..or he is the only case in history where it didn’t happen.
      Yes, I have the copy my parent got from the hospital in Minn. in 1951 in my safe. Hawaii has a long form birth certificate on record for all births that happened there. What he supplied in 2011 was supposed to be a certified copy of his. It has been shown to be a “manufactured” copythat could not be a true copy of a form that was made in 1961. 1961 was prior to the use of computers and his “copy” shows manipulation that was done with a computer. I can guarantee you that NOBODY can prove mine to be false or manipulated in any way. I have yet to hear any computer geek say his 2011 copy wasn’t false. Either they have all said it was computer generated or they just shut up and don’t help prove OWEbozo to be the liar he is.

      • Sawdust, you do not know what you are talking about. A parent legally renounce a child’s citizenship. Once that kid is of age, he is welcome in the US, citizenship intact.

        • As always you don’t know what you are talking about…………
          IF YOU EVER GIVE UP YOUR U.S. CITIZENSHIP, YOU CAN NEVER BE A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN AGAIN. you can be a citizen again, but never a natural born citizen.

          • So how does that relate to my previous statement? Obama was a child, his parents cannot renounce his citizenship, but they did not(they may, however, have lied and told the school that he was an Indonesian citizen), only he can, and only afte he reaches the age of majority, and he did not.

        • No, it’s in English, and I have the foresight to protect that document. I’m sorry you did not.

          • Gee, my wife’s original burned in a house fire. Lack of “forsight” on her part that should keep her out of the White House, I guess. 😉

            • Likely so. Fireproof boxes, safety deposit boxes, a hole dug in the ground … yeah, cheap investment.

              James, try not to be so damn myopic. It does not suit you well. 🙂

              • Yeah, sure–an 8-year-old should be aware of those things. Uh, why bother to keep anything on file at the courthouse, then?

  4. “But again, none of this matters except to birthers”

    It should matter to all Americans if someone has been allowed to be POTUS without meeting the requirements of holding the job. Owebozo, himself admitted in 2004, that he wasn’t qualified to be POTUS because he wasn’t a natural born US citizen, when he was running for Ill. Senator.

    • “It should matter”

      Every conspiracy theorist says the same thing about his/her own particular concern. And perhaps it SHOULD rain beer. But it doesn’t.

      • If it rained beer, your peer group would first blame it on Bush, then ban it in quantities over 12 ounces.

    • Ah, kells, surely you’re not going to try logic. Those birth announcements are just further evidence of how deep the conspiracy is. 😉

  5. “On Wednesday, the White House released a copy of the original birth certificate.
    Below Obama’s mother’s signature was one which appeared to read: “David. A. Sinclair.”

    Sinclair had an obstetrics and gynecology practice in Honolulu and delivered babies all over Hawaii when Obama was born in 1961, said his son Karl Sinclair, 55, of Kailua. The doctor retired in the late 1990s and died in 2003 at 81.

    “What a shocker,” said Karl Sinclair, one of six children. “It’s amazing. I’m blown away by it, quite honestly.”

    They found out because one of their relatives was awake at 3 a.m. watching the news and saw the signature, said Dawn Yoshimura-Sinclair, who is married to another Sinclair son, Dr. Brian Sinclair, a neuroradiologist.

    “We can attest to the fact that it is indeed dad’s signature,” Yoshimura-Sinclair said. “It’s not a common name over here. There’s no confusion that it was dad.”

    Sinclair returned to Honolulu with his wife and children in 1960. He delivered babies mostly at what is now known as Kapiolani Medical Center for Women & Children, just a couple miles from his home and where Obama was born.

    Brian Sinclair graduated from the same high school as Obama but didn’t know him personally. The Sinclair family includes Obama supporters and those who didn’t vote for him, they said.

    Karl Sinclair said he hopes the birth certificate will end the speculation.

    “To me, the birth certificate doesn’t lie,” he said. “I think that should put everything to bed.


    Dusty, documents from the 60’s have now been scanned and reside on databases within the hospital’s/state’s control. Once scanned and uploaded, it basically just takes a picture of it, and stores it. But since those old birth certificates where probably hand typed and hand signed, they have to be converted into a language the computer understands before it will print it out. So in order to get a .PDf or .doc document printed in the required/requested format, the form is changed/converted. It has to be.

    Don’t know what geeks you been listening to, but I wouldn’t listen to them anymore. Lightening of a block because the information may be blurry or dark constitutes a document being “altered”. I could scan your birth certificate today, and some of the images may come up dark. If I attempt to lighten them so that they are legible, I’ve just altered your birth certificate. Not the original one but the scanned image. Give it a try. Guaranteed it will not come out perfect.

  6. Maybe they just dunno who the baby-daddy really is?

    However for the fun of spinning up the sycophants, I give to you …

  7. After 60 years, a half a dozen moves between three states, and three divorces, I can tell you all I don’t have my original birth certificate. I have a certified copy I had to obtain 6 years ago to go to work with DOC. No idea where the original is.

  8. How about the video of Owebozo in 2004 saying that it didn’t matter that he wasn’t born in America because he wasn’t running for president and you don’t have to be natural born to run for the Ill.senate?

    • You mean that video that birthers talk a lot about but never manage to find? How about the video where Mitt Romney admitted killing a unicorn? Or, if you want real video evidence, how about the one in which conservative hero Ronald Reagan gets caught fooling around with a monkey? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zHN4vCfwh4

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