Legislating Anarchy and Chaos

I look with amazement at this:

California bill would allow a child to have more than two parents

Beaver had June and Ward.

Ricky had Ozzie and Harriet.

Mom and Dad, same-sex couples or blended families, California law is clear: No more than two legal parents per child.

When adults fight over parenthood, a judge must decide which two have that right and responsibility – but that could end soon.

State Sen. Mark Leno is pushing legislation to allow a child to have multiple parents.

Leno is, as you would expect, a Democrat, and a radical “progressive” Democrat to boot.
This is pure and authentic destruction of the nuclear family. “Progressives” first delegitimize the father figure in traditional families by replacing him with the welfare state, then they attempt to destroy the institution of marriage with gay unions and now they want to complete the process with “communal” parents…but look out for squeaky clean Mormon, Mitt Romney, and those darn polygamists – they are the truly strange ones…
“Progressives” like to claim that conservatives want no government and wish to engender anarchy and all the while they are using government to legislate the basis for anarchy into existence.
Hillary did say that it takes a village to raise a child – I think we know where the village idiots are.

Talk Amongst Yourselves:

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