STOP! Take Time to Listen

Pay close attention to this ENTIRE clip – especially starting at about the 1:30 mark:

Now, if you have the time, here is a little more from Reagan.  This time, he is speaking DIRECTLY to what just happened to us with the Obamacare ruling:


26 thoughts on “STOP! Take Time to Listen

  1. Reagan understood the true spirit of Americanism as evidenced by his speeches. Reagan was a true clarion call to the true nature of the progressive/marxist/statist.

    That’s why they continue to malign, and lie about the thing he accomplished and the things he believed.

  2. Sorry but Reagan was at best a pseudo conservative

    In fact Reagan was a ‘big government kind of guy‘ and he apparently LOVED RAISING TAXES, the lying SOB!….

    The American productive citizen has just been shafted (again!) by the June 28 Supreme Court ruling

    Well this is hardly the first assault on the health care field by the federal government…

    One of the most heinous attacks was signed into law by Reagan in 1986 and it was EMTALA

    EMTALA: History Repeats Itself

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