While You’re Celebrating…

I ask you to consider that:

Today Should Be a Memorial Remembrance

I understand that this is the day we celebrate the birth of our nation, but, sadly, I no longer believe that nation exists.  We now live in a soft tyranny where reality has been turned on its head: where freedom is condemned as slavery and slavery is trumpeted as freedom.  Now, before you attack me or turn me off, please, just consider the implications of these headlines:

AFL-CIO Leader: Conservatives ‘Dupe’ Voters With ‘Freedom’

Homeland Security-Funded Study Lists People ‘Reverent of Individual Liberty’ as ‘Extreme Right-Wing’ Terrorists

‘Sometimes the Government Must Lead’: MSNBC Host Suggests More Mandates for Obama’s Second Term

Add these stories to the recent ruling that there are absolutely no limits to what the government can tax, whether you do anything or not, and it is impossible to recognize America anywhere in this nation.  Furthermore, though they may be citizens of the United States, it is impossible for me to recognize anyone who does not see what all this means as Americans because, you see, America is not a nation, it is an ideal.  I think Franklin said it best when he said:

“Where liberty dwells, there is my country.”

Well, sadly, I would defy anyone to show me where liberty still dwells in this nation.  All that lives here is “the government has gotten around to stopping that – yet.”


6 thoughts on “While You’re Celebrating…

  1. Kells, today we celebrate our amazing history. I find it hard to celebrate our current abomination that barely resembles the our past glory.

    I would love to speak of our American Exceptionalism on this day, but it flies in the face of our great leader, so I will save it for a day when we have a POTUS who actually loves this nation, and does not spend one minutes time apologizing to the world on our behalf.

  2. I am hopeful, that the incrementalism of evil finally went far enough for the undecided Americans to understand and realize its true nature.


    Our struggle against tyranny is just beginning my friends.

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