Wow: Judge Says…

Wow: Judge Says ‘Law’ Doesn’t Apply to Obama

We have an imperial leader everybody! The law doesn’t apply to him.


A Circuit Court has decided that Florida election law applies to everyone but Barack Hussein Obama. In response to a suit brought by Florida resident and Democrat Party member Michael Voeltz challenging Obama’s eligibility to the Florida ballot, Circuit Court Judge Terry Lewis ruled that Florida election law “…is not applicable to the nomination of a candidate for Office of President of the United States.” 

This means that the Florida Statute which says, “the… nomination of any person to office…may be contested in the circuit court…by any elector or any taxpayer…” is null and void when it comes to Mr. Obama’s nomination to the presidency.

The judge ruled:

“…Political parties determine their [presidential] nominee at a national convention pursuant to rules that the parties draft and approve…” 

which means that because the voters do not directly choose the candidates (the party does), they do not have the ability to question his eligibility. Ridiculous!


This story is just one of many.  The evidence that the rule of law has ended in this nation is everywhere.    If it were not for the internet, the American people would be wholly ignorant of these abuses.  Still, when nothing is done as a result of ruling like this, it emboldens the next political operative to make ever more egregious abuses to the system.  At this point, it would require something akin to the Civil War to rectify the damage that has been done to this nation.  If only such leadership still existed in this nation…

12 thoughts on “Wow: Judge Says…

    • They used to – at least, they did a better job than they do today. With the advent of Fabian Socialism, whenever you see a judge rule like this, the likelihood is you are witnessing an overt act of subversion against this nation, our system of government and the liberty of Man.

        • kells,
          unfortunately, if one does not know themselves and right from wrong, law school can indoctrinate you to “reason” anything you wish…
          The Bench places judges above others. When one has been on the bench for “too” long, sometimes a Judge places himself above the law…[power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely]

      • That did NOT happen! There would be a new revolt if it did. And no one has called me to bring the chicken…

        • Everybody fights for their rights, baby; reckon some just view their rights differently. Of course this means that with this injunction you will have to hide your proclivities…. I will say that you can do business under the table, but the judge and Uncle Sam will not approve! So where ya gonna put out: Your uncle Sam or under the table? 😉

  1. Tobacco shops, chicken ranches….. pretty soon they’ll outlaw Edison’s light bulbs,home r22 air conditioners, and coal.
    At least our kids will get medical marijuana, free birth control, and abortions….

    • Texas, on the note of abortions … there is one upswing to the liberals/progressives being granted their abortions … They are aborting their own future. 🙂

      And for James, Greg, Gates and the rest … “that was a joke son”. 🙂

      Hey, Maher can do it, so I can I.

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