Know Your Enemy

I normally wouldn’t do this, but – in this case – I thought I would make an exception.  The following is a post on commenter “Crazycrawfish’s” blog:

The Solution is Liberal Socialism

HOWEVER, before you read it, I would like to caution you: it is full of fallacious and irrational reasoning.  Some examples are:

Liberal is a badge honor, not a swear word and not something to shy away from or to be ashamed of.  Gandhi was a liberal.  Jesus was a Liberal.  Mother Teresa was a liberal.  Martin Luther King was a liberal.  Abraham Lincoln was a liberal.  Thomas Jefferson was a liberal.  Even George Washington was a liberal.  You can be in no better company than in the company of a liberal.

Crazycrawfish starts his blog by stating that conservatives do not know what the concepts of socialism mean.  He then equates socialism and liberalism through an indirect inference (a fallacy) and – rightly – lists a number of people who really were liberals in hopes that the unwary reader will assume this means they were also socialists.  THEY WERE NOT – at least, not in the sense crawfish is trying to imply.  What he does here is commit a fallacy of equivocation.  This happens when you use the same word to describe two different ideas, but you treat those two ideas as the same because people use the same word to discuss them.  You can think of it as an intellectual form of bait-and-switch.  The truth is, Christ, Jefferson, Dr. King and Mother Teresa were ALL ‘classic liberals’ because they believed in the individual, and that is the opposite of socialism.

Here is another example of the jumbled thinking you will find in this blog post:

These are people who fought for our freedom and the freedom of mankind.   They fought the status quo, the establishment.  They believed in the power of freedom and that so long as any of us are oppressed by tyranny and tyrants none of us can truly be free.  Capitalism, in its current form, has become tyrannical an unyielding.  Conservative is the curse word.  Conservatives are the oppressors.  Conservatives want to conserve freedom for themselves and enslavement for you.  They don’t even see that by sponsoring legislation and actions that limit the freedoms of others, those same laws will be used against them when the tides change and pendulum swings back – as it always does.

Here again, crawfish mixes ideas.  But the central implication given the context of his post is that socialism implies freedom and individualism implies slavery.  In reality, this is the opposite of the truth.  There has never been a socialist system that did not force the individual to conform with the social norm, or where that norm was not set by a small elite or dictator.

This is the last section I will address before leaving you to decide whether or not you want to read the whole post:

Pure, unregulated capitalism is unhealthy to society.  Without social constraints the wealthy and powerful become ever more so.  The very nature of capitalism is to seek the maximum personal or corporate reward, regardless of the community, environmental or societal costs.  This is not a fault of capitalism, but of those who tell you the answer to everything is to allow it to run amuck.  Capitalism is a soulless economic construct.  It cares not if you or your children live or die, if roads get built, if sewers get cleaned, if schools get built, if books get written, the hungry get fed, or the sick get cared for.  In fact, a pure capitalist society, without any checks or balances, would actively seek to starve or slay anyone that doesn’t add one more penny to your bottom line.

Where to start?  OK, first, notice that crawfish is treating ‘capitalism’ as though it is a single entity.  This is a fallacy, it is called anthropomorphism.  It is actually very revealing of the collectivist mindset.  They simply cannot or they refuse to treat people as individuals.  They see everything in terms of groups or living entities, then they treat everyone within the group they have defined as equally guilty or equally virtuous based on whatever ficticious notions they have ascribed to the group.  They do this same thing with their silly dreams of social utopia: because THEY have designed ‘the right course,’ and because THEY are ‘good,’ then that social utopia is the ONLY ‘right and good’ thing for ALL people to do – even if they have to force it on them (this also gives them a sense of moral superiority, and the idea that, since they seek the better good for all people, there is no immoral act in achieving their goal.  They truly believe the ends justifies the means).

Another problem with this last quote is that it is pure straw man.  This is a fictitious description of capitalism, designed solely for the purpose of making capitalism appear to be bad.  It relies on the reader accepting everything crawfish says without any critical questioning of his unsupported assertions. In reality, crawfish makes several self-contradicting claims in this section of his post.  If we accept that capitalism just wants to make as much money as it can, then we have to assume it needs people to buy them.  So, what reasonable sense would it make to then assume that crawfish is correct in claiming capitalism wants to kill those customers?  Or destroy the resources it uses to make its products to sell to them?  When one really stops to think about what crawfish is saying, it makes no sense.

HOWEVER, let’s assume that everything he says about capitalism IS true: this would then make EVERY socialist EQUALLY as guilty as the capitalist.  Why?  Because the socialist is ONLY concerned with material things (.e. group greed) and ALWAYS has to force his ideas on others (i.e. enslave/coerce them).  Furthermore, the socialist just assumes the supposed ‘greedy capitalist’ will just continue to produce the same amount of wealth under his social utopian scheme so that it can then be more ‘equitably’ distributed.  This belies the socialist’s break in his understanding of fundamental human nature.  Even if the socialist enslaves the wealth producer, there will be nothing to distribute because that producer will do the bare minimum to get by.  The net result – and history testifies to this – is that socialism leads to mass poverty with the few very wealthy elite at the top who run things constantly blaming some made-up boogeyman for their constant failures.

So, keep these things in mind if/when you read crawfish’s blog post.  And try to remember you are dealing with a disturbed, irrational, self-centered thought process which is governed by greed, sloth and the compulsive need to control others for personal gain.

12 thoughts on “Know Your Enemy

  1. It’s human nature to look out for one’s own self interest first. I guess it’s part of our survival instinct. Even the most ardent socialist will have his/her own self interest first in their thoughts and actions. The person pushing the hardest for the socialist utopia always thinks that they will be the one of the ones who lead and by dent of being a leader, can take more of the pie than everyone else. What they fail to realize is that there isn’t very much room at the top in their version of utopia, so they will be relegated to the bottom like most everyone else. In other words, they will be just as miserable as the rest of us.

    • You guys are so negative. I ain’t talkin’ ’bout no Ayn Rand Socialism. Of course that would suck. If we’re gonna go all science fictiony I prefer Gene Roddenberry and the Star Trek Socialism personally. Where everyone has their basic needs provided for, but they have to work their butt off if they want to be the captain of the Enterprise or go on 5 year missions or settle new worlds n stuff. You know, they’re part of a Federation too, so it should be all good, right?

  2. We are NOT currently living in a CAPITALIST society! All of the current problems are being caused by control and over-regulation in ALL aspects of business.

    “Stupid is as Stupid does”

  3. Very amusing post. Thanks for reading and steering so many people my way! It’s so flattering to have been so psycho-analyzed by a real live psycho. (I used this term affectionately) Feel free to grab and dissect more of my stuff. . . It’s been great for business! I’d try to refute some of your points on various grounds but I kinda like some of them and they have a kernel of truth in them. You see, in case you didn’t catch the irony in the tone of my entries I’m emulating the irrationality of rightwing propo-media by using their own tactics. I’m glad you were able to see how you’ve been manipulated by your Rush Limbaugh’s and your Faux News, lol. Feel free to use your analysis skills on your own media sources and you’ll see what i mean . . . or not.

    This is my favorite line. Can we insert Glenn Beck or any number of other Conservative personalities for my name? It really would be more appropriate. I mean my posts take a lot of my free time, and I don’t gain a whole lot. . . Nothing in fact. Our GoldLine on air personalities like Beck and Rush, well they’re another story entirely aren’t they. lol!

    “So, keep these things in mind if/when you read crawfish’s blog post. And try to remember you are dealing with a disturbed, irrational, self-centered thought process which is governed by greed, sloth and the compulsive need to control others for personal gain.”

    Keep up the good work!

    • CCF, not that I suppose it will do much good, but just in case: but I suggest you run a search on this blog. If you do, you’ll find I have been rather harsh on Limbaugh, as well as the conservative movement. You’ll also find that your labeling me a conservative is…well, let’s just say it is far from factual and leave it at that.

  4. Reblogged this on Crazycrawfish's Blog and commented:
    My First Groupie! I’m so proud. He even has his very own concervative manifesto and he took time out of his busy day to swoon about me. Well, I couldn’t be more proud. Thanks Black3Actual!

    Who’s my little angry conservative future fan club president? You are, you are!
    They’re so cute at this stage.

    • Please name for us one Marxist government that was instituted without suppression of individual freedom and liberty. I would be excited to hear

      Do not mistake any of us joining your fan club, the hits you get are an unfortunate side effect of refuting your so called “logic”.

  5. Clearly CCF, you did not watch my Milton Freidman videos I posted in the comments on the other post. But since you have cross blogged this post, I will oblige and re-post here.

    • Really. You’re going to go all Milton Freidman explaning economics to an idiot grandma from the 70s on Donahue as your economic guru? Really? Really?
      But he did make a good points for my case actually. . .
      A lack of education is the root of much of our lack of prosperity. I don’t think teaching kids to mop floors is going to add to our prosperity or improve the overall arc of their lifepath that much if they have failed to achieve an education. A college degree increases life earning exponentially more over what a highschool dropout makes which has an add on effect for the entire economy (Even republican’s recognize the add on effect of having good paying jobs in an area and will give huge tax breaks to companies that promise these jobs – if only they made the companies deliver on their promises or gave breaks in scale to the potential benefit but that’s another discussion. . . ). We have taken great pains lately to destroy education in this country. The Reform movement is a bogus, unresearched, overpropagandized, disproven pile of whooey that is desgined to allow creationism to be taught in schools and actually dumb down america while allowing corporation to skim all the profits for the likes of Rupert Murdoch and News Corp. I won’t claim to be a military hardware specialist, but i can really appreciate some interesting ideas and depth of knowledge on that subject when i hear it. Very interesting stuff by the way but i wouldn’t try to interject my opnion on any of that. Until recently i had a very up front and personal look at what is coming, education-wise for this country, and it ain’t good. Louisiana is at he forefront of this “Reform” movement, and the stuff they are doing is disgraceful and wrong and the numbers are being cooked or suppressed to support their agenda. (One of the reasons I quit) I sure hope Texas reverses course on what they had proposed, which was to removed critical thinking skills from their curriculum. Last i heard, that was to stay a part of the Republican Education platform until at least 2014. In any event, i digress.
      A true education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) (although i think you could make a decent case for Arts as well to make is STEAM as my wife likes to promote)is immenently more important than mcdonalds mopping skills in terms of being able to climb out of poverty.
      Milt’s scenario also is only applicable if investors don’t take their money elswhere, draining the country of capital. We’ve become much more globalized and liquid and nimble since the 70s. that money does’t get hoarded under mattresses, it gets hoarded in the Cayman Islands, Switzerland(until recently) or invested in other countries to help them get jobs and infrastructure. Wealth accumulation does not translate to investment here.
      He also fails to account for something that probably didn’t exist to the extent it does today, investment in credit default swaps and commodities markets without any transparancy or leverage requirements. That capital doesn’t go into capital expenditures to buy goods and factories, it goes into the market “casino” to increase the cost of commodities while people bet and hedge and drive prices through the roof creating famines and busts and inflated prices as a result. the commodities markets were designed to smooth out risk for people actually needing to use those resources. Now anyone can buy up all the silver, cocoa or rice in the world, create a shortage or panic, and sell at a huge profit wihtout ever taking possession of the goods.
      Milton’s economics was prior to Glass-Steigall being repealled which has allowed banks to invest in ficitious intruments rather than the real economy which would create jobs if people had to earn money by making things and providing real services rather than trading paper with you and me waiting in the wings to bail them out when they lose our money and deposits or endanger the entire system.

      Come on guys, at least give me a David Frum or something. This is just pathetic. But thanks for playing. You may return to your Donahue. I hear he has a crossdressing monkey up next.

  6. Apparently, I am supposed to be more outraged by what Mitt Romney does with his money than what Obama does with mine.

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