TRNL Moves Up a Notch

I know that I probably have something to apologize for…but when one is just this awesome, one struggles to find a flaw. I mean, I’m so awesome that The Most Interesting Man in the World dresses as me for Halloween…after all, anybody can be diversionary and dishonest but when you toss in pompous on top, that’s a tough trifecta to beat!

Enough talk about me, its your turn…what do you think about me?

Seriously though, there is a purpose to all this sarcasm and it is this…

Within the next few days, the RSS feed of the Rio Norte Line will begin appearing on the news aggregation site Before It’s News. That means that every post here will be automatically syndicated to Before It’s News and will be open to all of their readers. The RSS feed will drive traffic back here.

This is a multifaceted site with many current topics and feeds from other quality libertarian, conservative and classic liberal blogs. They currently garner about 4,000,000 unique hits a month and are growing. This is a great opportunity for this blog to gain a wider audience and for our contributors to have a greater readership and impact, especially on the eve of perhaps the most critical presidential election in a generation.

Stay thirsty, my friends…

12 thoughts on “TRNL Moves Up a Notch

  1. Gee, and just when I was thinking of leaving for good. 😉

    Seriously, though, congrats.

    • James, we both know that it will be a rarity for us to agree on anything…and when we do, it will likely be for very different reasons but I appreciate your willingness to spar. Tools don’t get and stay sharp without being exposed to focused abrasion and debate is like an intellectual whetstone…

        • No worries. No thanks necessary. We all have strong views and as you have noticed, we cull out no argument and we will debate pretty much anything. My goal with this site was not so much to convert anyone but to give them something to think about. I won’t be able to make liberals into conservatives and the majority of our hard core readers will never become liberals but there are a lot of people out here in he world that need to hear both sides so they can make up their own minds.

          I hope that is what we are doing, otherwise we are just shouting into the maelstrom and where is the fun in that?

  2. I think you know what I think about you. If you do not, I shall inform you: I find you to be extemely handsome, intelligent and down to earth. Simply put, you are the voice of reason round these here parts. Congratulations to you! You truly are all that and a bag a chips (even if you are a silly boy……)

    • Love you, too, sweetcakes. Off to bed for me, 11:45 pm here and my body thinks that it is 545 in the afternoon…coffee will be required in mass quantities tomorrow.

    • Tell them to come on in, the water is fine.

      We don’t bite…well, actually Kells does – but only if you ask her to.

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