Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood Has a Time Machine

He has to have one because that is the only way that he and the Obama administration could take credit for something that happened 4 years before Obama took office:

“I think we jump started the ability,” said LaHood. “When you see now a Lexus hybrid, no one would have ever predicted that 2 years ago. Every car manufacturer is getting into hybrid. I think we jump started those opportunities.”

Well aren’t these folks the cutting edge of innovation and paragons of vision…except for this:

It was widely reported that pre-orders for the Lexus RX 400h SUV were high, and the vehicle was widely available for sale in 2005. The company made its first hybrid sedan, the GS 450h, available in 2006.

President Obama signed the order for the federal government to raise fuel standards for cars and trucks in May 20, 2010.

Despite the fact that the RX 400h premiered in 2004, Obama administration Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood expressed a different vision of history when he and EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson were discussing vehicle fuel standards at the Aspen Ideas Festival on July 3.

No one would have predicted this 2 years ago, Ray? Really? Since it was already in existence, “predicting” it seems a little unnecessarily redundant, now doesn’t it?

LaHood is either a liar or a moron – not much of a choice.

8 thoughts on “Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood Has a Time Machine

  1. The entire Administration AND their surrogates are openly lying all across the media spectrum right now. They are depending on the fact that we are A – too lazy to check on them and B – no one in the MSM will report and explain it.

    This is a serious warning sign. Historically, it is one of the last before a regime attempts to seize power. but this has happened in this nation before, it’s just that our kids are taught that the presidents who did it are all among the best we ever had (Lincoln, Wilson, FDR…and now Obama).

    • You skipped conservative hero Ronald Reagan with your list of liars, Joe. And though I don’t necessarily agree with your “seize power” motivation, you’re right about the fact that all presidents lie. And that won’t change soon: Whomever we elect in November–Obama or Romney–will have already proven himself to be a liar.

      • Still sore about the beating Reagan gave the liberals in the 1980s James? It’s perfectly normal to hold a grudge. I won’t hold it against you. In fact, I would be pretty upset if someone gave me an identity crisis too. 🙂

  2. Although lying by politicians is a bad thing, there is a small difference between say a Ronald Reagan and someone like WW, TR, FDR and the present occupier of Resolute Desk. Reagan got caught in a lie and apologized for it. The other aforementioned leaders of the free world have never apologized for their lies- in fact defended them and lied some more. I guess we can be thankful Reagan wasn’t a very good dissembler.

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