Obama-Boom! Out Go The Lights!.

At least two American citizens have been killed by missiles fired at them by US forces, one was deliberate, a cleric accused of fomenting terrorism, the other was collateral damage, a 16 year-old boy. Although the story is a bit dated, the abuse of executive power is always a timely subject.

{sung to the tune of Camelot}

A law was made a distant moon ago here
but who gives a crap about that old colonial slop
Because the Bill of Rights can be ignored without fear
through special ops

Al Qaeda has a brand new number three guy
A cartel in Peru is growing record crops
I by-pass Congress, law, and justice, and let the bombs fly
on special ops

Special ops, special ops
Okay, so, they’re not Constitutionally pure
But with special ops, special ops
The perps don’t complain, fer sure!

It’d be better, people, if you tabled this discussion
You never know when a microphone might drop
from a drone flying low and fast across our nation
on a special op

Special ops, Special ops,
they’re like a President’s hall pass
They make the Senate balk, and Congress stop
its investigation of your ass

In short, I simply ain’t
got one single complaint
About those extra-legal, secret, and most of all, deadly, special ops!




6 thoughts on “Obama-Boom! Out Go The Lights!.

  1. Greg that’s just awesome. 🙂

    Khalid Shaikh Mohammed despite all the Bush-bashing liberal-progressive rhetoric over waterboarding … is still alive. The same can not be said for American turned terrorist Anwar al-Aulaqi.

    Think about it.

      • It is!! For a follow-up, he needs to do one to “What Would the Simple Folk Do?” That would be funny! (It’s also from Camelot.) Wait a second!……Why do I have the feelin that you’re pullin my leg, A.? If that is the case; will you please tell me the composer of Der verlassene Magdelein?

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