Global Warming, Healthcare, Financial Crisis: the Moral Equivalents of War

Have you ever heard of a man named William James, or something he wrote titled The Moral Equivalent of War?  In a nut shell, James was trying to find something that would create as much political power in focusing the will of a nation and making the people willing to sacrifice and even surrender their rights as that of war.  This was the notion Jimmy Carter was likely referencing when he gave his speech, “Moral Equivalent of War.”  Woodrow Wilson wrote about this same concept as he wanted that power to focus the people while getting them to willingly sacrifice and surrender their rights to the State – naturally, in the name of the greater good.  Another example would be LBJ’s “War on Poverty” (it’s even in the name).  Well, there are still people in the world who not only believe this notion to be a viable means of manipulating the public, they actively employ it.  This is why you should look with skepticism on any issue that is presented as a crisis that is too urgent to debate, too pressing to allow any delay in action – especially when the proposed solution demands sacrifice of rights, a sacrifice that must be made action NOW!  The chances are, that issue is one of those issues the political elite use to enslave you without having to fight you.

This was actually explained pretty well in this article:

‘Glenn Beck’: FDR and the Progressive Playbook

GLENN BECK, HOST: Yesterday, we began with Woodrow Wilson laying out the staples of progressivism which when we had up and we’re having technical difficulties with some of our screens tonight. So, we’re writing them on the chalkboard. We got so many chalkboards. We’re running on another chalkboard. I’ll give it to you in a second because you need to see it.

But basically here they are — because Wilson, FDR and Obama are doing it. And that is these things. One, the government elite knows best. The public is uninformed and incapable of choosing what’s best for them or the society on whole.

True public opinion is denied. Alternate realities are created and presented as truth — propaganda.

So, they know better. Your opinion doesn’t matter. They’ll just teach it to you through propaganda.

The second thing is: voices of oppositions are discredited, intimidated, bribed, or eliminated.

Number three thing you have to know: Progressives use war or the moral equivalent of war, a global warming crisis, or an economic crisis — that way they can push their progressive agenda through, which includes suspension of basic rights. Because remember, you’re not smart enough. They’ll take care of it. Never waste a good crisis. The ends justify the means.

The other thing is they always view the Constitution as an organic document. It’s outdated in its original form and you just have to be open to modern, I mean, modern interpretations. Hello, progress! I’m not going to tolerate those who want to stand in the way of progress. Have you heard that before?

Now, I understand a lot of people don’t trust Glenn Beck, but that is because of #2 (see above again).  After all, what sense does this next story make if not evidence that Beck is telling you the truth, as am I:

Climate change worse than Al Qaeda?

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta recently called climate change a vital national security issue. I found it amusing that this happened just two week after the administration declared an end to the war on terror. There is an old tactic used by the left since the days of Woodrow Wilson called the “moral equivalent of war”. The concept is that since people tend to be willing to give up their rights and liberties during wartime, galvanizing folks for lefty causes imbued with the imagery of war may accomplish the same thing, hence the “War on Poverty”.

Does any of that sound familiar yet?  Now, I can’t ‘prove’ it to you, but global warming – now discredited and changed to global change – fits nicely into this paradigm.  So did the financial crisis that led to TARP, QE1, QE2 and the takeover of our banks, mortgage industry and 2 of the 3 major auto companies.  In the same way, 9/11 was used to pass the PATRIOT ACT and create Home Land Security.  This process is also used to force socialized medicine down your throat – another 1/6 of the economy and massive grab of your natural rights.

I hope you will read and think about this.  This and a whole lot more is why I bring you these history lessons: so you can use them to help evaluate the world around you for yourself.  Because, if you are aware that these things are being done to you and you understand how they work, it makes it easier to spot them and much more difficult for these people to force their agenda down our throats.  I hope this helped, thanks for reading.

8 thoughts on “Global Warming, Healthcare, Financial Crisis: the Moral Equivalents of War

  1. Many of us are onto the Cry of ”Wolf” everytime the Government wants us paralyzed with FEAR, The Sky is Forever FALLING!!! GOD BLESS GLENN BECK!!! There are many wise Voices in the Wilderness, WHO WILL HEAR? WHO WILL ANSWER?

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  3. “The Sky is Forever FALLING!!!”

    You’d certainly think so, if you spent much time listening to Beck.

    “isn’t it odd … the high rate of success this man get’s with his predictions? ”

    First, I don’t believe his success rate is that great. Second, throw enough stuff against the wall and something is bound to stick (you’ve no doubt heard the story about the blind pig and the acorn). Third, he never admits he’s wrong–it’s just that his timing is off. But fourth, his most dramatic predictions are, as far as I can tell, almost always wrong. Here are a few:

    And before you jump on me for using Media Matters as a source. Augger (funny how you won’t criticize Joe for using Glenn Beck as one–you two really need to have that talk I’ve been recommending), you’ll note that all five examples are linked to other sources (including Fox News) and include the Fox News clips of him making the faulty predictions. Let’s see Glenn’s sourcing? Oh, yeah–it’s all in his head. 🙂

    “Kind of eerie sometimes.”

    Yes, he is. The fact that he has committed followers who cite him as an authority on anything is even more eerie. If I want goofy predictions from cable TV entertainers (oh, snap–Beck’s TV show is dead, isn’t it?), I’ll stick with Jon Stewart ( and Steven Colbert, both of whom Beck predicted in September 2010 would “go the way of Oprah.” Unless he meant they’d eventually turn into overweight black women, I wonder how he explained this:

    Beck, of course, is the one who has “gone the way of Oprah.” If he was so great, why did Fox News dump his show, and why didn’t Rupurt Murdoch–who has proven he will do about anything for money–hire him to make personal investment predictions? 😉

  4. By the way, Joe, since I know you trust and respect Utah far more than you do me, how about if you get him to post his perspective on Beck’s credibility, either here or in a separate post? I’d like to see that.

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