So You Say Obama is NOT a Communist?

Have you ever read someone comment that they are dismissing something because of the source? You know: they claim that nothing on FOX News or the Huffington Post could possibly be true because of the supposed bias of these organizations.  Never mind that this is a fallacious line of reasoning, let’s just for the sake of argument, let’s accept these assertions.  Now, let’s apply it to the question about whether or not Obama is a Marxist (and remember, ALL of this was known to the media BEFORE the 2008 elections):

There is a new book out that details who Obama’s childhood mentor was and what he believed and it clearly demonstrates that Obama’s mentor was a Marxist:

The Communist

It exposes who Frank Marshal Davis is and what he believed:

‘The Communist’ Part I: Obama’s Mentor Frank Marshall Davis Exposed

The Communist Part II: Why Obama’s Mentor Went From Republican to Devout Marxist

There is a movie about this man and his relationship with Obama called Obama’s America 2016.  The Blaze had a story about it:

Exclusive: See This Clip About Obama‘s Relationship With Communist Frank Marshall Davis From Dinesh D’Souza‘s ’2016′ Film

After reading this book, you will quickly see that a large part of who Obama is came directly from Davis.  For example, Obama got the Communist saying “Forward” from Davis:

‘Forward for Communism!’: Is Obama‘s New ’Forward’ Slogan Really a Coincidence?

However, these same people who tell us that we can’t trust what we hear from the supposed “biased” sources they dislike will actually defend Obama from these “accusations.”  But there is a problem for these people: Obama’s mentor is actually teaching a Harvard class on understanding Obama.  Now, how could he do that unless he knows why Obama is the way he is?

Harvard Law Offering ‘Understanding Obama’ Course — Taught by Obama Mentor

Now, I realize that even this will have no effect on these people: they are impervious to the truth — yet, they will claim they are speaking the truth.  They will also object to the fact that I am citing only The Blaze in my post.  Well, setting aside the fact that The Blaze is one of the few remaining AMERICAN sources of true journalism, I chose the examples of FOX News and the Huffington post at the beginning of this post for a reason: The Blaze is owned by Glenn Beck, a former FOX News personality; but it is run by the former head of the Huffington Post.  So, how is it that these supposedly opposing ideological personalities could come together to present these stories unless there is a great deal of truth to them?

There is a lot of misinformation about Obama being pushed by the “Main Stream Media” today, and The Blaze has done a great job of exposing it and separating fact from fiction:

Part One: The Fiction and Non-Fiction of Obama

Part Two: The Fiction and Non-Fiction of Obama

So, if you accept the claims that a person’s associations and ideology bias them, then you must accept that Obama was heavily biased by his Communist mentor.  However, if you are rational, and you prefer to hear the evidence – ALL of the available evidence – and then make up your own mind, then, if you go through all of the information presented in the links I posted, you must accept that Obama has been heavily influenced by his Communist mentor.  Either way you look at it, a rational, intellectually honest person would be forced to admit that the best evidence available to us indicates that Obama is most likely a Communist and/or is pursuing a Communist agenda through his Presidency.

As all of this was known to the media before the election, and because they hid it, such a conclusion would also force one to accept that the media acted in a treasonous manner – as Communism is antithetical to America and individual liberty.

Humbly submitted for your consideration and in sincere hope that you will give some thought to my words.  Thanks for reading and God bless.

13 thoughts on “So You Say Obama is NOT a Communist?

    • Already opened – in Texas (and is a huge hit). This movie – like other shows that go against the Leftist agenda – has to fight to find theaters to show it. The name slips my mind at the moment, but there was another movie that traced the history of this nation and the role that Christianity played in our founding. It had to fight for venues, as well – in spite of a pressing demand to see it.

      That shows such as these need to scrape to find a place to be shown when there are hundreds of thousands begging to see them, and that – even when they find venues – they are most often privately owned and not beholding to syndicates/franchises: all of this is an indirect confirmation of the bias in Hollywood and the movie industry in general.

    • Yes, Kells, they showed all of Michael Moore’s movies here.

      B, we have large chains that show the same movies in several theaters simultaneously. They only show big-budget, big name movies, unless the buzz about a small flick gets their attention. So many fine low-budget films have passed our town by that I am going to predict this one too, shall pass. There’s always video.

      • I understand, but I also understand that the way these chains function is part of the control mechanism in our society: they can control what you get to watch and, when someone like me suggests it is intentional, they simply point to the chains and say “It’s not our fault, it’s theirs.” But I have friends inside the Hollywood industry and I KNOW FOR A FACT that the production studios dictate terms to the theaters. This is just how they paint gilded cages around us while leaving themselves a seemingly legitimate out and a way to paint people like me as cooks at the same time. But I’m not.

        (NOTE: this was actually explained to me by a business associate of mine who does special effects. Spielberg’s personal cell phone number is in this guy’s address book on his own phone. He has at least 8 pages of credits to his name on whatever that web site is that lists that stuff. And, if you have seen any of the major pop-scene flicks over the past 25-30 years, you HAVE seen his work. He opened my eyes to Hollywood, how corrupt it is and how they get away with it. I could write several posts about this, but – given our connections – I would run the risk of “outing” him if I revealed the things he told me. So, YOU decide: trust me or dismiss me – but I know what I know from those who actually live it.]

    • Kells, please re-read my comment, then think about the ideologies behind the shows I am discussing and the example you gave. You might be able to answer your own question if you do, and you will gain just a little more insight into why I believe the things I do in the process.

    • Is that the driving force behind pushing your progressive agenda here? You want what the Jone’s want?

      Apples and Oranges James. It’s dishonest to attempt to compare the United States with Canada. Our government structure is set up totally different, and additionally — they don’t have a President who loathes those that earn wealth. We do.

      • “Our government structure is set up totally different”

        And since they’re doing so well, maybe we should try their way. 🙂

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