The Environmental Movement is a For-Profit Industry

I believe in climate change. I’ve said it before in many posts; however, I do not believe that there is evidence of anthropological (human caused) climate change.

Robert Rapier at the Consumer Energy Report skewers him some sacred cow:

I am not so cynical to believe that this is all about money, but I do question how money influences some of the environmental organizations. I recently spent some time looking through the financials of a prominent environmental “non-profit.” They have $250 million in assets, annual donations of more than $100 million, and a dozen employees listed as receiving more than $200,000 a year in compensation. I think it is safe to say that environmentalism is indeed a lucrative business for some.

Climate change advocates would argue that this sort of funding is necessary because they are up against the deep pockets of Big Oil. I am sure they would deny that money influences their objectivity just as it influences the objectivity of the banking industry, the pharmaceutical industry, or the oil industry. I do not reject this notion, because I get press releases every day from environmental organizations that are misleading, factually incorrect, and grossly misinformed.

Organized Environmentalists are Often Naive

I have always considered myself an environmentalist, in that 1). I care about the environment; 2). I want to protect and preserve our wildlife; 3). I try to promote sustainability; and 4). I try to minimize my impact on the environment in my personal life. I recycle, drive a fuel efficient car, grow a portion of my family’s food, walk or bike when I can, etc.

However, the “environmental movement” has often come to represent something I do not wish to associate myself with, because it often appears to me to be synonymous with willful ignorance. Certainly, many (if not all) who would characterize themselves as being a part of this movement are sincere and caring people who believe their actions are just, warranted, and effective. But far too often their actions are based upon misinformation.

An example of just how misinformed this group is can be seen in the recent “Twitter storm” against fossil fuel subsidies. The Guardian described the campaign: Activists hail success of Twitter storm against fossil fuel subsidies

Climate and anti-poverty activists have launched a 24-hour “Twitter storm” against the hundreds of billions of dollars of government subsidies paid each year to the petroleum and coal industry, despite the global economic downturn and the rise in emissions. The blitz, which has been supported by Stephen Fry, Robert Redford, actor Mark Ruffalo, politicians and environmentalists, took the hash tag #endfossilfuelsubsidies up to number two in the ranking of globally trending topics and number one in the US.

“This world has a few problems where a trillion dollars might come in handy – and we’d have a few less problems if we weren’t paying the fossil fuel industry to wreck the climate,” said founder Bill McKibben. “This is the public policy no-brainer of all time.”

As I will show here, there is great irony in the fact that anti-poverty activists were actively involved, and a great deal of misinformation along the lines of McKibben’s claim that we are “paying the fossil fuel industry to wreck the climate.” Incidentally, McKibben is the friend of a good friend of mine. My friend – who walks the talk because he lives the life of an environmentalist – described McKibben to me as a caring and sincere human being, but said that he is “in error”, that “environmentalists don’t understand energy,” and that “I suspect they are naive, well-intended idealists.” So please don’t misconstrue this as a personal attack on McKibben. I just believe he is wrong.

Read it all here.

20 thoughts on “The Environmental Movement is a For-Profit Industry

  1. Your post is DEAD ON, Utah,

    Environmentalism was one of the areas identified by the Russians (since people don’t like the word communists) that could be exploited to control the use of private property in the U.S.. The purpose was to make it impossible for the private sector to do anything with property, hence the private sector would eventually give it over to the govt. Or the govt. would out-right TAKE large sections of land for “environmental preservation.”

    Now, the ignorant among us will argue that I am just making things up again. But the well informed will remember that Teddy Roosevelt – a PROGRESSIVE FOUNDER – is the one who started national parks for “preservation.” And the informed will also remember that Wilson — ANOTHER PROGRESSIVE FOUNDER — said that Progressivism is nothing more than an “Americanized” version of communism.

    History will explain a lot of what is going on today – if you just let it 😉

  2. Sorry Boss,
    These people are not merely wrong when they LIE to others to get their money. That is FRAUD, pure and simple. They are thieves, criminals.

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