Points to Ponder LXII

Think of something you have seen, heard or read about our political leaders saying or doing that you thought was proof that they were stupid or incompetent or both?  Think of something that angered you because it made absolutely no sense.  Now consider these words:

“In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happened, you can bet it was planned that way.”

–Franklin D. Roosevelt

Never – ever – underestimate the people in charge of government: they did not get there because they were stupid bunglers who can’t tie their shoes or find their hands without sitting on them.

5 thoughts on “Points to Ponder LXII

    • Kells,

      For a moment, just pretend that I am correct and there are many people in our govt. working to change our nation into a socialist system run by the self-proclaimed “elite.”

      Now suppose you are one of them and you are trying to to people what is coming, but you are trying to do it in a way that will not reveal the truth to them while – at the same time – making them believe it is a good thing and you are looking out for them. Do you suppose you might sound “confused” from time to time if you were such a person?

      Then – as long as we’re in the world of make believe – suppose that the “gaffs” Biden makes 9and Obama when he is off prompter) aren’t really gaffs at all but the sign of men who are not very good at concealing their true agenda unless they read from a carefully prepared script.

      Now, could you pour all of that into a pot, stir it around and make sense of it without thinking you are crazy? because, when you can, you will have started down the road of seeing reality for what it is.

  1. B., just as Chad was saying on another thread, there are several folks that are Democrat because their parents and grandparents were Democrat. Do you not think that some politicians tow the party line and actually are clueless as to the root of the ideology itself?

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