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I received this email from a student at UCSB named Paul Orsag.

Hi there,

I’m a senior at the University of California, Santa Barbara and an intern at, where I helped develop new resources that allows users to compare different aspects of history and politics.

I think that these comparisons would be useful and interesting references for your site due to your work with American politics.

I’ve tried the site for a couple of days and it looks pretty cool to me but before we latch onto it long term, I thought I would but a page up in the header with political fact links and the main site over in the blogroll. The main site has a lot more categories than just politics.

I figured we could “crowdsource” in a test drive.

Try it out and drop a line in the comments with your thoughts.



8 thoughts on “Site Note: New Link –

  1. Interesting; did you know that I am underpaid for my profession and that there are 641 registered sex offenders within in 50 miles of panama City, Florida. Quite a few live in Lynn Haven.

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