The REAL Glenn Beck

I posted this in the comment section of Utah’s post on the Colorado shooting:

Why do I love Glenn Beck? Because of segments like his opening monologue today.

When I hear one of the people who typically attack beck speak with such love and conviction for his fellow man, and with such conviction, that is when I’ll start listening to them again. But the opening segment of Beck’s show today lamented everything that is wrong with our society, and pleaded for a time gone by – a time when we worried more about each other than about ourselves. A time when were were still connected to society rather than a machine. And it is impossible to fake or mistake the genuine emotion that was quivering in his voice.

But it was while I was listening that I realized just how jaded I have become by society because I immediately made the connection between that quiver in Beck’s voice and those who are always calling for people to be connected to their emotions. Then, when someone actually shows such a connection, they make fun of them simply because they disagree with their political positions. I was also struck by how – after some 10 years of listening to Beck – I cannot recall him having an “off prompter” moment. That is because Beck speaks the things he truly believes, but those who are so practiced at biting their bottom lip and bringing tears to their eyes seldom do – and when they do, one can never know for sure. It was while listening to Beck that I realized just how thoroughly our cynicism and animosity for one and other have destroyed the social fabric that holds us together as a people.

And now, I am hearing reports that the “main stream media” is already trying to connect this shooter to the TEA Party. Glenn didn’t take this opportunity to attack his political opponents, but then, I believe Beck sincerely cares about everyone in society – even his political opponents. Which then makes me wonder about just what type of people they are who ridicule beck without ever having listened to him. But there is one thing I don’t need to wonder about: that is about what type of people they are who claim to have listened to him and still attack him. I know who those people are…

Now, I invite you to listen for yourself.  Set aside any preconceived notions you may have about the man – especially if you have never listened to him – and listen to the audio/video in this story – then decide whether or not he is who the media tells you he is:

Beck‘s Emotional Reaction to ’Dark Knight’ Shooting: ‘There Is a Hole in the Soul of America’

2 thoughts on “The REAL Glenn Beck

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  2. Since you’re such a fan of Glenn’s perhaps you’ll be interested to know that I prominently featured him on my own blog today, too. 🙂

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