Does Mitt Romney Even Understand How The Economy Works?

I was going to respond to this but Erika Johnsen at Hot Air already has:

I hardly know where to begin. Ed already handily addressed the Obama campaign’s continued and hackneyed insistence that Mitt Romney is taking his “you didn’t build that” line “out of context” — and I’m rather inclined to agree with Mitt Romney that the context makes the president’s remarks decidedly worse. I’ve been mentally tracking Obama’s various iterations of “the government more or less invented the Internet” since I first noticed it popping up during his 2011 State of the Union address; it’s a small admission, but it’s a clear and loaded indicator about how he thinks individuals’ success and our country’s prosperity are a magnanimous gift from the federal government.

The other money line from Ms. Cutter, however, ran thusly: “Apart from the flagrant hypocrisy, these attack ads make you wonder: Does he even understand how our economy works? We build our businesses through hard work and initiative with public and private sectors working together to create a climate that helps us grow. President Obama knows that.” Wow. I can’t fathom why they’re so eager to invite such obvious counter-punches, but here it is — President Obama’s policies have been running this economy for well over three years, and it is still in shambles. In fact, practically every indicator is currently heralding the United States’ decline back into recession, and no amount of “headwinds” or “inherited problems” is going to help Obama save face on that one.

I would wager to say that Mitt Romney doesn’t need a lesson in the economy from this resume:

Stephanie Cutter (born October 22, 1968) is a Democratic Party operative. She serves as deputy campaign manager for President Barack Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign. Cutter was born in Taunton, Massachusetts and raised in nearby Raynham, Massachusetts. She graduated from Smith College and Georgetown Law School.

She worked for Bill Clinton as Deputy Communications Director at the White House during his administration and as Associate Administrator for Communications at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. She also served as Communications Director for Senator Edward M. Kennedy and in July 2003 was named Communications Director for the Democratic National Committee. In November 2003, she was named communications director for the John Kerry campaign.

In June 2008 she was appointed as chief of staff to Michelle Obama for the 2008 Presidential general election campaign. She served as the Chief Spokesperson for the Obama-Biden Transition Project. She served as Timothy Geithner’s counselor. In May 2009, she was appointed to serve as adviser to President Obama in the Supreme Court nominations. Later that year, GQ Magazine named Cutter one of the 50 most powerful people in Washington.

In 2010, Cutter was named Assistant to the President for Special Projects, charged with managing the communications and outreach strategy for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. In 2011, Cutter was named Deputy Senior Advisor to President Barack Obama.

In September 2011, the White House announced Cutter would leave her position as Deputy Senior Advisor to serve as deputy campaign manager for Obama for America.

Cutter’s resume indicates a lack of experience in any arena except politics. Hardly a confidence builder that she speaks with authority on any matters of economic import.

Sort of like her boss.

One thought on “Does Mitt Romney Even Understand How The Economy Works?

  1. Hmm…quite a difference in the “Stephanies”, no? It’s a pity she doesn’t read up on her namesake’s article ( which is brilliant and far more telling of Romney’s business acumen than hers. If I may be so bold as to say, she’s not as cute or as intelligent as Stephanie Pomboy.

    Ecckkk! Why am I being nice? In the words of our president, “Let me be clear.” This child is not only unattractive, she is dumb!

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